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Title: Star Control 2 Sequel S-you know what
Post by: Valaggar on February 13, 2007, 02:58:17 pm
 :) Yes, suggestions.

For example, everyone loves Star Control 2. Then why deviate so much from its gameplay? Aside from new graphics and perhaps a more beatiful interface, there is little that can be done to improve it.
Still... more features wouldn't hurt anyone. For example, in the exploration mode (when you are in True/Hyper/QuasiSpace) you should have - at least in Hyper/QuasiSpace or analogue dimensions - 360 instead of 16 facings, because otherwise you'll use only AutoPilot, who HAS, even if not graphically, 360 angles of freedom and CAN fly over gravity wells without being sucked unless they're its destination. Melee is good with 16 angles though, because of balance and fun (an Ur-Quan with 360 facings would aim much better and so little ships would be useless).
The exploration mode could have another feature: stealth mode - perhaps by using a Cloaking Device - that would be necessary to accomplish some things.
The melee is good as 1 ship vs 1 ship, but there should be, in the plot, certain moments when you lead entire fleets in battle (war between Spheres of Influence) and the battles are 3D Real-Time Tactics (combination of Total War-like games and Homeworld, say) - the ships have much potential in such a game due to their originality; such tactics have been discussed in a thread ( on this forum. Perhaps even a miniature "campaign map" mode, something very simple, otherwise it would monopolise the game - in real-time, you move the fleets or something. Then there would be two types of batltes - SuperMelee and, say, SuperClash, both accessible from the main menu.
More open-endness won't hurt anyone as well - Star Control 2 is freeform, but has a single large ending with small variations such as - some species exist or are extinct, some are allies, others are enemies and so on.
Plus, modding support would be wonderful - you could design new ships or races or even a new plot. With a bit of work you could end up with, say, Stargate or Babylon 5 or something from your head. A plot (map+races+conversation tree etc.) editor would be nice, and even a ship editor for modifications of less anvergure such as stats modding, graphics, or weapons/abilities interchange between existing ships.
And the best new feature would be... (Scroll Down)


Title: Re: Star Control 2 Sequel S-you know what
Post by: Valaggar on February 14, 2007, 07:46:25 pm
The map would have to extend in all directions, keeping the old one in the middle.

Title: Re: Star Control 2 Sequel S-you know what
Post by: Aya Reiko on February 17, 2007, 09:58:54 am
3d map so the old neighborhood can be "new" again...

Race concepts:

Ahld-ehd/Ahld-ai : Alien race that was divided evenly when deciding to become Kzer-za Battle Thralls or fallow slaves.  Half of the race was slave shielded while the other half became battle thralls.

Styn : Giant red-brown worm-like race that's the lone ally of the Kohr-Ah.  Perhaps because they believe in an ideology similar to the Eternal Doctrine.  Or their ships were formidable enough the Kohr-Ah would have to earn every parsec they gained.  Or a Kohr-Ah scouting party detected Kzer-za activity in a nearby region of space.  Who knows.  Played a key role in a flanking attack that devastated the Alliance fleet that was pushing deep into Kohr-Ah/Kzer-za territory.  Styn ships are well known as mine layers (alt-fire) whose mines explode with a ferocity that rivals the Shofixti Glory Device.

Ur-Quan:  Both Kzer-za & Kohr-Ah realized as long as they're divided, they cannot beat the Alliance, so races like the Mycon and Umgah are brought to the Ur-Quan homeworld to work on genetically reunifying the divided Ur-Quan race.  Meanwhile Ur-Quan engineers began to develop a new warship implementing both Kzer-za and Kohr-Ah technologies, and Ur-Quan thinkers toil at merging the Eternal Doctrine and the Path of Now and Forever into a new, unified doctrine.   The end result is the return of the brown caterpillars and a fleet that serves as a counter to the Chmmr Avatar.

Title: Re: Star Control 2 Sequel S-you know what
Post by: countchocula86 on February 17, 2007, 06:44:25 pm
I dunno, I have some trouble seeing the Kohr-Ah with allies. The Eternal Doctrine is that no other sentient life can exist at all. But I suppose that if you explained it well, it could work out.

Title: Re: Star Control 2 Sequel S-you know what
Post by: Draxas on February 19, 2007, 04:57:34 pm
Call me a purist, but I think the Kohr-Ah forging an alliance with anyone other than their green kin is completely out of character. This is a race that has been exterminating every sentient they've come across since the time humanity was still using animal bones as clubs to beat each other senseless. Despite the sound thrashing they would likely be receiving by the Alliance, I don't think they would suddenly decide to compromise every ideal they've ever believed in for millennia. In fact, I think it would be a much more likely scenario that the Kohr-Ah and Kzer-Za would ally themselves with each other almost immediately; the Alliance has, after all, interfered with the Doctrinal Conflict on the most fundamental level possible by destroying the prize for victory. Considering the Kohr-Ah were winning (or won, depending on the time frame) the right to said prize, I think they would actually be fighting not only out of a cold and calculated desire for galactic sterility, but also for their own vengeance against those that have wronged them (which in their view, almost certainly includes every non-Ur-Quan sentient, despite their direct involvement, as usual).

Reuniting the Ur-Quan is also a lousy idea (not to mention consistently in the top 3 for the collective "races for the next game" list, alongside the Taalo and Black Spathi Squadron). I feel it would be much more interesting to explore the deepening damage to the Ur-Quan psyche as everything they've ever known since winning their freedom has been proven wrong. The original Ur-Quan, by all accounts, seemed to have eventually developed into pretty well-adjusted members of the Milleu before the discovery of the Dnyarri. Why turn much more interesting characters into a generic friendly race (a mistake they made in SCn3, mind you, though they didn't change their color), simply for the sake of seeing them "as they were"?