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Title: I have achieved enlightenment! I know what the Rainbow Worlds are for!
Post by: Valaggar on September 14, 2007, 06:04:27 pm
I know what the true purpose of the Rainbow Worlds is!
The Melnorme obviously know that their placement is relevant, as they are interested in their locations; indeed the Rainbow Worlds form an arrow pointing toward the core.
However, it is safe to assume that there are other Rainbow Worlds in other regions (after all, the Melnorme already know about the existance of these worlds, though they don't know the location of any of them; plus, our region is just a small area in a huge galaxy). If they too pointed coreward, it would be pointless for the Melnorme to learn the locations of other RWs from other regions (though they have obviously done so, as they're not new to the galactic marketplace, and had plenty of occasions to do it before arriving in our region).

This means that each set of RWs forms a Symbol of secret significance, and only those who have explored the whole galaxy (and have thus reached a suitable level of development) can understand the Message. [Or maybe each of those regions has to interpret its Symbol and act accordingly (for instance, Humans are destined to travel to the Galactic Core and slaughter the Intergalactic Police. Maybe the Arilou have been "contracted" by the Precursors to watch over us.), and when all Chores have been accomplished, something will happen. I definitely prefer the former interpretation, as the latter somehow reminds me of SC3, is too fantasy-like (predestination), makes the Humans too special and might lead to a goofy ending ("And so have we learned that only together we can succeed...").]

What would the Message be, you ask? Probably how to follow the Precursors. According to the Slylandro, they were desperately searching for an Answer (to a Question which I would assume they did know) and when they found it, they went "somewhere". Their disappearance was a benign, previously planned event. Maybe they simply became IDF races, and the Question was "How can we further advance our knowledge, for we have learned so much that we seemingly know everything there is to know?" (and they were addicted to knowing)?  ??? :-\

(Disclaimer: Any similarity between the theory presented above and the plot of the SequelTM is purely coincidental and unintended)

Title: Re: I have achieved enlightenment! I know what the Rainbow Worlds are for!
Post by: Elvish Pillager on September 14, 2007, 09:13:39 pm
Yeah - in the sequel, we'll be in the quadrant west of this one, and there'll be a lot more rainbow worlds, and they'll spell out:



Title: Re: I have achieved enlightenment! I know what the Rainbow Worlds are for!
Post by: Vee-R on September 20, 2007, 12:02:06 am
Nah - I'm pretty sure that when you get to the coreward quadrant, you discover a new set of rainbow worlds, forming an arrow that points exactly backwards, to the direction you came from.

...Then, right in the middle between Groombridge and the other arrowhead, you discover an ancient Precursor artifact - a tablet bearing an inscription in a mysterious alien alphabet:

"How do you keep a blonde occupied for aeons?"


Title: Re: I have achieved enlightenment! I know what the Rainbow Worlds are for!
Post by: Valaggar on September 23, 2007, 02:39:09 pm
Attempt to make my theory compatible with the "the arrow points the direction of the Precursor Migration -- and the supposed direction for the sequel to follow." ( revelation:

Actually each group of Rainbow Worlds has the form of an arrow pointing coreward (and while the Melnorme know this, it yields much more profit to just sell the location of each Rainbow World in a cluster to those that do not know what the RW pattern is). But, if we zoom out the galaxy map until we can see the entire galaxy, we can see that, if we take each of these arrow clusters as points, the result is a message in Precursorish containing the secret of their IDF technology!

So why do they need to post such a message if, anyway, just by investigating a single cluster, one can realize where the Precursor left?
It's simple! Each arrow cluster, taken by itself, is a trap. Insufficiently advanced races that pass through the portal in the center of the galaxy prove, by committing such a rash, imprudent, impatience-showing action, that they are not worthy of IDF-hood. It is a way to clear the galaxy of any incipient "evil" IDF races, and to ease the development of the worthy IDF races by removing the "evil" ones. Worthy incipient IDF races will wait until they are advanced enough to decipher the higher message, and only then venture Beyond.

So why would we follow the indications of the arrow cluster, then, in the sequel? Is Humanity unworthy of IDF? Then what are the Arilou doing with us?
Simple again. The Arilou are preparing us for journeying through the portal before being prepared to do so, so as to get dragged *below*. They are using us as their puppets in their struggle against Them. We are basically a kamikaze device.

Of course, Zelnick is going to find the Mark II and use its unique abilities in order to survive the journey. Oh, how much I hate happy endings...