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Title: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy
Post by: pendell on November 02, 2007, 07:30:47 pm
This was originally going to be posted in the "Mirror SC" Thread , but I'm not a thread necromancer ...

Mirror universe

events are precisely identical up to the point that the Umgah dump the Evil Ones on the Spathi homeworld. As before, the Spathi evacuate to the moon. 

But then something happens ....

... somehow, some way, the Spathi become aware of what the Umgah have done. Perhaps an umgah ship malfunctions, crash-lands, and is captured by the Spathi. 

Desperate to get their homeworld back, the Spathi manufacture an armada of starcraft to force the Umgah to undo the plague they have created.  The Spathi combine very high fecundity (remember, the first Spathi we met in SCII has 18000+ siblings) with high intelligence and adaptability (able to advance from bronze age to spaceflight in one generation). Combining these two traits with the resources of their star system and a powerful desire to return home, they make war upon the Orionis constellation with a fury.

The war is over in 36 hours.  The Umgah are driven back to their homeworld, and surrender when the Spathi armada threatens to drop asteroids onto the planet, each one the size of earth's dinosaur-killer.  As part of the terms of surrender, the Umgah manufacture a counter to the Evil Ones. With their assistance, the Spathi return to their home planet in less then three years.

Then, now that the Umgah have outlived their usefulness, the entire species is exterminated from orbit using the kinetic weapons they were earlier threatened with. The Umgah scientists on Spathiwa have only seconds to witness the completion of their work  before they are themselves fed to the jaws of a hungry predator specially imported from Delta Lyncis for the purpose.  'Poetic justic',  the Spathi say. 

After this, the Spathi people divide. Some wish to return to the safety of their homeworld, and enjoy the peace they have earned.

Others believe that home is no protection. .. that there may be other races out there besides the Umgah that are even worse. 'The best Shell is a good Mandible', these Spathi say.

In the end, the Spathi in the first group return to the homeworld of Spathiwa and become the Safe Ones.  They are not heard from again, although one can encounter their ships in the Spathiwa solar system. They use the Eluders of our time frame. 

The other Spathi become the Conquerors, determined to do unto the other fellow before he does unto them.  They leave the Spathiwa system never to return.  Combining their astonishing fecundity with the mineral resources of many star systems,  Spathi influence and military power double, then re-double, then begin expanding at a geometric rate beyond the imagination of even the builders of the Slylandro 2418-B.  The other nations of the galaxy have no idea what hit them. 

Their vessel, the Subjugator, dispenses with the decoy pods and large crew of the original eluder.  It has a crew of only 6.  However, it  retains the nimbleness and primary weapon of the eluder, and it's secondary weapon ( a guided torpedo) now packs a far heftier punch than before, causing 4 units of damage rather than 2. 

To facilitate these changes, the Subjugator has an energy bank of approximately triple the size and recharge rate of the Eluder. 

In battle, the Subjugator zips in at high speed and spams out a truly monstrous number of guided missiles, than zips back out again. If the first one is zapped or stopped by a shield, there are still many more coming. The only ship the Subjugator has difficulty with is the shielded Utwig Jugger. Even there, the Jugger can be defeated by firing at the edge of the weapon's effective range, forcing the Utwig to waste his shield energy against near-misses. 

The Subjugator is, of course, black with red stripes.

By the timeframe of SC2, Emperor Fwiffo of the Spathi Empire rules the known galaxy.

The Kohr-ah are no more.   Even one of their Maruaders has difficulty with the nimble Spathi ships, and the Spathi are present in overwhelming numbers, seeming to 'blot out the stars'.  The Kohr-ah fought a war of extermination, and extermination was what they received.

The Ur-quan and their battle thralls were similarly conquered by the speed, maneuverability, and overwhelming resources of the  Spathi. Not even the dreaded Sa-matra was able to stop the swarm, any more than a man could stop a swarm of army ants with a  baseball bat.  Since the Spathi lacked the technology to destroy it, they instead disabled it's generators via careful piloting, then boarded and captured the vessel.  It is now the Spathi ultimate weapon for domination of the universe. 

