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Title: Jmac talks about Star Control
Post by: Anthony on March 07, 2007, 04:52:49 pm
Jmac (Jason McIntosh) is not only a programmer and webmaster; he is also a television show host of a show called "the Gameshelf"; a game that focuses around board and other tabletop games, and he also talks about electronic games as well.  One of the electronic games he has mentioned is Star Control II.  He also likes the game very much.

Thanks to the Creative Commons license, his shows can be downloaded for free at

Episode #2 "Space Games", mentions Star Control II, how it's been turned into an open source port, and how fun and innovative it is.  He mentions that he stayed up very late one time just to collect resources.

Episode #5 "Hidden Roles", mentions TFB's desire to convince Activision to fund a new Star Control game.  He even goes into some discussion about it as well.

This is truly awesome.  A television show host took a few minutes of his precious time to mention Star Control, and the many good things about it.  Check it out, it's a nice show, even if you're not a big tabletop game fan.  Each episode is around 30 minutes long.