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Title: SCDB
Post by: Cedric6014 on May 14, 2007, 11:52:39 am
Okay, I just discovered the Star Control Discussion Board for the first time.

Someone tell me...
What is the relationship between SCDB and UQM Forum? They seem to be two identical forums running parallel to each other. If I had to guess, I would say that this one was intended to be specific to the UQM releases while the other was more genrally about Star Control.

Am I right? What's the history?

Title: Re: SCDB
Post by: Lukipela on May 14, 2007, 03:35:46 pm
The SCDB predates UQM quite a bit. Back when the world was young,  the web littered with different SC sites and TimeWarp was our best, last hope for SC3, was the place to be. It connected loads of different sites, and contained a lot of material relevant to the entire SC saga.

When this forum was created it was mainly a site for discussion of the specific software UQM. The Starbase Café didn't exist, there was only General and Technical discussion. As UQM quickly became very popular, many flocked to this forum, which was also much more modern and easier to use than the old SCDB. Chad only upgraded the SCDB to it's current form after this forum had already been established. In time, Star Control became more an more synonymous with UQM, which is the modern StarControl. The UQM forum started filling up with more general SC threads, and as the community thrived the Café was established.

The SCDB meanwhile shrunk. While never large per se in it's current form, membership waned. Lack of interest from the administrator meant that the site was updated less and less frequently, at this point the front page hasn't been updated in over a year. Currently the SCDB is at an all time low, with even some permanent members being unavailable due to real life concerns. It is a more tight knit community though, precisely because the membership base is so small. I know a lot more about my fellow SCDB'ers than I know about my fellow UQM:ers for instance.

So in short, the SCDB is for all of Star Control, while UQM was meant to be for UQM only, but has encompassed that role as well.