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Title: Reply to Nutty Butter
Post by: Deus Siddis on July 18, 2007, 04:33:38 pm
Ok, so the simple definition of what a god is doesn't work in all cases - I will admit to that - I was starting monotheistic on the subject (since that encompasses most of the major religion) And I had already ammended myself.  It seems that correcting your mistakes has become unacceptable.

Deus_Siddis claimed to not know what a god was as his reasoning for not believing in one. Which is total crap. And I thought I'd share my knowledge. (which was not complete at the time) Who hasn't been guilty of that? If we knew everything this thread would never have existed.

Neither of us are authorities on the subject and I don't think I should be bashed for holding a stupid argument in the stupid argument room.

As for the obscenity, it was out of place and somewhat childish - However, I did retract the big FUCK YOU and replaced it promptly another something that is much less obscene.

After all this, I must say that I don't think either of us are 100% correct in anything we had to say to each other.

Admission of my own stupidity will not change my opinion that Deus_Siddis is off his rocker.

Since Elvish_Pillager's locked his topic before I woke up today, I will just post this here. A moderator can merge it into the other thread if desired.

I was not claiming I don't know what a god really is, I really don't. I am not sure anyone does. That position might be crap to you, but it makes alot of sense to me, as I have heard a lot of different definitions for what is supposed to be the same thing. And none of them rang true to me on an intellectual or emotional level.

If this simple mindset of mine on this one issue is enough for you to decide that I am nuts, then so be it. You have a right to your opinion.

Also, the big F-U thing was funny to me, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw it. No need to apologize for that. I think it's also a forum first (thought I have not read everything Shiver has ever posted, so maybe not, lol).