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Title: syreen tasks!
Post by: shaggy the greatr on December 31, 2002, 10:03:39 pm
okay, so I'm trying to go through the syreen task, but I am getting stuck.  I am looking at a walkthrough btw, which is why I'm more stuck because I have followed the instructions.

Well, here is my problem.  I went and collected 2 mycon egg sacks (one for drudge later).  I bought the info on the mycon deep children from the melrome in Alpha centuri.  I visited the syreen commander on Betelgeuse and went through all the possible dialogues, but there weren't anything on the mycon or "evidence" for the destruction of syra.  I've beat the game with UQM v0.1 so I remember what's suppose to happen quite well.  So I went back to the mycon, and tried to get them to tell me about deep children or scattered worlds, but other than encounters in deep space I don't know where else to meet mycons that are willing to talk.  Some mycon do talk about the deep children and the egg sack right before getting violent, and so I tried to go back to Betelgeuse to see if that triggered something, but it didn't.  So now I"m really stuck... and need help, as this is acutally needed to beat the game?

wow, what happened between v 0.1 and 0.2?  The mycon ships got tweeked pretty nicely!  In 0.1, the mycon kill themselves about as much as I kill them, and then their recharge rate was much slower, so they fired about 2 shots, 3 before getting killed.  Now in 0.2, the recharge rate is much faster, and they never, ever get nailed by their own weapon, so it's tougher to kill one.  Shoot, no more free RUs... :)

thanks a lot!

Title: Re: syreen tasks!
Post by: shaggy the great on December 31, 2002, 10:29:53 pm
silly me, I needed to buy more from the mels and also talked to the arilou helps.

Title: Re: syreen tasks!
Post by: Captain Smith on January 01, 2003, 02:26:58 am
If you go through enough groups of Mycon you'll find out.  Or just go to their homeworld and ask them...the Mycon are very honest. :-D