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Title: starcon rpg
Post by: GeomanNL on August 16, 2006, 09:32:09 am
If someone is interested in roleplaying (making a few posts a week on a forum), would someone like to take control of the Umgah for me ? I've stopped cause it took too long and now I've lost interest. They are in the middle of a war against the Thraddash.

There's also need for a new Earthling player, he left too. The Earthlings participate in this war as allies of the Umgah.

The Ilwrath are also allied, but I think the Ilwrath player is still around.

Several other races need new players too.

I you are interested, check here:;action=display;threadid=1138 (;action=display;threadid=1138)

Title: Re: starcon rpg
Post by: XR4-IT on August 16, 2006, 07:36:38 pm
Would you have room in your story line for brake off factions from the recess or even a far flung surviving Androsynth outpost in your game?

Tell us more about your game…

Title: Re: starcon rpg
Post by: GeomanNL on August 17, 2006, 01:32:28 pm
Well, it's not really my game, but I think those things you mentioned are possible.

Note that the game started last year. As far as I can tell, it could last another year, provided that people join. So, I think it is still worthwile to jump in if you are interested in impersonating a Yehat or some other race.

In short, the game takes place during the Kzer-Za invasion. So, there are fleets of Kzer-Za present, and a few races have been subjugated during the course of the game (Druuge, Mycon, Utwig).

The Druuge got some help from other players, but I think it was not enough. Anyway, the Druuge player left before he was subjugated, but I think this race is part of the Kzer-Za hierarchy now.

The Mycon have had no player, they were temped by a game-master, and were subjugated a few months ago.

The Mrmrmm have some important mission to finish.
They are allies with the Chenjesu.
Also, they have an uneasy alliance with the Ilwrath and Umgah.

The Vux were plunged in a devastating civil war, and also managed to get at war with the Mrmrmm and Ilwrath, who almost annihilated them. The Vux are now in the process of rebuilding, and also have a fleet of Kzer-Za closeby watching them.

The Yehat didn't do much interesting except colonizing their region of space, nor did the Zoq-Fot-Pik. The players left too soon.

The Earthlings have good relationship with most races. They've joined an Umgah/Ilwrath war against the Thraddash.

The Utwig were recently conquered by the Kzer-Za.

The Umgah are "prophets" of the twin gods of destruction, and have a close alliance with the Ilwrath, who do their every bidding.

The Thraddash keep to their region of space, but have an ongoing tournament where the strongest Thraddash invite the strongest members of other races for hand-to-hand combat to see who's strongest.

I think this covers most of the story, without going in any detail (that would take too long).

Colonization has reached it maximum allowed level, so now it's just cashing in, building ships, and talk to other players (thus, little to no micromanagement anymore).

here are the rules of the game: (

here is the forum to ask questions to the players: (

here is the forum with the communications between races (the roleplaying): (