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Title: I may have to check this one out. (ThreadSpace)
Post by: guesst on July 14, 2007, 06:07:51 pm
Like the new Wing Commander mentioned in another thread, Steam has it's own 2D gameplay game with 3D graphics with ThreadSpace:Hyperbol ( This one seems to me like they're trying to hard to modivate the 2D gameplay, and there doesn't seem to be gravity whip, but it has a single player campaign, which is good as I never venture online.

Still, it seems like a revival of online melee is eminant. TFB better jump on the trend while it's hot.

Title: Re: I may have to check this one out. (ThreadSpace)
Post by: Sheridan on July 15, 2007, 10:36:48 pm
Also investigating this one. It looks like it could be kinda fun. Neat backstory too.

EDIT: It's no UQM SuperMelee, but it's good nonetheless. Very complex gameplay. Easy to learn, but difficult to master! Shiny, runs smoothly, and lots of tactical elements - it's not as simple and perhaps brutal as some SuperMelee matches, but there are plenty of interesting weapons to play around with. Chenjesu fans will enjoy the scatter bomb I'm sure.

There are six classes of weapon, and each contains three sub-weapons;

There's your basic assault weapons - Blasters, Rockets and Scatterbombs.

Blasters fly in a fixed path, though it can be curved. They're small blue bolts of energy - not very powerful but a bread and butter weapon. I'm not sure how Blasters upgrade - I wasn't really paying attention. I expect they get more powerful.

Rockets fly forward fairly slowly, but they can be aimed around obstacles using the curve function, much like blasters. Rockets won't damage anything unless activated - just hit your spacebar and off they go, thrusters ignited. They'll keep going until they hit something and explode. The Rocket upgrades to the Scatterpack, which launches out and fires half a dozen rockets automatically.

Scatterbombs are very similar to the Chenjesu Broodhome's weapon. A scatterbomb flies forward, inert, until activated - at which point it releases 8 shots in a loose circle. When upgraded, the scatterbomb turns into a scatterwedge, which sprays a wedge of projectiles when detonated in a tight formation, like a shotgun.

Haven't really toyed with the others much yet.

It also has the benefit of being a mere $19.95 (I admit, my perception of these numbers is somewhat biased due to exchange rates) so it may well be worth that sum.