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Title: Movies instead of slides
Post by: roguecmdr on July 26, 2006, 09:04:12 am
Hey everyone.I am not a new poster i just post ever. my last post was on the offical star control website some years back
Anyways i downloaded the new version and found the same sound issue.. And got it fix using the same method mention here. Also found that one you enter it and then remove this command it still works so its something in the inital setup script. But the main reason i am posting is in the the setup menu in the game it mentions something about having movies instead of slides for the videos.Where are they?
I played the game through twice again and didnt find any videos. None in the intro, just the same PC slide show. I tryed several settings and search the fourm for any clue to the reason and either i missed the posting or no one noticed. I kinda never got to see the intro in the 3DO version and also kinda disappointed i still didnt get to see them in this most recent edition. Could someone give me some insight to the cause or why they dont play or if they were even included

Title: Re: Movies instead of slides
Post by: Novus on July 26, 2006, 01:46:26 pm
This is a frequently asked question (