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Title: Hi here.
Post by: TheWumpus on January 09, 2003, 01:02:46 am
I played the 3D0 version of Star Control 2 back when it first came out but didn't manage to finish it before the system broke on me. I'm really impressed with the state of the game so far, but I have one question. When rotating a ship in space there seems to only be 16 different positions. Thus there are only 16 different angles to use when attacking with a beam weapon and this makes it difficult for me to line up a good shot easily. I can't remember if it was this way with the 3D0 or not, and it's probably just my computer keyboard making things difficult for me when compared to the console's gamepad, but does anyone know for sure?


Title: Re: Hi here.
Post by: Garthor on January 09, 2003, 10:13:18 am
This is a (pretty much) direct port of the 3do version, so yes, there were only 16 firing angles.  This was true in SC1 as well.

Title: Re: Hi here.
Post by: Death 999 on January 09, 2003, 08:10:55 pm
And aren't the Earthling captains much happier for it! Now they have somewhere to hide even when the Ur-Quan are on max magnification. Even if it only lasts another few moments.... plasma death sucks.

:: Ponders the idea of Earthling captains discussing the tactics of slipping in between the discrete firing angles of an Ur-Quan Dreadnought, decides it's just SILLY.::

Title: Re: Hi here.
Post by: Casey on January 09, 2003, 09:46:33 pm
Yes, the 16 discrete firing angles are represented as they were in the original 3D0 version.  This actually can be used as a tactical advantage, as noted above--it gives the smaller ships the chance to get close to a bigger ship by maneuvering in between the firing angles.  This is especially valuable with ships like the Arilou Skiff, which is exceedingly maneuverable, has a very short-range weapon, and aims automatically.  It also gives an advantage to ships like the Earthling Cruiser, as mentioned above--ships with homing weapons.  Handy, because the Cruiser needs every advantage it can get.

Star Control III, which was produced by a different company due to licensing issues, had smooth-rotating ships, and it suddenly made strategies with some ships very different.

Incidentally, consider yourself lucky you're not playing the PC version of Star Control II, which not only had 16 firing angles but also had three or four discrete levels of magnification, so that when you got too close or too far from the enemy ship the zoom level would change all at once, and you'd often lose track of precisely where your ship was.

Title: Re: Hi here.
Post by: Death 999 on January 09, 2003, 10:49:06 pm
These discrete zoome levels were very useful for telling absolute distances with no other ways of measuring it. Especially with the Spathi, telling what range you're at is utterly vital. The best way is just looking at which zoom level you're in (by measuring the screen size of the ships).

Continuous zoom made this much more difficult.