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Title: Posting a saved file
Post by: chad of Toronto on February 02, 2007, 11:42:09 am
I was browsing around the Starcontrol2/uqm files to see if I could find where the save files are. I was thinking of posting one online for everyone or just plain backing them up.

I've got a saved file with 30-40k Rus and all the Technological upgrades. I thought some people may want to do the events without the troubles of mining. Especially with uqm having slylandor probes in the star systems.

My saved file has:

All the races met.
A few Thradash blown up
The pkunk told to return once
40k RU
500 Melnorme credits + quite a bit of biological data for sale
5 Rainbow worlds explored
All Melnorme Technological upgrades.
Fwiffo's ship sold
4 Pkunk Furies sold.
4 arilou skiffs
2 Orz Nemisis
Devices: Portal spawner & Clear Spindle device only!

The Following info has already been provided in discussion in the game and you will need to know it if you're new to the game:

-A spathi, thinking you're going to torture him gives you this info:Spathi homeworld: Epsilon gruis, Password: huffi-muffy-guffi

- Vux suggest you speak Admiral Zex who ACTUALLY likes humans at Beta Mira (I think), because they can't stand the site of you.

-Zot-Foq-pik emmisaries spoken to at Rigel and require you speak to  their leaders at their homeworld at alpha Tucanae

-Arilou found a dying talking pet and tried to help it recover but it was dying despite their best efforts so they gave it to the Umgah who are superior  bio technologically.They suggest if you're near Umgah space to inquire about it.

-The Melnorme would like to trade. They suggest if you're interested to meet them at alpha Cerenkov.

-The starbase Commander read the report on the probe that attacked you on the trip from Vela . He suggest s you find the manufacturer of the probe and have them stop making them because they are replicating at a geometric rate and are going to be a real mess.

Title: Re: Posting a saved file
Post by: Pikant on February 02, 2007, 11:59:58 am
4 Pkunk Furies sold.

You have sold all Pkunk ships ???  ?

Best ship against Sa-matra in my opinion.

But then again i don't need your savegame.

Title: Re: Posting a saved file
Post by: chad of Toronto on February 02, 2007, 12:28:56 pm
No ofcourse you don't need my save file.

You can get another 4 pkunk furies every year, ally with them and buy 4 more, or use the furies the pkunk queen of the yehat give you when you engage the samatra.

In the very beginning of the game. I like to sell those furies to pay for turning jets and thrusters.

Title: Re: Posting a saved file
Post by: kwamp on February 02, 2007, 03:22:37 pm
How is it possible, if you've met all races, to have the clear spindle and not the broken ultron?

For that matter, how do you get a 4th skiff?  Don't the 'lou only give you 3 when they arrive at the starbase?


Title: Re: Posting a saved file
Post by: chad of Toronto on February 02, 2007, 10:56:58 pm
With the pkunk I talked to them to get their ships and they gave me the spindle. With the Supox I said good bye right away.

You're right. There was only 3 Arilou skiffs.