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Title: Yet another sequel idea
Post by: Spektrowski on January 14, 2007, 10:33:54 pm
Don't know if it's appropriate here, but the PoNaF forum seems to be "in suspended animation", and this forum is active enough :)

Bits and pieces of a storyline of the sequel to UQM.

After the Sa-Matra explosion, Captain's escape pod ends up in the Druuge space. The Druuge find him and want to execute him immediately, but finally decide to bring him to the Crimson Corporation bosses first. Captain manages to persuade the Druuge that he'd be a valuable asset, and it's better to have him alive and at their side than using him to feed the Furnace. The Druuge finally hire him as a test pilot for their new ship - the Hauler.
The Hauler is larger but nevertheless a bit faster and maneuverable than the Mauler. It can head a squadron of four Maulers at its wing. In two cargo bays, it may contain either minerals or a disabled enemy ship - one ship in one bay. Its only weapon is a "Crippling Torpedo", causing 3 damage points (though without actually destroying the crew); each hit slows the enemy's energy recharge rate. The torpedo is hurled straight, but when it gets close to the enemy ship, it starts to lock on it. The secondary weapon is still the Furnace. After fully disabling the ship (it retains the entire crew but can do nothing besides drifting in space helplessly), there are several options - take all its fuel and leave, destroy (if any destruction-capable ships are available to the Captain) or (later in thegame) capture.
After the talks, the Captain is immediately thrown into battle - his Hauler against a traditional Druuge Mauler. The rules are simple - disable the Mauler before it destroys you.
Winning the battle, the Captain again speaks with the Druuge bosses and gets new mission: disable a damaged Kohr-Ah Marauder in a system at the edge of Druuge space. To accumulate enough fuel, the Captain may either use landers, in a traditional SC2 way, or, alternatively, attack the Druuge vessels, disable them and steal the fuel. The Captain and two Druuge vessels get to the system, the Captain disables the Marauder (which is unable to use the FRIED), but Kohr-Ah manages to self-destruct the ship.
1.1 If the Captain stole the fuel from Druuge vessels, he'll get the Crim bosses very angry.
2.1 The Captain may be aggressive to the bosses, saying like "the end justifies the means"; that will make them satisfied, and they'll give him the next mission.
2.2 Another way around is to try to apologize - the bosses will have the Captain fight another Mauler; if he succeeds, then he'll get the next mission.
1.2 If the Captain didn't steal any fuel, he'll immediately get the next mission.
The Captain heads to the Arcturus system to explore the former Burvixese homeworld and find the (remains of) previous Druuge expedition. Arriving into the system, the Captain learns that the expedition is infected with some horrible disease at the Burvixese planet. The escort pilots offer to destroy the survivors.
3.1 The Captain agrees and destroys the remains of expedition.
3.2 The Captain disagrees, and the escorts turn to attack him. The Captain disables them.
After going back to the base:
If 3.1 - the Captain says that the expedition died from an unknown disease, not mentioning that he personally destroyed its last ships.
If 3.2 - the Captain gives the plagued ships to the Druuge scientists to study.
For some time, the bosses leave the Captain alone, and he's free to gather resources. A month later, however, he gets another mission.
A Melnorme trader is detected in the Druuge space. He should be destroyed - not disabled, not captured.
Meeting the Melnorme, the Captain faces another choice.
4.1 Destroy the Melnorme and trigger the Trade War.
4.2 Defend the Melnorme. A super hard battle - the Captain feeds his entire crew to the Furnace to prevent any resistance and faces two fully crewed Maulers. In exchange, the Melnorme gives the Captain enough fuel to go either to Yehat or Utwig/Supox space.
If 4.1 - go to "series B" (a relative name)
If 4.2 - go to "series C" or "series D"

"Series B"

The Melnorme/Druuge war starts, and the Druuge sphere of influence gradually decreases, even if the Captain fights and defeats some Melnorme ships himself. Even more worse - the Burvix plague starts.
If 3.1 - the last surviving ship from Arcturus expedition crash-lands on Zeta Persei, and the plague spreads like wildfire.
If 3.2 - a "rather unfortunate lab accident" happens, and the plague starts to spread, but slower - some weak vaccines are already developed.
The Captain, being the only CrimCorp employee totally unaffected with the plague, contacts the Melnorme.
5.1 Disabling a Melnorme ship, he captures it and transports to Zeta Persei, where the Melnorme is forced to work on the vaccine along with the Druuge. The "knowledge-seeking" attitude of the Melnorme prevails, so he works good.
5.2 The Captain talks the Melnorme into studying a "new strange disease". The Melnorme eventually agree to learn some new information, so they arrange a formal truce and take some samples of the virus.
Time passes; the Captain gathers mineral resources to keep at least SOMETHING going at Zeta Persei.
If 5.1 - eventually, the Melnorme contacts the Captain and says that the medication is ready; the Druuge population is already decreased dramatically. The Melnorme gives the vaccine to the Captain for "providing the access to very interesting information". The Captain contacts Druuge.
6.1 Saying that "such a wicked and pervert race shouldn't exist in the world", he destroys the vaccine. The Druuge race dies.
6.2 The Captain offers a deal - the vaccine in exchange for the entire property of the Crimson Corporation. The Druuge can't help but agree, and the Captain becomes the Druuge supreme ruler.
6.2.1 He decides not to change any laws, but declares himself the Crimson King and renaming the CrimCorp into the Crimson Kingdom.
6.2.2 He uses his power to do some reforms of the Druuge state, making it more Earth-Democratic style.
If 5.2 - approximately a month later the Melnorme get back with a vaccine they got from the Umgah. The Captain again can choose between 6.1 and either of the 6.2 options. But the Umgah have a wicked sense of humour (Har! Har! Har!), and they included some mind-changing component into the vaccine. Several weeks later, the Druuge (if survived) would start a Communistic revolution led by some Druuge called Leniin :D, declaring themselves independing from the Captain.
End of "series B"

"Series C"

In the Serpentis constellation, the Captain helps the Pkunk, Yehat and Shofixti to suppress an uprising of the Veep-Neep clan - either by diplomacy or by destroying/capturing enough Veep-Neep ships to seriously weaken the Clan and forcing it to surrender.  After the victory, a Yehat captain from the Zeep-Zeep clan offers to escort the Captain to the Earth. On the way to Earth, they encounter a Slylandro probe, this time properly programmed, and have a conversation with it. When the Captain arrives to Earth, he learns about the Burvix plague among the Druuge.
End of "series C"

"Series D"

Supox and Utwig jubilantly greet the Captain. The celebrations are ruined by three rogue Ur-Quan ships. After the Captain takes care of them, the Utwig tell him that they lost several ships around Groombridge. The Captain heads a scouting mission to Groombridge.
Somewhere around Groombridge, he finds an access point to the "purple space" - referred as *below* and *pretty space* by the Orz, and called "psilospace" ("thin space") in Earth language. When the Captain tries to enter the "psilospace", he's confronted by an unknown ship (later we'll learn that it's Taalo), the captain of which several times tells the Captain to go away from this place, because terrible dangers await him there.
7.1 The Captain ignores all the warnings and enters the "psilospace". He immediately loses all the escorts and the entire crew, and gets rescued by the Arilou at the last moment.
7.2 The Captain listens to the warning and doesn't enter the "psilospace". Going back to the Utwig, he warns them against exploring Groombridge. As soon as he leaves the Utwig system, the Captain meets the Arilou.
End of "series D"

That's about all I thought up at the current moment... I hope the plot is not too useless, LOL :D

Title: Re: Yet another sequel idea
Post by: Culture20 on January 15, 2007, 02:30:52 am
 :-X It violates canon more than the SC3 plot.    ::)
Remember how the Captain is in the Earth Starbase at the end of SC2?
At least the SC3 plot assumes that he was catapulted into the future, then sent back to the same moment, and wound up at the starbase.

Title: Re: Yet another sequel idea
Post by: Spektrowski on January 15, 2007, 08:47:48 am
Then I forgot the ending sequence ::) It's been a long time since I actually passed the game...

Title: Re: Yet another sequel idea
Post by: darkheart on January 15, 2007, 02:59:31 pm
how about finding what ever happened to the Androsynth  ::)

Title: Re: Yet another sequel idea
Post by: Spektrowski on January 15, 2007, 06:23:43 pm
Considering "violating the canon" - it's possible for the Captain being captured by the Druuge in some other circumstances anyway :)
The Androsynth part... I don't want to violate the canon even more due to lack of information :D

Title: Re: Yet another sequel idea
Post by: Ludka on January 18, 2007, 06:52:42 pm
With some minor changes and some additional content, you can keep both storylines working within the cannon. 

Since the eventual outcome of the Druuge is not known (nor cared much about), it would be very easy to add another chapter whereby the Captain losses his power (either through Leniin or some other form of uprising) and has to band together with the Alliance in order to take those nasty Druuge out -- offering the Druuge Hauler to the Alliance as a peace offering for the Captain's working with the Druuge.  The final chapter(s) could include a massive war between the Alliance and the Druuge.