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Title: The Melnorme sounds like Half-Life's Gman...
Post by: OHHDEAR on January 05, 2003, 09:55:52 pm
Really, he does. I think it is the same voice actor.

For the record, the Gman in Half-Life was the mysterious guy in the suit who kept showing up throughout the game, for all three of you that never played it.

There is a wave file of the gman for comparison purposes. You already have oggs of the Melnorme in the game folder, so I don't need to supply one. Don't they sound alike?

Title: Re: The Melnorme sounds like Half-Life's Gman...
Post by: ASCI_Blue on January 06, 2003, 01:28:20 pm
From what I remember Gman was a bit more squeeky/cracky voice than melnorme. For the normal speech, I'd agree they sound alike.

Title: Re: The Melnorme sounds like Half-Life's Gman...
Post by: PsiPhi on January 06, 2003, 02:11:54 pm
I feel so ashamed ... I'm one of those three you're talking about.


Title: Re: The Melnorme sounds like Half-Life's Gman...
Post by: Captain Smith on January 06, 2003, 02:48:45 pm
PsiPhi: All I got to say to you is this...

You gotta play Half-Life it is cool.  A big central game with an X-Files, Die Hard (which is what I thought when I first played it and got to the Marine part).  Then once that's done there's 2 commerical add-ons (Opposing Force, Blue-Shift) - 3 if you count Gunman Chronicles.   Then, there's a bunch of cool multiplayer stuff as well (Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, etc).

Then they made all the level stuff and resources available so tons of people on the net made a bunch of very cool levels - it's like multiple games in one almost...once you've mastered/gotten sick of what you have, download more (ask if you want suggestions on the downloads part and this doesn't float too off-topic for the mods)!

Let's just say I was a Star Control 2 freak when I started computers, then moved to Doom and Quake, and then to Half-Life :-)  The thought of an actual movie-like storyline blew me away at the time...although it's been done better recently (Maxx Payne, Grand Theft Auto, etc).

Right now let's just say I'm kinda moving back towards Star Control 2 just because of the memories and it's still something fun to do...although I'm getting more to be a Madden freak right now just out of something different to do...

Title: Re: The Melnorme sounds like Half-Life's Gman...
Post by: Scott on January 06, 2003, 08:14:09 pm
I don't have any idea what you're talking about, and yet I OWN Half-Life... I just haven't used it for doing much other than playing Counter-strike.

Title: Re: The Melnorme sounds like Half-Life's Gman...
Post by: OHHDEAR on January 06, 2003, 10:13:36 pm
You NEVER played Half-Life singleplayer?

Ah, Half-Life is easily one of the greatest FPSs of all time, next to No One Lives Forever. Both good, smart games.

Of course, I can understand if you stop at Xen, but still, it is a dang fine singleplayer game.

Yeah, the Gman tried to have a lisp and speak with that unique flair, but I don't doubt the same voice actor just showed off his mad skillz in the Gman and Melnorme.

Title: Re: The Melnorme sounds like Half-Life's Gman...
Post by: ASCI_Blue on January 06, 2003, 11:50:27 pm
I never played NOLF but HL is the greatest FPS ever.

