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Title: new storylines
Post by: 2Bad on June 14, 2006, 05:04:16 am
I've read up a bit on Timewarp, making an alternative sequel to SC3, which imo wasn't THAT bad, at least it explained who/what the precursors were and why they disappeared, and you even got to meet one! whoopeh

But seriously how hard would it be to make alternative storyline games using the uqm source code / engine, they could be prequals, or set in alternative histories, and could even a story of sc1! Anyway I'm not really a programmer but basically how many man-hours would it take to redesign the storyline, leaving the races etc. more or less the same, maybe moving around now artifacts, and changing the victory conditions and dialogue? In my simple imagination it might only take a few months for a small team of people, more complex changes for fan-based games have been made (ie. Super dune 2 etc.), writing all the new dialogue would prob be the most time consuming part.

Title: Re: new storylines
Post by: Crazy_Pirate_unInc on June 15, 2006, 01:28:10 am
Positions and dialog would be the easiest part.  Artifacts would probably be relatively simple, too...  Victory conditions I don't know about, as we've not looked at that bit of the code yet.

O'course, this is still a big ol' project in it's own right, as ye have to design the plot, write the new dialogs and all that stuff.  Though if you have a small group of people and a few months, and ye are not afraid o' messing with some fearsome code and getting yer hands dirty, 'twould be a doable project.

Title: Re: new storylines
Post by: 2Bad on June 16, 2006, 01:56:24 pm
Sweet. As I said I'm not really a programmer, I've done vb and c++ before and can learn, so I'll put my hand up if other people want to work on a project, I'd be happy to help. Of course if I wrote the storyline and dialog, then I'd know exactly what to do and how it ends, and it wouldn't be much fun playing :(

Title: Re: new storylines
Post by: BeerTent on June 20, 2006, 03:01:00 am
I, have an idea for a story if your intrested, 2Bad. the down side is that i'v got the beginning, the end, but not the middle... :/

PM me, I'll check after my exam tommorow.