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Title: Penny Arcade
Post by: Arrow on January 02, 2003, 04:04:30 am
UQM got a mention at PA today (3-1-03).  Not in the comic; just in the news, where Tycho heard about it and got it.  Here's the link. (  And here's the bulk of his comments about it:

I went to Sourceforge ( because I had read somewhere that The Ur Quan Masters ( - essentially, Star Control 2 without the Name Star Control - was out there and available for download. Star Control 2 (and Starflight II (, obviously) are games I recall with such fondness. I had initially written "extreme fondness," but I removed it because, really, what would that look like.

I grabbed the files for it, which are available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and BeOS (for some inexplicable reason). They've done a great job and it will only become cleaner and more sensible as time goes on. If you've never experienced SC2 before, keep in mind that the last time I played this was on a 386, which ran it silky-smooth. This was when we thought two hundred and fifty-six colors was rather a lot of colors, maybe too many for our liking. I know you aren't supposed to care about graphics if you're a real gamer or something but graphics are really important. How important they are is a personal consideration, so whether or not this'll float your boat is something I can't say. Do give it a shot, though.

Unfortunately, I don't believe he mentioned anything about it being an alpha.

Title: Re: Penny Arcade
Post by: Fsi-Dib on January 02, 2003, 05:08:22 pm
Does this mean that the programmers need to put some floating "THIS IS ALPHA!" textes going around in the main screen? ;D