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Title: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: KanmuX on May 12, 2007, 04:32:33 am
The Sa-Matra has been destroyed. The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, the only race strong enough to keep together the battle thralls, have been scattered. You are one of the remaining battle thrall races, and you try to fight against the Alliance because you fear your masters eventually regrouping, but you just lost a battle.

Who do you surrender to? Keep in mind that each of the races, while obviously having good traits, always have a darker side. Lastly, explain yourself.

(note: topic totally stolen from BioSlayer. Sorry about that, but it seemed fun to look at things from a different angle  :P )

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: *Pepper* on May 12, 2007, 05:22:03 am
I'd have to surrender to The Orz, for three reasons:

1: Things with sharp beaks frighten me, and I get the feeling the Orz really know how to use theirs to establish a pecking order.

2: To get the chance to repeatedly ask the Orz about the Androsynth just to see their reaction.

3: The Orz are seriously hardcore. No other species has the ferocity to actually leave its ship, board enemy ships
    and kill the enemy inside of its own ship. That takes some serious cahones, people. They really are warriors,
    and you have to respect and fear the race you surrender to, or you'd feel like a wimp.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Shiver on May 12, 2007, 08:16:00 am
Which remaining hierarchy race am I surrendering as? VUX, Mycon or Umgah? Any of these adds a twist to the topic. Or am I one of those unidentified slaves from another part of the galaxy?

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Elerium on May 12, 2007, 10:22:30 am
I'd have to go for these dudes. If they are part Chenjesu, then they have part a care-bone in them and will not want to take life, because it would seem illogical, although I don't know what the Mrn behavior would be, but still if you surrender to the Chmmr I'd say you'd be guaranteed to live.

Humans are a bit of a wild card. You have those branches of humanity who will kill prisoners, while the majority have to abide to prisoner of war ethics so I'd be uncertain to trust some Humans.

Orz would rather kill you in *dancing* mode I think.

Shofixti might not forget the whole ideal of the Hierarchy leading to the home-system destruction, so they'll just say 'a stinking Ur-Quan Dreadnought slave crew! You killed my father! My brothers and sisters! Kyaiiieee!!' so they might not take prisoners, although some Shofixti might I guess.

Yehat might just kill you on the spot before although the Pkunk queen might just say to go lenient on those who surrender.

Pkunk (as part of the Yehat)
Pkunks might let you live, provided you share the love of course, although sometimes they do get carried away in battle.

ZFP might just taunt you before taking prisoner, but I'd say you might just be guaranteed to live. If it's a secret scouting mission however, don't count on it.

Supox are friendly chums but still they do have an angry mode about them, rendering them almost neutral in combat I'd say if you wanted to surrender to them. If you were sworn enemies of the Utwig, they might turn you over to them to atone for your crimes, or, kill you.

Utwigs might let you live, they seem friendly enough but if you insult the Ultron, or have become a sworn enemy of them or do anything daft like that don't expect to live.

Spathi (possibly unshielded)
Probably will turn you over to the Hunams or something. Some groups might kill you out of fright.

Thraddash (when not destroyed)
Mirror images of Humans.

Fate worse than death, the least I would surrender to. How would living the rest of your life as a hypnotised slave living in happy happy Syreenland without little to no freewill sound? I sure wouldn't like it. Some Syreen might spare you from the hypnosis and you could say that if they have Human officers onboard, they can 'check up' the prisoner of war ethics to see if the Syreen aren't doing anything they shouldn't be, although I don't know if they allow this or not. Either way, you've got a better chance of surrendering to a partly Human crewed one than a fully crewed Syreen ship.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Valaggar on May 12, 2007, 10:24:32 am
You forgot the Arilou.
And the correct spelling is "Chmmr", not "Chmrr".

