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Title: UQM for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
Post by: ArnimS on March 18, 2007, 04:28:46 am
I am reviving the Ur-Quan Masters port for the Nokia 770

Original package for Maemo OS2005 is here

For OS2006 i've compiled a pre-release debug build.  It is only for testing and requires root shell access on the 770 for installation.

It's fairly playable, best with a bluetooth keyboard.  Turn screen size down to 320x200 and music quality to low to prevent music skipping.

Some current todos are:

- build a libmikmod deb and submit to repository
- debianize the UQM package
- patch for accelerated 2x scaling
- patch for dsp-accelerated mp3 playback and convert ogg to mp3
- on-screen buttons for right hand

Also see discussion at: