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Title: Maximum memory usage?
Post by: wherewp on February 13, 2007, 01:06:18 am

I am trying to port UQM to Palm OS 5. However, I could not find any information as to the maximum amount of memory that UQM needs (although I am assuming it is substantially more than 4KB, the default that is allotted for Palm OS armlets). Does anybody have a good estimate?

Many thanks, and sorry for the basic question,

Title: Re: Maximum memory usage?
Post by: Monk on February 14, 2007, 12:42:27 am
This may help:

Yes, it's about possibly porting UQM to the Dreamcast.  But there are references to UQM not being fully optimized (still, 3 years later? maybe?) and the memory footprint, etc.

Seems like UQM is still in the 'fix bugs' and 'implement features' phase, not so much the 'optimize for speed and memory usage' phase.  I hope this helps or at least holds you over until one of the devs pops in a comment.

Title: Re: Maximum memory usage?
Post by: wherewp on February 15, 2007, 03:49:11 am
Thanks! You are most kind.

Assuming that the memory footprint really is near 30 MB, ever with sound disabled, I should be able to use an SD card for virtual memory, or so I recently read. So a port should be possible, when it comes to memory usage. Ideally, however, the footprint will be small enough so that I don't have to try that.

Thankfully, I'm a little ways away from the phase where I actually try to run uqm on the palm, so the lack of accurate figures isn't a giant burden at this point.

Thank you once again!

EDIT: Yikes! I'm getting about 50 MB used on my computer. Hopefully that will lesson somewhat if I disable sound, but probably not too much. I'll have to look into that virtual memory more.