Chmmr - a quick, unceremonious execution will surely await me. Those things do not have feelings.
Humanity - NO! I don't want to linger in a prison for the rest of my life! Or be tortured or who knows what those devious humans have prepared for me...
Orz - Orz is thinking *silly cow* are want to *dance*. Doesn't seem to accept surrendering.
Shofixti - They can't possibly be so gentle with you after Kyabetsu and nearly all their species have been destroyed; fast samurai-ish execution, probably.
Yehat - After the assimilation of the Pkunk, they are more gentle beings probably, but I don't think they'd spare me.
Pkunk - The most likely choice. After all, if they bear the Ilwrath no ill will, why would they bear to anyone else? And their assimilation into the Yehat culture was more like the assimilation of the Yehat into the Pkunk culture, even if they don't want to admit this.
Zoq-Fot-Pik - I bet they are a bit angry after Buppo and all others, coupled with a lot of their beautiful ecosystems, have been lost.
Supox - They would give me to the Utwig.
Utwig - After some sort of week-long ceremonies, I would be killed. Maybe even tortured slowly and elegantly.
Spathi - IF they'd accept my surrender (which I doubt), they would anyway surrender me to their superiors, i.e. Humans/Chmmr. No way.
Thraddash - VERY gentle, peaceful and... ARGH! species. No way.
Syreen - Hey, this isn't a bad idea! But I hate being hypnotized.
Arilou - They wouldn't care too much about me. They'd simply kill me to get rid of a potential problem.

If I am:
(NOTE: IF they would surrender, most of them wouldn't.)
Ur-Quan Kzer-Za - Pkunk.
Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah (though not in the Hierarchy) - Pkunk.
Mycon - Pkunk.
Androsynth (though they are no more) - Pkunk.
VUX - Pkunk.
Ilwrath - Not Pkunk, because they would fear a bad fate, thinking that others are as cruel as themselves. Probably Utwig, due to sado-masochism.
Umgah - Thraddash. Stupid and Good for pranks.
Thraddash (if Culture 20 was not founded) - I can't surrender to the Thraddash, so... to the Pkunk. After all, they're so weak that I would think I can easily escape.
Unidentified race - Pkunk of course.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Elvish Pillager on May 12, 2007, 02:44:02 pm
I voted for Yehat; to my mind, the Pkunk and Yehat are basically the same option. I think they would offer quite reasonable terms of surrender to any former Hierarchy race, for various reasons.

The rest... not so much.

Chmmr, Human, Syreen, Thraddash, Zoq-Fot, Spathi: All too risky. Any of them might simply execute me, in some cases torturing me beforehand.
Arilou, Orz: It might turn out well, but I might end up randomly disappearing later.
Shofixti: They're really violent against all things Ur-Quan-related (Tanaka attacks you for a long time when you don't fire any weapons? Sheesh!)
Supox, Utwig: We don't know enough about them.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: KanmuX on May 12, 2007, 04:33:52 pm
You forgot the Arilou.
And the correct spelling is "Chmmr", not "Chmrr".

Oops, sorry. Fixed.  ;D

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: C. Bob on May 12, 2007, 06:21:06 pm
I think everyone underestimates the Chmmr. They are, as a whole, not amazingly different from the Chenjesu; indeed, they seem to behave more or less as they *are* still the Chenjesu. The Chmmr would likely choose the best option for all parties concerned, which is either quick, low-energy, painless execution, or a long sentence to some sort of confinement.

The end result is likely going to be akin to the Chmmr, but with a lot more trouble getting there, and with much more pain along the way. Still probably a good runner-up.

Assuming that you even can surrender to the Orz, and that they won't just vaporize the *sad animals*, then you have basically two options -- either they'll turn you over to the *Happy Campers* (Zelnick), which means that you're with either the Chmmr or the Humans, or they'll whisk you away to some strange fate. Worth trying, if only to see what happens.

I wouldn't expect much other than a quick death. Why should they care if you die; after all, their entire species was pretty much destroyed by your masters only a few years ago.

Same as the Shofixti, but with a bit more deliberating. There's the off-chance that the Pkunk might intervene and manage to save you, but I wouldn't count on it; old birds don't tend to learn new tricks very well.

