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Title: Error compiling on Fedora Core 4
Post by: Joti on August 01, 2006, 11:15:16 pm
I just got this error when I tried to compile uqm-0.5.0:

make: *** [obj/debug/src/sc2code/libs/graphics/sdl/2xscalers_mmx.c.o] Error 1

This is the output of  " uqm config":

[tim@adamant uqm-0.5.0]$ ./ uqm config
'echo -n' capable echo found.
Sed stream editor found.
tr found.
Make found.
GNU C compiler found.
Little-endian machine detected.
Simple DirectMedia Layer version 1.2.11 found.
SDL_image found.
Symbol 'readdir_r' found.
Symbol 'setenv' found.
Symbol 'strupr' not found.
Symbol 'stricmp' not found.
Symbol 'iswgraph' found.
Type 'wchar_t' found.
Type 'wint_t' found.
Symbol 'getopt_long' found.
Header 'regex.h' found.
OpenGL found.
pkg-config found.
vorbisfile found.
zlib found.

  -= Main menu =-
  1. Type of build                        Debugging build
  2. OpenGL graphics support              Include OpenGL graphics support
  3. Sound backend                        Use MixSDL for sound (internal)
  4. Ogg Vorbis codec                     Xiph libogg + libvorbis
  5. Supported file i/o methods           Direct & .zip file i/o
  6. Graphics/Sound optimizations         Platform acceleration (asm, etc.)
  7. Installation paths                   [...]

Press a number plus <ENTER> if you want to change something,
or just <ENTER> if everything is ok:

Configuration complete.
Saving choices...

The compiling exits with:

/tmp/ccPhEP4h.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/ccPhEP4h.s:824: Error: `(%rdx,%eax,4)' is not a valid base/index expression
/tmp/ccPhEP4h.s:2639: Error: junk `(%rip)' after expression
/tmp/ccPhEP4h.s:2641: Error: junk `(%rip)' after expression
make: *** [obj/debug/src/sc2code/libs/graphics/sdl/2xscalers_mmx.c.o] Error 1

Here is the complete compiling log: (

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
And this is the complete log from compiling:

Title: Re: Error compiling on Fedora Core 4
Post by: meep-eep on August 02, 2006, 12:32:08 am
Assembly acceleration in the released 0.5 source breaks on 64 bits machines. Either disable assembly acceleration, or use the CVS source.

Title: Re: Error compiling on Fedora Core 4
Post by: Novus on August 02, 2006, 12:35:38 am
As meep-eep said, there are still some minor oddities with UQM on 64-bit platforms; you will probably have to compile in 32-bit mode ("-m32" as a compiler option on x64) to get all the hand-optimised MMX assembly goodness from version 0.5. The CVS version is continually receiving 64-bit fixes, so you'll probably have better luck with that.

Title: Re: Error compiling on Fedora Core 4
Post by: Joti on August 02, 2006, 04:12:57 pm
Thanks, It compiled nicely with asm disabled. I got another problem, though. When I attempt to run uqm, it terminates with:

[tim@adamant uqm]$ ./uqm
The Ur-Quan Masters v0.5.0 (compiled Aug  2 2006 16:03:33)
This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY;
for details see the included 'COPYING' file.

Initializing base SDL functionality.
Using SDL version 1.2.11 (compiled with 1.2.11)
Using config dir '/home/Tim/.uqm/'
Using '/usr/local/games/share/uqm/content' as base content dir.
Saved games are kept in /home/Tim/.uqm/save/.
Initializing Pure-SDL graphics.
SDL driver used: x11
SDL initialized.
Initializing Screen.
Set the resolution to: 640x480x32
Screen scalers are using optimized C code
0 joysticks were found.
Error: Could not copy default key config to user config dir: No such file or directory.
[tim@adamant uqm]$

What can I do about it? I can't find any default key configuration to copy by hand.

Edit: Never mind, Meep-Eep helped me through IRC. Thanks.

Title: Re: Error compiling on Fedora Core 4
Post by: Zeep-Eeep on August 03, 2006, 12:25:22 am
SOmething inside me is thinking,
"A 16-bit game is compiling and running on a 64-bit computer...
14 years later. Wow."

And another part is thinking, of course it is, these people are