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Title: OSX Compilation Difficulties
Post by: macNoob on December 30, 2002, 04:20:51 am
Running OSX (ver. 10.2.3), and using fink, I've installed the sdl, sdl-image, and sdl-mixer packages (as well as the accompanying vorbisfile package).  I then proceeded to download the CVS tree and executed the script. I get the following output:

Sed stream editor found.
tr found.
Make found.
GNU C Compiler found.
Big-endian machine.
Simple DirectMedia Layer not found.

From reading different posts here on the boards, I'm aware that the config_progfile must be changed to give updated locations of the vorbisfile, but I haven't seen any information regarding problems stemming from the SDL libraries.  

Also, is there a HOW-TO for UQM under OSX yet?  If not, and if the developers are a ways off from distributing a dedicated Mac package/binary, I'd be willing to begin work on the creation of that HOW-TO.

 Roderic Lewis