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Title: QuasiSpace and the Falayalaralfali TrueSpace eddy
Post by: Valaggar on February 17, 2007, 07:50:37 pm
This thread is made for discussing the nature of QuasiSpace and the Arilou homeworld.

1. QuasiSpace is *above* and the Orz dimension is *below*. TrueSpace and HyperSpace are "in between". We would, then, expect that the properties of these dimensions are arranged in some sort of gradient.
And so it is: the QuasiSpace is the most "solid" dimension (the most material): the strange formations on Falayalaralfali support this theory (solidifications of immaterial things such as wishes, thoughts).
HyperSpace is anyway more solid than TrueSpace, as suggested by this info on the *Nnngn*, things found only in HyperSpace:

We seek to trap *Nnngn*, but they dart and leap.
YOU cannot trap *Nnngn*... do not even try.
I do not think you can even touch them; you are not quite solid enough.

And even so, True and HyperSpace are more solid than *below*:

Here is *bright* and *smooth*. The other place is *hurt* Orz too much tired for  keeping together.

Orz cannot "keep together" - he is very "dilute", very unmaterial, like his dimension.

2. You do not waste fuel while travelling in QuasiSpace. One explanation is that the QuasiSpace you perceive is some sort of projection of its real nature, but since this fits more with the unmaterial *below* and the Orz, not with a Very Solid Dimension, more probably the distance you travel is very small, the dimension is "condensed" (and so your speed is reduced too, though, due to the increased density of the void, which hampers inertia).

3. Falayalaralfali is in a pocket of TrueSpace accessible only from QuasiSpace. It is a very strange planet, with strange formations such as the Mountain Clouds of Thought, the Tangible Wish, the Dark - solidified unmaterial things which seem to pertain to QuasiSpace. As such, the planet was in QuasiSpace at first, being pulled into TrueSpace for some reason, a very plausible one seeming to be the protection of the Arilou due to the invasion of QuasiSpace by parasites from Beyond.

4. If you insult the Arilou at their planet, instead of fighting them, you are pulled back to QuasiSpace, suggesting that the Arilou control the shape of the TrueSpace eddy. This would support the hypothesis of Falayalaralfali being artificially pulled from QuasiSpace to TS.

5. In general, each dimension is a separate reality, having a different reality phase. As such, you only see void and TrueSpace gravity wells in HyperSpace, and probably the inhabitants of HyperSpace don't see you either, because your reality phase is different, you are like a ghost to them. (to interact with TrueSpace, Arilou probably use a more advanced version of IDF)
QuasiSpace is a little different, because you see HyperSpace gravity wells even if you are from TrueSpace. This is because your Portal Spawner emulates a HyperSpace reality phase while in QuasiSpace, inside this HyperSpace emulation TrueSpace being sequentially emulated for you to exist in, but still, for QuasiSpace dwellers, you look like from HyperSpace.

Title: Re: QuasiSpace and the Falayalaralfali TrueSpace eddy
Post by: wherewp on February 18, 2007, 03:56:42 am
Wow, that's a lot of analysis :)

While you may be right, it is quite possible that the term "solid" is more metaphorical, referring to something of which we cannot conceive.

Title: Re: QuasiSpace and the Falayalaralfali TrueSpace eddy
Post by: Valaggar on February 18, 2007, 01:20:14 pm
Yes, keeping in mind that other dimensions have completely different laws, they could be impossible to conceive by us outlanders. Still, we can interprete. Plus, the word "solid" is not encased in asterisks (this method being used even for Arilou sometimes, for example: *time*) here, meaning that we mustn't take it as a metaphor or "best-fit".
Of course, since being from *below* appear as ghosts to beings from *above*, it can mean that we are too "ghostly" for QuasiSpace to be able to interact with it, so "solid" would mean "adapted to this dimension".

Title: Re: QuasiSpace and the Falayalaralfali TrueSpace eddy
Post by: Aya Reiko on March 10, 2007, 01:07:03 am

Maybe if we think of it this way...

QuasiSpace -- S^3
HyperSpace -- S^2
TrueSpace -- S^1
NullSpace -- S^0 (Orz "origin")