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Title: Star Control RP
Post by: Davey Yungblud on June 29, 2007, 12:37:06 am

I thought there weren't enough Rps (Role Plays) on this site (in fact, there are none as far as I've checked), so I've decided to make one. It's not perfect, big deal. I hope people know how to RP, becuase if they don't, they'll get their @$$es deleted from it.

Ok, so it's just a RP that's based in the Star Control universe (appropriate? I thought so.) . There isn't much in the department of story, though I will infrom you that it is based after the  destruction of the Sa-Matra. The story will be player driven (so, please, MAKE IT AWESOME!) and you know how many of the species interact, so I won't have to tell you any of that stuff.

Sample Character profile (required for your first post):

Gender (if applicable):
Height (race appropriate):
Weight (""):
Skin Tone:
Eye color:
Hair Color (if you have hair):
Current Occupation (I expect a lot of Captains and crew members, etc.):
Formal Affiliation(As of the Start of the game, there is only one, the Alliance of Free Stars, but players can create their own later if they wish.):
Skills (Piloting, Hand to Hand Combat, Gunner, Medic, etc.):
Most Favorable Race:
Least Favorable Race:
Friends/shipmates (this field can be expanded as the game progresses):

Sample Ship profile (Only Applicable to Captains) :

Ship Name:
Years in Service:
Ship Model (all Star Control ship models, and modified ones are acceptable):
Weapons (if modifications have been made, please note that here):
Crew Capacity (""):
Fuel/Battery Capacity ("")
Number of various races in control of the ship:
Color Scheme/design (leave fields blank if it looks like the classic version of the model):
<Color/design 1>(main crew compartment and bridge):
<Color/design 2>(Windows and such):
<Color/design 3>(small details and Engines):
Portal Spawner? (only applicable to Arilou, Melnorme, Druuge, Orz, and surviving Androsynth)

Alright, I will make my own profile as soon as someone else joins.


Title: Re: Star Control RP
Post by: Lukipela on June 29, 2007, 08:43:42 pm
While less active than this forum, the SCDB has a role-playing section. If the game takes off, it might be nice to have a special forum for it, rather than getting drowned in here.