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Title: Unable to learn about Sa-Matra
Post by: Nic. on January 05, 2003, 12:29:53 am
I was puttering around in cscope looking for nothing in particular when I noticed the following:

The Chmmr will tell you that you don't know about the Sa-Matra, and that you have to go find out about it if the gamestate token AWARE_OF_SAMATRA is not set.  Unfortunately, this token is set absolutely nowhere in the game (except by the Chmmr when they tell you you don't know about it), making the test for it effectively a no-op.

To confirm this, I loaded up a game from before freeing Procyon, and headed to the Sa-Matra site.  The Ur-Quan guarding it say "you may not approach the Sa-Matra", but after freeing the Chmmr they still say "go find the Sa-Matra".

The fix is so simple even I could do it :), but would anybody care?  I don't think I've ever heard of anyone going to D. Crateris before it was absolutely necessary, so the odds of this bug being seen in-game are pretty long..