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Title: The Earthling Cruiser
Post by: matt_control on March 19, 2007, 01:27:24 am
G'day All! How's it Going?

Recently have I found Star Control again. I haven't played it since I was a kid! It is so cool!

Anyway, I was thinking about the Earth Cruiser as a space ship. Inside I'd imagine it would be much like a submarine, but little things keep popping into my head. How long is it? What are the jobs of the 18 crew members? How many decks does the ship have? How many missiles can it carry at any one time?

Sorry, if this has been posted before. As I said I am new at this and I am curious.

All the Best!

Cheers Matt.

Title: Re: The Earthling Cruiser
Post by: Valaggar on March 19, 2007, 02:28:17 pm
About the scale part, this has been discussed extensively some time ago. Try this threads: Scale ( and the Earthling Cruiser (

They have come to the conclusion that SuperMelee is a more abstract representation of an actual battle (i.e. the ships fight one at a time etc.) and the ships aren't represented in the same scale there.
However, about some ships, you can approximate their sizes (the cruiser should be like a standard nuclear submarine, for example).

As to the jobs of the crew members - they're mostly there as hitpoints, but you can say that you can't automate everything, some things require human participation.
Some even don't agree that there are just 18 crewmembers, but, say, 1800 or so. Still, with all that automation, I don't think that there's need of so many men/women.
Plus, Fwiffo says:
I am undone! You are far too clever for a poor Spathi like me
and now I must submit to your superior, alien intellect.
I guess I am not revealing any truly important secrets if I tell you
that each of my species' Eluder-class Voidships typically holds 30 Spathi crewmen

I would link to ( and also the SC3D section of (