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Title: what's your attack plan?
Post by: kwamp on January 17, 2007, 05:02:30 pm
So after beating the game last weekend, it got me thinking that maybe there's a more productive (not necessarily faster) way to go about my business.  This past time I tried the druuge 'fuel cheat' for the first time, which most definitely hastened my attack.

--Spoilers below--

My current plan:

Get fwiffo
Sit in QS before meeting starbase to kill a few probes (maybe 10?) for RU
Clear Io (I think) for required minerals, kill ilwrath, load up fuel, crew, 1 extra lander, add 2 storage bays and thrusters/turning jets.

Set sail for Spathwia (the quicker I ally them, the quicker I get the caster), then onward to Airilou (could pass), then RW1 and A.Pavonis for warp pod.  Mine both systems where possible.  Return to Airilou to get portal spawner, stopping somewhere in between to fuel up and get as much tech as possible + fuel.

Warp to Supox/Utwig territory to get ultron, hit RW 4,5,6 (6 being groombridge).  Fuel as needed and keep expanding tech tree.  When finished, start pushing info trees.
Warp to Caster (burv).

Warp home, hit pkunk for ships + spindle, hit base for airilou + tech (mainly fuel tank and maybe a 3rd storage bay).

Head to local resource laden area to mine heavily.  If in direction of Orz, get both ally + shield, end by returning to base.

At this point I think the fuel 'cheat' is the quickest way to have a huge supply of cash (maxing out turning/thrust, as well as building a hunter ship), which enables you to tackle the remaining side quests with ease.  It's also pretty open as to how you want to finish it, as I don't see too many tasks as being time sensitive (aside from getting the supox and utwig attack, and possibly getting the shofixti alive for cheap crew and yehat ships)

Does anyone else follow a similar path, or do something completely different?  I figure most people would aim for the portal ASAP as it speeds travel exponentially, but maybe there's a more efficient route.


Title: Re: what's your attack plan?
Post by: AngusThermopyle on January 18, 2007, 04:29:02 pm

Personally, for a challenge factor, here's the general progression I used the last time I played:

  • Get Fwiffo. Head to Starbase and sell weapon on flagship. Max out on thrusters, then as many jets as you can get.
  • Get Pkunks/Clear Spindle. Mine nearby systems. Return to Starbase.
  • Sell 2-3 of the Furys. Max out turning jets, fill two fuel tanks to max, get an extra crew pod and crew, and then buy as many storage bays as possible. My escorts were a Cruiser, an Eluder, and two Furies.

/begin “grand loop”

  • Head to Vela and kill the Ur-Quan there to update you map.
  • Go to Zeta Sextantis and mine the rainbow world there.
  • *Optional…kill some VUX for sport.
  • Go to the Sculpitoris constellation in Mycon space. Mine away.
  • Get all 3 Egg Cases. Be sure not to lose any landers on the Shattered Worlds!
  • Go mine the rainbow world at Gamma Kepler.
  • Sell 2 of the Egg Cases to the Druuge for the Rosy Sphere and a Mauler.
  • Head to Arcturus for the Caster. Call the Melnorme and refuel and get a much tech as you can.
  • *At some point before you reach Arcturus, you’ll probably run out of fuel and have to wait for the Melnorme to bail you out. Be ready to fight some Probes.*
  • Go to Alpha Andromedea and mine the rainbow world.
  • Go to Groombridge and mine the rainbow world.
  • Talk to Supox and get the broken Ultron.
  • Go to Delta Lyncis and get VUX beast.
  • *Optional…If you have a good compliment of crew still, head down to the Geminorum and Chamealeonis constellations to mine. Have your fuel tanks maxed beforehand and be prepared to give Fwiffo a workout.
  • Head to Thraddash space. Kill a bunch of them to ally w/ them.
  • Mine the rainbow world ad Epsilon Draconis.
  • Get the Aqua Helix at Zeta Draconis.
  • Repair the Ultron.
  • Head to Beta Corvi to stop the probes.
  • Get the Warp Pod at Alpha Pavonis.
  • Mine rainbow world at Beta Pegasi.
  • Enter Quasi Space to obtain Portal Spawner.
  • Exit Quasi Space near Utwig space and give them the Ultron.

/end “grand loop’

At that point, you’ll probably want to head back to the Starbase as your mostly likely down to a skeleton crew. You should have lots of RUs and all of the cool tech by then. Of course, if you lose a lander at some point before you get the lander upgrades, this will not work!

Title: Re: what's your attack plan?
Post by: kwamp on January 21, 2007, 06:11:41 pm
see, I don't think I would've ever considered going counterclockwise on my quest, probably completely due to the warp pod being where it is.  I'm surprised this hasn't generated more responses, there has to be quite a few people that actually play story mode and not just melee :P


Title: Re: what's your attack plan?
Post by: Holocat on January 21, 2007, 11:35:16 pm
well, to be honest I don't reaaaaaly plan overmuch, but here's the general route:

0. Get Fwiffo, Grab 1 dot of radioactives and head to the starbase.  Once refueled, grab the rest of the easy minerals in the system and outfit flagship for mining as best I can.

1. first set of mining runs until I can fully outfit a cargo ship and four escorts.  Safe Biological data is rare close to earth, but usually enough to get hi-ef fuel systems from the melnorme.

2.  Start the spinward mining expedition.  It's mission, to mine spinward until I obtain the Warp Pod, then (obviously) the quasispace caster.

3.  With the caster, it's to the burvixese system, then to the druuge for the fueler trick.

4.  Solve the Sofixiti problem (Zex's world and the Beast's world have a lot of bio-info)

-At this point I just do what I want.  Usually I'll go get the Orz and the spathi, then wander around mining and shooting up stuff.  I used to go solve the sylandro problem right away but as it is I usually leave it 'till later.

Title: Re: what's your attack plan?
Post by: AngusThermopyle on January 22, 2007, 04:57:11 am
see, I don't think I would've ever considered going counterclockwise on my quest, probably completely due to the warp pod being where it is. 

Like I said, I tried it for the challenge. Getting the Spawner super-early really reduces the threat of random hyperspace encounters. Also, I don't really mind the hyperspace travel because using that route above, you're never all that far away from your next destination.