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Title: what does TFB think of sc3 storyline
Post by: 2Bad on June 16, 2006, 03:10:37 pm
I saw a post from Fred Ford from TFB and wondered if he reads the forums regularly, and if I can ask him a question, or anyone else who can answer my question:

What do TFB think of the storyline of Star Control 3, and how close was it to the original vision they had for the storyline? Specifically I am referring to the Precussors being the ortog cows, the eternal ones being the reason the precussors disappeared long ago, and the interdemensional fatigue they caused being the reason for the stabilising rainbow worlds. I think sc3 was good for clearing up what happened to the mysterious precussors, who you don't really learn that much about in sc2.

In SC2 the slyandro refer to the precussors as "the shaggy ones", and the rainbow worlds point coreward, so its consistent with those points. Did TFB have any say in the storyline, had they planned to have eternal ones etc. Or was that completely all made up by Legend? If this is consistent with TFB's vision, when did they come up with this storyline, was it when they made sc1 or sc2, in sc1 the precussors just leave some artficacts around, but the fact that it is called "great battles of the ur-quan conflict" suggests they had the whole greater universe storyline worked out from the start. I'd be very interested to hear from TFB directly about this in detail, especially what TFB would have done if they had created sc3. I think we'd all love to know.

Title: Re: what does TFB think of sc3 storyline
Post by: meep-eep on June 16, 2006, 09:03:56 pm
Most of what you ask has been answered before by TFB. See here (

Title: Re: what does TFB think of sc3 storyline
Post by: 2Bad on June 18, 2006, 03:29:10 am
Cheers :)

I read it through, basically they said they hadn't thought it through enough at the time to have solid details, and wanted to explore what happened to the androsynth, and make the orz a prominent bad guy.

I was thinking though that with the sc4 petition and more time, the guys at TFB would have thought future plots through more clearly. I would love to know what they thought actually happened to the precussors (unless it was already answered in the chat, but hey, its a big read!)

He also said that they don't own any of the rights to anything related to sc3, so I take it sc4 made by TFB must be a "timewarp" style (sc3 never happened) game? Unless they want to pay Legend/Accolade some money :p So sc4 will really be the "real sc3", with events happening more or less right after the end of sc2, or maybe far in the future where the events of sc3 could have happened (therefore keeping it a true "sc4") but the events of sc3 are just never mentioned (as the races were in a different quadrant anyway)

They also said they liked the precussors being cows hehe.

Title: Re: what does TFB think of sc3 storyline
Post by: meep-eep on June 18, 2006, 10:53:43 am
We would probably ignore SCIII - not because we thought it was bad or anything - but just because we had definite ideas about where we were going to take the story and for one reason or another Legend declined to ask. I would think we would make some attempt (however feeble) to explain the divergence.

Note that some of those links (specifically the Paul Reiche and Fred Ford mail pages) span multiple pages. (I missed that myself originally).

Title: Re: what does TFB think of sc3 storyline
Post by: Anthony on June 18, 2006, 03:57:41 pm
Whatever their storyline is, I hope there's non-linear things to do, with dialogue where you can either compliment them or insult them, creating different results with the aliens.  I didn't like Star Control 3 either, so I hope they don't take anything or too much from that either.

I know that they can do it :D

As always, the more ships the better :D

Title: Re: what does TFB think of sc3 storyline
Post by: Deus Siddis on June 18, 2006, 04:27:13 pm
If you want good dialogue, you need to have Greg Johnson onboard for this SC3 game. If you want characters/races like you saw in the starflight/star control universes, you need him, methinks.

Title: Re: what does TFB think of sc3 storyline
Post by: 2Bad on June 19, 2006, 03:50:11 am
I personally think there should be no direct contradiction to sc3, as to not alienate or confuse people new to the game, and unaware of the politics behind the game. But its good that the races and events of sc3 are all from another quadrant, so its very easy to just "ignore" them completely in a sequal. Except for those pesky ortog cows... :p