Since the Spathi conquest started in our region of space, Earth was conquered before it achieved spaceflight. Hence, there are no Androsynth.    Terrans, in the grand tradition of Indian Sepoys or Janissaries, serve on Empire vessels as crew and are considered among the most warlike of the Empire's peoples, their soldiers, their centurions, their admirals.  Not having spaceflight technology of their own, Terran human vessels are clones of Spathi ships adapted to human physiology. 

The Story starts when Admiral Zelnick of the Imperial Navy, having fallen into disgrace for trying to stop Emperor Fwiffo from taking the Syreen Talana as his concubine.  Zelnick  is exiled to Unzervalt to a rather uncomfortable retirement after many years and many victories for Emperor Fwiffo.  On Unzervalt, he uncovers a precursor factory, while at or near the same time rendezvous' with Slave 34, an Ur-quan renegade with a one-man scoutship. Slave 34 brings rumors of a race of eight-legged beings of Light who hold the key to overthrowing the Spathi Empire ....

... Those "eight-legged creatures" are, of course, the Ilwrath. Having been forced to fight for their survival much earlier in this timeline against the Spathi, they never reached the 'pinnacle of perfection' from which they would get just a little bit better and wrap around to Pure Evil. Having always been kept below that mark, they are Beings of Light that are Not Perfect but Really Really Good All the Same.   Losing their war against the Spathi, the Ilwrath have retreated to another plane of existence using incredible metaphysical technologies beyond anything the Pkunk in our timeline ever thought of. 

The Pkunk exist in this timeline as well and are enamoured -- fascinated -- with the Ilwrath whom they occasonally contact and revere as an almost divine race.  The Pkunk have recently uncovered a precursor artifact on Alpha Lelande which they believe will enable them to breach the dimensional barrier and allow them to go to the Ilwrath..

... if it needs to be pointed out, this is the same artifact that the Androsynth discover in our timeline. Should the Pkunk be permitted to experiment with it, hilarity may ensue. 


Brian P.

Title: Re: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy
Post by: Elerium on November 02, 2007, 10:01:24 pm
This whole story had me cracking up xD

I'd kill for a Star Control game with an Emperor Fwiffo in it though.

Title: Re: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy
Post by: guesst on November 03, 2007, 04:32:14 pm
I especally love the 'The best Shell is a good Mandible' bit. That and the 'Beings of Light that are Not Perfect but Really Really Good All the Same' is very Douglas Adams.

I'd totally buy Illwrath technology developing reality warping technology. After all, if they could produce a cloak that warps light, why not?

Also, you've forgotten that in the Atlantic on earth lies something that the Ur-Quan knew about and destroyed. But since the spathi got there first and didn't bomb it because they didn't know about it, what will happen when Cthulu rises?

Title: Re: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy
Post by: Elvish Pillager on November 03, 2007, 04:34:51 pm
But since the spathi got there first and didn't bomb it because they didn't know about it, what will happen when Cthulu rises?
I thought that was just Atlantis. Cthulhu can't be destroyed by fusion blasts anyway.

Title: Re: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy
Post by: JonoPorter on November 03, 2007, 11:51:27 pm
I really don’t think the spathi would subjugate the human race. With their reproductive rate they don’t need any man-power. I think the spathi would more likely kill everyone just like the kohr-ah.

But it’s a funny idea anyway.

Title: Re: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy
Post by: Dancing Fungus on November 05, 2007, 08:32:29 pm
Hey, I've got a mirror of my own. It goes here because I couldn't find the other thread.