A good option, if only because of all their love and peace jazz.

...on the other hand, it's been seen that they can be swayed into violence, and even if you do live, by the time you've heard enough of their hippyism, you might just be willing to do yourself in.

You'll probably get carted off to the Chmmr or the humans, eventually, but with a lot of derision. I wouldn't expect much more from them.

There isn't a whole lot that we know about the Supox, but I find it most likely that they wouldn't make a decision about it at all, and instead send you over to the Utwig for judgement.

They consult the Ultron to decide what should be done; the end result depends upon too many factors, and is thus an unknown.

They freak out and vaporize you.

Alternatively, they call for reinforcements, and as either the Chmmr or the humans will probably take precedence over the other races in this matter, you end up getting stuck with one of them. Again.

They decide that their great Teacher doesn't really need to know about one pathetic enemy, and kill you. Slowly.

Either you get the same treatment as the humans/Chmmr would give you, or you end up hypnotized by their wiles.

Which, while it sounds pretty awful from the "free will" point of view, clearly isn't all that bad for the people who are.

The Arilou are an unknown factor. We don't really know enough about them to determine what they would do about anything. Following from their observed nonchalantness about non-human races, they'll probably just kick you over to them and be done with it.

The end result that's best is the Pkunk, due to the fact that you're probably not going to get killed, but the second-best is probably the Syreen -- the Chmmr are a nice third. Then the humans, and after that, there's no particular order. The races that would kill you are at the bottom, of course.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Shiver on May 12, 2007, 08:44:42 pm
I never thought about it like that, but I like Elerium's take on the Syreen that they would be the worst race to surrender to. If the captain surrendering happens to be VUX or Mycon, I'd bet that the Syreen would have no qualms about turning them all into mindless slaves. They probably wouldn't even tell the other Alliance races what happened. For other battle thralls that haven't commited horrible attrocities upon the Syreen, I think they would probably be a lot more sympathetic. Remember that star base commander Talana held the Ur-Quan in high regard.

Yehat would be a very bad choice. They'll just blow you away as soon as they see you. Pkunk are a bad choice as well since you're just as likely to run into the Yehat if you try to seek them out. Remember that Yehat and Pkunk space are the same by the end of the game.

I personally would surrender to the Chmmr. It's the safest bet.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Elvish Pillager on May 12, 2007, 11:57:45 pm
Why does everyone think the Yehat would just kill you? I'd have an argument against it if I had any idea what your basis was.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: countchocula86 on May 13, 2007, 05:57:28 am
Kinda a tough decision. I mean, I imagine the Chmmr and the Humans would likely treat you the most civily, but you still would'nt like it. The Syreen, Yehat and Shofixti would just be pissed off at you and likely want your death. The Utwig would make you wear some 'mask of imprisonment', while the Orz, Arilou, and ZFP wouldnt know what to do with you and would likely *dance* with you, leave you floating around in quasispace, and make you watch "Frungys Worst Moments 7" respecivly. Really just don't know enough about the Supox to comment properly.

So ultimately I would pick the Pkunk, and just have lots of spiritual discussions.

ed: Oops, forgot about the Spathi. They would prolly just chain me down in a pit somewhere, with lots of baskets of perfectly sized rocks at hand to chuck at me, should I look dangerous (which, I imagine, would be all the time)

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Valaggar on May 13, 2007, 08:06:26 am
Quote from: Elvish Pillager
Why does everyone think the Yehat would just kill you? I'd have an argument against it if I had any idea what your basis was.
I think you should start with your argument, since your point of view is the exception, but anyway...

- You are either 1) the slave of the evil Ur-Quan (in which case, indeed, you have chances of being spared, especially the VUX - as worthy enemies - and the Spathi - as enemies too unworthy to be executed)
2) OR the evil Ur-Quan themselves (in which case you WILL be punished. Especially after inflicting grievous damage on the Yehat culture - by transforming them into battle thralls, which they don't like - "HISS!!! BRAK!! NO! WE ARE NOT SLAVES!! WE ARE!... We are!... we are... battle thralls." - and after forcing the Shofixti to destroy their entire homeworld and nearly entire race.).

