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Title: Using SC2 content in other places?
Post by: Ghengis on June 19, 2006, 08:09:40 pm
Hey, I checked the FAQ (on the Wiki) and it said that currently, all the SC2 content is *not* GPL'd, but freely redistributable with the UQM binaries.  So, I wanted to see if anybody knows what the deal would be with using original SC2 content (sprites and ideas, mostly) in a game I'm making.  I'd like to make a PSP game set in the SC universe, but with gameplay inspired by Transcendence (  I've already asked Clay ( if I can use his "enhanced" graphics (though I'm not positive the message went through...), which I assume are copyrighted by him, but the material from TFB would be great to use as well.

It seems like it should be easy enough to get the content -- the UQMs are just ZIPs, right? -- but I don't want to start using it and be forced to stop making my "derivative work" because of content-licensing issues.