As the Ur-quan began to fight the Dnyarri to win back their freedom, a Dnyarri scientist realizes that victory is impossible using nothing but mental powers. He proposes the construction of a great star fleet instead. The remaining Dnyarri see no other way to survive, so they agree. They hold back the Ur-quan long enough to build hundreds of mighty spaceships, all using Precursor technology replicated from the captured Sa-matra.
They fight the Ur-quan for thousands of years, but slowly, through brute force alone, the Ur-quan beat back their enemies. They penetrate to their ancient homeworld, now infested with Dnyarri. As they begin orbital bombardment of Dnyarri cities, strange aliens show up in the solar system.
These aliens are the Chenjesu, who have come to answer an unknown distress call that actually came from the Dnyarri. The Chenjesu are tricked by the Dnyarri into believing that the Ur-quan seek to destroy all life in the universe and they attack, aided by the Dnyarri's secret weapon: the Sa-matra.
The Chenjesu contact all other races they know of [including the humans] and form an alliance of most known races against the perceived threat of the Ur-quan. Over the next few months the Ur-quan find themselves on the verge of extinction. Their cities lay in ruins and the wrecks of their dreadnoughts orbit many a world.
The last two Ur-quan planets barely survive an Alliance offensive and all that remains of the once-glorious Ur-quan military are a few orbital defense stations and a mere handful of dreadnoughts. The Ur-quan send Kor-Tal [also known as Commander 769], a dreadnought captain, on an expedition to convince other races  that the Dnyarri are the real threat. [Kor-Tal is the main hero of the story and if there was a game like this, you would play as him from about this point]
Also in this universe, the Utwig grow so confident after purchasing the Ultron, that they immediatly attack and destroy the Druuge homeworld and force the Druuge to live nomadically in space. The Utwig go on to attack several other races, but are finally put in check by the Supox, who were forced to fight their former friends. The Supox appeal to Kor-Tal for help upon meeting him, and he makes a daring raid on the Utwig and is able to capture the Ultron. The Utwig plea for their Ultron back, and Kor-Tal says he will give it back if the Utwig attack the Dnyarri Alliance. The Utwig believe that the Ultron was telling them to do that anyway [they just weren't listening], so they obey.
The humans are also extremely aggresive, attacking Pkunk and Orz ships mercilessly just for the fun of it. They refer to the Ur-quan only as "Octo-slugs" and they are close friends with the Umgah. Spathiwa is nuked, tricked, and blamed for many various catastrophes by the Umgah-human partnership to such a degree that the Spathi become extremely adept at building hyperwave jammers and point-defence systems, which they sell to the Melnorme. 
Kor-Tal manages to convince several members of the U.N. [it still exists!] that the Dnyarri are evil by leading a Dnyarri battle fleet to Earth and then by using a stolen Ilwrath cloaking device. The earthlings fail to notice the Ur-quan ship, but the Dnyarri see it well on their advanced scanners. The humans hear only Dnyarri death-threats and decide that the Dnyarri want to invade Earth. After the Dnyarri are fought off, the dreadnought uncloaks out of sensor range, gos to Earth, and Kor-Tal offers Ur-quan assistance. This ignites a war on Earth over who to blow up.
The Syreen are a group a space pirates who brutally raid the Mycon. They single out the Mycon because they beleive that Syra was destroyed by a Deep Child. In reality, it was blown up when a Syreen in a planet-wide power plant pressed a wrong button, causing a devastaing fusion blast that enveloped both Syra and it's moon. Kor-Tal learns this from the Melnorme and informs both races. The Syreen refuse to believe that a member of thier race could be so stupid, so an elaborate lie is made up about long-range Dnyarri mind-controling machines. The Mycon screw up the whole plan by attacking Syreen ships and by implanting a Deep Child on Gaia. The two races go on destroying each other for the next ten years.
The Ur-quan find the Orz, who say that they are from *above* and that the Arilou are from *below*. Kor-Tal asks what an Arilou is, and the only response he ever gets is *quickbabies*. The Orz offer to be *relatives* if Kor-Tal can get them a *slide maker* for better *smelling* into *prettyspace*. They want to use this to find and destroy the *quickbabies*.
The Pkunk, the Zoq-Fot-Pik, and the Thraddash are unwilling allies against the Ilwrath, who have only recently been "persuaded" by the Chenjesu to help fight the Ur-quan.
The Shofixiti and the Yehat make regular attacks on the Ur-quan planets, and all availble dreadnoughts have to be frequently shuffled back and forth in order to prevent either world from being lost. Their seems to be no sign of the Chenjesu or the Mmrmmrhm for a few years, but soon it is found out through the Melnorme that they have become the Chmmr and that they are readying a fleet for the final assault. Kor-Tal must somehow destroy the Dnyarri and the Sa-matra before the Chmmr get a chance to attack.
Meanwhile, on Earth, the war is ended and the humans pledge to help the Ur-quan. They tell Kor-Tal about a secret research lab on Unzervalt where a scientist named Zelnick has made a new discovery......
All this and more from the secret vaults of the Humongous Fungus!
Also, I know its already too long.
What do you think? [I'm already sure you all hate it, because I know you all hate me, but whatever.]