- The Yehat assimilation in the Pkunk culture may or may not be strong enough to make them much gentler beings, but it seems more logical that they won't abandon their own culture so quickly, instead they will just take something from the Pkunk culture with which to enrich their own culture.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Pabreetzio on May 13, 2007, 08:55:54 am
Well, if I am a battle thrall race surrendering, the last thing I would want is for it to lead to my race's eventual extinction. This rules out the Orz, since they apparently completely destroyed the Androsynth. If my race were destined to be destroyed, however, I would at least like to be remembered. Again, surrender to the Orz would be horrible since they wont even talk about it afterwards. The Pkunk on the other hand are very verbose, and more likely to talk about the battle thrall race that surrendered to them. The Yehat also keep detailed histories their monarchs and wars, and so its also likely that if the Pkunk are part of the Yehat then my race's surrender will be recorded, and we will be remembered for the honor with which we fought. Its also much less likely with the Pkunk that my race will destroyed. Most likely we would become part of the Alliance after surrender to the Pkunk.

My close second would be the Humans. I doubt they would be as forgiving as the Pkunk.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Death 999 on May 13, 2007, 10:17:50 pm
Well, Valaggar, it seems that your 'why I disagree with EP'  post ended up being 'which 3/4 of the time I agree with EP'.


Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Cedric6014 on May 13, 2007, 10:19:15 pm
I think the Pkunk would be the best option, followed by humans.

Pkunk appear to be the most enlightened race in this part of the galaxy and would back themselves to make any captive “see the light” and therefore not resort to execution or torture, and in time you may not even be imprisoned.  This is assuming that their rule of law is not superseded by the Yehat’s system – in which case I would expect execution or imprisonment – depending whether I was a party to war crimes or not.

As for humans, I wouldn’t choose humans circa 2007, but the 2161 variety seem far more civilised and worth a shot

The Chmmr I don’t think are the same beast as the Chenjesu. The Chmmr are an unknown quantity and appear to be somewhat cold and hard (but fair perhaps). I might expect execution with these guys.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: JonoPorter on May 14, 2007, 05:43:29 pm
I would probably thank the new alliance once it reaches my territory for freeing me. Since there was no choice but too serve the ur-quan. I’ve always viewed that an agreement made under direst is invalid from the beginning. And I can see why they would pick battle thralls instead of being fallow slaves. You get too keep your fleet and not have your world stripped of technology.

But if I had to surrender I would pick the pkunk since they have a forgive and forget attitude.

(note: topic totally stolen from BioSlayer. Sorry about that, but it seemed fun to look at things from a different angle  :P )
No problem at all.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Lukipela on May 14, 2007, 05:47:18 pm
I'd surrender to the Shofixti, and trust that their strict code of honour would prevent them from harming prisoners. After toiling voluntarily to make up for my past transgressions, they'd accept me as a honorary member of their species, and allow me some freedom. I'd spend the rest of my days working with these marsupials, teaching them all I had to give (depends on race).

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Draxas on May 14, 2007, 06:39:08 pm
Just a cursory analysis of the situation makes this entire topic, more or less, just a "what-if" game. Assuming that Zelnick has completed all of the required and optional tasks in the game, there are very few battle thralls left:

The Thraddash and Ilwrath have mutually exterminated each other, or are quickly approaching that point
The Spathi are either members of the New Alliance, or are safely enclosed under their own slave shield
The Androsynth are long gone

Only the Mycon, VUX, and Umgah remain, besides the Ur-Quan themselves. Of the four, surrender from the Mycon and Ur-Quan are not likely to be especially forthcoming.