Title: Re: The Melnorme sounds like Half-Life's Gman...
Post by: PsiPhi on January 07, 2003, 03:24:46 am
Captain Smith - Yeah, I have a friend of mine who is a big FPS player and he tells me that this is a game that I especially would love.  The reason ... I need a storyline.  I gave up on most FPS because that's all they became - shooters - all action, no thinking.  I just get bored.  And I played through all 6 levels of Wolfenstein 3D back when it was new and I loved it, but it was new.  Doom was ok, but I just never got into it and from there, they just got progressively more action and less story until Q3A when id just said, "Forget story ... this is a multiplayer ladder game"  Hey, I know a lot of you out there LOVE these kinds of games, but for the most part, I get bored of them.  And yes, I've spent enough hours, red-eyed, cramped-hand, playing Duke 3D, Doom 2, Quake with friends over the net to know what it is that I enjoy.
  So, when it came to HalfLife, my friend told me, "This is a game you would love.  This single player game was made for you."  Yet, I still haven't picked up a copy and I know he's right based on all the things I've heard.  I played through Elite Force and loved it.  I own Return to Wolfenstein and I still have not opened it and that's another one he tells me I'd enjoy.  So, I'll get to it, eventually ... maybe buy that all-in-one package before they're all gone.
  FPSes typically were built for multiplay and that's just not where my interest lie.  I played CounterStrike with a few people at a LAN party and I found the terrorist/anti-terrorist game to be so amazingly dull.  Set the bomb ... stop them from setting the bomb ... over and over and over.  Snooze.  And I know how popular that game is.  I don't care.  I know what I like.  I like a game that takes time.  That takes more than just quickness of fingers and reflexes.  I like games that make you think, not just react.  Sure, the adrenaline rush that comes with multiplay games is like a drug, but after I walk away, I think, "What did I get out of that other than bleary eyes and jumpy nerves?"
  At heart, I am an adventure/RPG gamer and they just don't make too many of those any more (other than Interplay).  These games are slower paced and take time.  I like to think that SC2 fits into this realm.  It is an adventure.  You are role-playing.  You do improve yourself and your situation over time.  And it has that added element of action in the melee, and less so in the scouring for minerals.  And I love those parts, because they are just enough to keep things exciting, but not overwhelming as to dominate the game.  I think this is part of the brilliance of SC2.
  There's a little bit of everything in it for everyone.  Problem solving, a story line, exploration, character (in this case your ship) improving, action, adventure, humor, AND ... for me I can't argue this enough ... an ending!  I just like games that END.  I like to know that eventually, I can win, and I can be satisfied and yes, I can move on to something else.

  Any way, in the SC2 credits, it says the voice of the Melnorme trader was done by Larry Zee.  If any one who owns Half-Life can look it up in the credits, we could know for sure.


Title: Re: The Melnorme sounds like Half-Life's Gman...
Post by: Captain Smith on January 07, 2003, 04:37:52 am
You'd definitely like Half-Life then from what it sounds like.  Maybe you'd like any of the Red Storm Entertainment (Tom Clancy) games too as far as a first person shooter.

That's what I liked about Half-Life, it was movie like and you played the main character within it, the events unfolded in front of you and you had to make things happen to continue the story line within your realm.  As I said, it's a lot like Die Hard in many ways.  Half-Life isn't about running and gunning (as are the Red Storm games), if you do that you end up dead pretty quickly - a lot of people who are into Doom and Quake and so on do not like Half-Life for this very reason - there is an element of problem solving and planning present.  Especially for Half-Life there are numerous weapons and different kinds of enemies - and situations where a thoughtful plan wins out over reflexes and your ability to run and gun.  The path isn't always obvious either, you have to take clues from the environment as to what to do and listen to all the NPC's you meet.  Half-Life definitely was a challenge.

Let's just say I was plain blown away by the game - it got me into it when I started to the point I'd play it for hours and not even realize it.  One of the strengths of the game is the fact of how well it wraps you up into the story as the character - it really is like a movie where you are the main character.  And as I said, once you get bored with the main game there's much more out there...You should be able to find a complete package that will give you Half-Life, Blue Shift, Opposing Force, etc...and as I said, once you're bored with all that, you can download more.

And to the person that stops at Xen - that's the most interesting part - again though it takes a lot of patience and thought to get through, which is why it is difficult to many people.  But don't short-change yourself - when I got good enough to consistently beat Xen, it was a great rush, much like getting to Xen. :-)

Only disappointing thing about Half-Life is the ending - it's a bit anti-climatic.  But how do you end such a story?  As a thought, I wonder how Half-Life 2 (rumored) will end up if it ever is released.  I always wanted a story that continued on if you took a certain other path at the end (obfuscating the issue to not give up the spoiler).  That's one of my ideas for levels if I ever had the time - I think they'd go over really well.

To answer the original question, I looked up the voice actors for Half-Life in the manual.  Unless "Larry Zee" is a stage name for someone who calls him something else, he doesn't show up in the voice actor list for Half-Life.  Maybe just someone who sounds suspiciously similar?

Title: Re: The Melnorme sounds like Half-Life's Gman...
Post by: superninjabeast on January 09, 2003, 01:05:54 am
And If you've got half life, but not natural selection, well, then I dont know what's wrong with you.