Title: Re: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy
Post by: pendell on November 06, 2007, 12:35:25 am

Wouldn't hundreds of Sa-Matra clones end the war with the Ur-quan in short order?  How are the UQ going to keep a war going for thousands of years when one Sa-matra was sufficient to quash the Alliance, who had up to then been holding the U-Q to a draw? 

How did the Dnyarri reverse-engineer the Sa-matra?  What capability do they have in this timeline they don't have in OTL? 

How did the Orz get into the timeline?  If the U-Q have been fighting the Dnyarri, they haven't been subjugating this part of the quadrant, which means the Androsynth never become their vassals, which means they never fight the war, which means ... what?  That they never discover the precursor artifact at Alpha Lalande,  and never conduct the IDF experiments which bring the Orz to TrueSpace?

Hmmm ... literary critique is that you have a lot of unrelated changes. What I attempted to do was make one small change (the Spathi discovering the Umgah had given them the evil ones), and allowed the Timeline to proceed from there, watching to see what branches would happen logically.

And yes, I read far too much Adama and Pratchett.



Brian P.

Title: Re: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy
Post by: Koowluh on November 06, 2007, 08:27:41 am
I am not too sure, but wasn't the Sa-Matra found AFTER the UQ split and defeated the Dnyarri ? Wasn't it set up more of an "exchange cup", which is only taken out of the mothballs when they want to strut or actually NEED it?

Oh wait, I found it in the Ultronomicon:

Discovery and first Doctrinal Conflict

According to the Melnorme historical records, after the era of the Dnyarri Slave Empire, the Ur-Quan species was thrown into ideological chaos with neither side in the debate willing to budge. The ensuing bloody civil war would have continued for decades and probably resulted in mutual annihilation had the Kzer-Za not happened upon an enormous Precursor Battleship.

By the way, could someone put a *possible spoilers*  thingie in the thread title? New and unsuspecting players might read a little too much here.

I may get a mirror idea of my own in a bit. Let me just see if I can come up with one...

Title: Re: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy
Post by: Dancing Fungus on November 06, 2007, 04:44:53 pm
First, the Dnyarri don't reverse engineer the Sa-matra itself, they only manage to replicate a few components which they incorporated into their own brand new ship design. Their ships are powerful enough to beat a dreadnought [or a marauder] in a fair fight, but as many Dnyarri were exterminated before the fleet was started, they never build more than a few hundred ships. [compared to THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of Ur-quan vessels]
They learned how to do this by somehow translating [no knows how except the Dnyarri, and they're not telling] a few construction plans found in an abandoned Precursor facility deep beneath the Ur-quan homeworld that the Ur-quan never even knew existed, and by a lot of trial and error.

Second, I didn't remember whether or not the Sa-matra was discovered after or before the Dnyarri war, so I assumed it was found before it. However, this is supposed to be an alternate sc2 universe, so let's just assume the Dnyarri stumbled upon it a few weeks before Kzer-za's great idea.

Third, the Orz got into our dimension with their own home-built version of a *slide maker*,but it was later destroyed in a human raid into Orz space, separating the remaining *fingers* from their original *house*.

Are a lot of changes a bad thing? This is a whole alternate universe we're talking about. As far as we know, there could be an infinite amount of these, so one that seems vastly different, yet not, is easily possible.


Title: Re: Mirror SC: Emperor Fwiffo Rules The Galaxy
Post by: cloneof on November 07, 2007, 12:07:23 am
I think both of your fanfics where awesome! Wiffo as the Emperor of the universe, well at least now he can afford big house and guys to throw decent sized rocks at monsters. Also I find Ilwrath in god like position been awesome!

And Dnyarri been still an empire with everyone on their side? We should make game out of that!