For the purposes of the remaining part of this analysis, the Arilou are not considered part of the New Alliance; not only did they never officially join, but they would also keep to themselves, and possibly retreat completely into Quasispace for a time until the fighting subsides. As such, they would have no role. Additionally, I am discounting the potential Spathi presence in the New Alliance as well; even if they were available to surrender to, they would blast you clear out of the stars, either for fear (VUX) or simply bad blood and possible revenge (Umgah).

As the VUX, surrender to any New Alliance race is going to be iffy at best. The bad blood between VUX and both Syreen and Humans makes both of those options suicide at best, and slow, painful suicide at worst. The Yehat/Pkunk (considered as one race) are not a particularly good option, either, considering the disdain that the Yehat hold for all VUX besides Admiral ZEX; I don't know how much mellowing the Pkunk influence would have in any case, and I won't speculate. The Shofixti don't seem like particularly good candidates for surrender, because they live to fight, and consider all Hierarchy races targets of their revenge. The Orz wouldn't even allow a surrender, because some bloody idiot asked about the Androsynth one too many times, damning the entire race in the process.The ZFP and Supox will simply turn prisoners over to someone higher up on the totem pole, the ZFP to Humans or Chmmr, the Supox to Utwig. The Utwig and Chmmr would likely each accept a surrender; the Chmmr sympathize with all battle thralls, having been forced to fight against their will (presumably) and are only primarily interested in targetting the two Ur-Quan races. The Utwig have no prior relations with the VUX, and so no reason to harbor any irrational hatreds... yet. If initial negotiations go well, then a chance for survival is in the cards, assuming that the Ultron doesn't offer any guidance to the contrary.

The Umgah have a considerably easier time. Since they don't have decidedly poor relations with anyone other than the Spathi, they're probably safe with surrendering to anyone, save the Shofixti, who would probably still be mad about their role in the whole exploding homeworld thing. Anyone else would probably be a relatively safe bet, even the Orz, as they have had no interactions with the Umgah to date, and may even find them to be *happy campers*, assuming they restrain their violent tendencies long enough to have a chat with them. Then again, surrendering to anyone as an Umgah carries some risk; there is always the possibility that they will feel their surrender is just a "joke" designed to lead to a "funny" outcome where the enemy ship explodes.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Death 999 on May 14, 2007, 08:56:29 pm
I don't recollect a time when the Chmmr were forced to fight against their will.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Zeep-Eeep on May 14, 2007, 09:23:25 pm
I went with the ZFP on this one. They're a little silly, fairly friendly and, I think, would
treat captives fairly. Then I might finally find out about this sport they play....

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Lukipela on May 14, 2007, 09:34:41 pm
Sounds fun, until you find out that Frungy is played with the decapitated heads of their enemies...

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Terrell on May 15, 2007, 04:07:52 am
It depends on which race you are.


Surrendering to the Arilou and Humanity would probaly ultimately result in you being let go (and your best 2 choices).  Maybe you get imprisoned briefly but both races do have some sympathy for you.  The Arilou had a relationship with the Umgah prior to the first war, and the Arilou did take the injured talking pet to the Umgah to heal so there is some trust there. 

Humanity might let you live because of your sense of humour.  "It's unfortunate that the Umgah fell so early to the Ur-Quan because I suspect that we would have gotten along well with those big blob creatures, at least it would have been entertaining we know more about them than the other Heirarchy races becasue they were eager to talk to our ships both before, during, and after combat"  ~Cmdr. Hayes
Your worst choice would be the Spathi.  They remember the Grand Master Planet Eaters, as well as Jud the Vug.   It's also reasonable that they would blame you for "The Evil Ones"  It doesn't take much for them to put 2 & 2 together.  They do know that "The Evil Ones" didn't evolve on Spathiwa, they did bio-studies on some of them that died of tooth decay from eating sweet Spathi flesh.  Since the Umgah are known pranksters, they're the obvious ones to blame.  The Umgah may be the only race that the Spathi would likely put to death.

The Thraddash would probably kill you, it's their nature.  They did get left behind by the Ur-Quan to guard the flank for 2 reasons, one of them was they kept picking fights with the other slave races like the Umgah Blobbies or those religious idiots the Ilwrath.

The Shofixti would probably kill you too.  Their homeworld was destroyed in the first war, so I think if you're any Ur-Quan thrall the Shofixti put you to death.

Yehat:  They may kill you, because of what happened to their "children", the Shofixti in the first war. But then again they may not.  The worst punishment though would proably be reserved for the Kzer-Za

The Pkunk may kill you if they find out that you were the cause of the Ilwarth attack on them.  But then again killing you doesn't seem to fit with the Pkunk.  They would have reason to kill you though.  2/3 of their civilization was destroyed by the Ilwrath

The rest of the races would probably put you in prison, or turn you over to Humanity.  I don't see any specific beefs with the Umgah from the Syreen or Chmmr (Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm) and the Zoq-Fot-Pik, Utwig and Supox don't really know the Umgah.  Ultimately though the Umgah would probably be released.


If you're an Ilwarth you're probably screwed.  Maybe the Chmmr let you live.  I think.  They did try and defend you during the 1st war from the Ur-Quan.

The Pkunk, may make an exception to their peace loving ways and kill you.  They have damn good reasons to do so.  After all you did destroy 2/3 of their civilization.

Humans kill you for all the Crusiers you melted down to slag in seconds with your Avengers.  They also kill you because they know of your sick sacrifices to Dogar and Kazon, I think they do so slowly and painfully.

Syreen:  Probably mind-control you and make you work on their ships.  Zelnick could possibly convince them to turn you over to the humans, since he's in tight with Talana.  In which case you're screwed.

Yehat/Shofixti:  They kill you themselves.

Supox hand you over to the Utwig who hand you over to humans.  You die.

Thraddash:  They kill you, they thought you were religious idiots to begin with.

Zoq-Fot-Pik, proably put you in prison until they can turn you over to a more powerful race.   They don't really know the Ilwrath so they may not have any specific emnity towards them other than their being enemies.  Maybe you get lucky and they imprison you themselves

Spathi, they were afraid of all the other Heirarchy members, except maybe the Androsynth, they turn you over to the Humans.

Arilou:  Probably kill you for all the humans you tortured and killed during the first war, or they turn you over to the Humans to kill you.  It would be even worse of the bulk of the Ilwrath fleet was thrown against Humanity rather than the Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm.


Whatever you do DON'T SURRENDER TO THE SYREEN, they will definitely kill you in revenge for your species' destruction of their original homeworld Syra.  Maybe they decide not to be ladylike and even torture you first.  Nothing in their history angers them more than the destruction of Syra.  When told about the deep child that destroyed their world, Talana said that it fills her with BURNING RAGE, but until you had proof don't bring up the subject again because it's too painful for her.  Syreen ge KMS (Kill Mycon Syndrome) and make it your death very slow and painful.

The Shofixti would kill you.  They lost their homeworld in the first war.

The Yehat would proably kill you, they may consider the Mycon's voluntary submission to the Ur-Quan dishonorable.  They may also be pissed off over the destruction of Delta Gorno, but the largest part of their anger on that would be at the Kzer-Za

Humanity:  It's probably cheaper to just kill you rather than construct a prison that meets your life support requirements.

Utwig, Supox, Zoq-Fot, probably turn you over to Humanity.  No specific beef between Mycon and Utwig/Supox/Zoq-Fot-Pik.  IF you're lucky they imprison you themselves.

Thraddash:  They grill you with their Reeunk Afterburners, and serve you with their equivalent to steak. ;D

Chmmr, probably imprison you, let you go after you do your time.  They're coldly rational that way.


Don't surrender to the Syreen, Shofixti, or Yehat, because they will kill you.  Syreen for raiding their habitat columns (which was the reason they joined the alliance), Shofixti becaue they will kill any Ur-Quan thrall due to the destruction of their homeworld, Yehat because they love the Shofixti like children, and would either kill you themselves or turn you over to the Shofixti for them to kill you.  They also consider the Vux to be effete and bigoted, and unworthy prey.  This may spare your life. or it may get you killed.

Zoq-Fot-Pik:  Maybe they kill you, maybe they put you in prison, maybe they turn you over to the Humans.  There's no specific beef between the Zoq-Fot-Pik and the Vux so there is some chance of survival.

Chmmr:  They probably just put you in prison.  They don't seem like the revenge killing type to me.

Humans:  They probably don't want to look at you any more than you want to look at them.  Death may be an easier course of action than prison if you're a Vux.  For that reason they may decide to put you in prison.

Spathi:  They turn you over to humanity or imprison you.  They have no specific beef with the Vux, but they are afraid of them.

Utwig/Supox:  They don't have any back history with you, so they probably either imprison you or turn you over to another race that knows you better.

Ur-Quan Kzer-Za stragglers:

Pick the Syreen, you gave them something very big that they wanted at the end of the first war, a homeworld.  Though they hate you with a venegance, this act might get you some leniency.  They probably put you in prison, but they probably don't kill you.

Chmmr:  Maybe they kill you, for taking away their, and their allies, freedom, maybe they put you in a slave shield (talk about an ironic punishment) since they know enough about it to shut one down, they might also be able to put one up.  We know the Spathi can.  I think imprisonment is the more likely punishment.

Spathi:  They're probably too afraid to capture you, maybe they start pressing the FIRE stud wildly.

Humans:  Why surrender to them, a Dreadnought can pound a Crusier, but if you're so badly outnumbred that you would still ultimately lose, it's a crapshoot.  Maybe you are left alive in a prison, but it's probably equally likely that you are put to death.  You did destroy quite a bit of things that humans consider important, and locked them under a slave shield for 20+ years.

The Utwig and Supox may kill you since you did attack them when they came to help you fight the Kohr-Ah, but then again maybe they let you live as a counterbalance to any Kohr-Ah that are still around.

Thaddash:  This has interesting possibilities.  They do have a beef with the Culture 19 original leaders being killed and their nuclear war stopped after Culture 18 fell to the Ur-Quan.  Maybe they find it more ironic to try and make the Ur-Quan their slaves (which would be a really bad idea)

Orz:  I think the Orz kill you regardless of which race you are.  You may also end up like whatever happened to the Androsynth. (this applies to the other races too not just the Quan)

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Draxas on May 15, 2007, 05:25:03 pm
I don't recollect a time when the Chmmr were forced to fight against their will.

That was in reference to the VUX, not the Chmmr.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: waywardoctagon on May 17, 2007, 02:39:03 am
The Supox or Utwig seem like the safest bet.  First, they haven't really had any contact with Hierarchy races--besides the Kzer-Za, and they didn't even really seem angry at them when they were trying to help them.  So they don't have any longstanding grudges.  Second, they seem pretty mellow in general, not the sorts to torture prisoners.  You'd just have to be polite to them and not to insult their Ultron.

The Supox might turn you over to the Utwig, or they might keep you around so they could learn about your culture (I don't doubt they'd be interested).  That wouldn't be too bad.

I'm tempted to say the Orz--if you could get them to accept your surrender, and not just kill you out of... fin--just because they're so fascinating and it would be an opportunity to learn more about them, but there's really no telling what they might do: even if their intentions weren't cruel, it could be incredibly painful and horrific.

Title: Re: Terms of surrender: The New Alliance.
Post by: Gaeamil on May 17, 2007, 05:41:09 am
Chmmr.  They wouldn't likely kill you just because you were coerced to fight.  Goes against all of the logic that at least mechanically-based life revolves around.  Not sure how Chenjesu emotions work.

Second is the Pkunk, of course, but who knows how merciful they'll actually be after their reabsorption into the Yehat.

Although Supox is an interesting choice, but it seem a little demeaning to symbolically say "we had our butts kicked by PLANTS."