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Title: Giving a hand
Post by: Dakart on November 25, 2007, 06:43:23 pm
Hello all. I'm new here but have been following discussions for some time about the possibility of a new game. I think we all want a better UQM experience, however rather then stick to the SC2 game we all played and love I propose a sequel, starting from little steps from the UQM.

This would be immediately after the end of SC2, with the destruction of the Vindicator and the player would be between the major war that followed between the re-united Alliance and the shattered-but-still-tough-and-numerous-Ur-Quan. Raging a whole war between the stars we know and beyond, uncovering more mysteries etc... everything we all love about SC2.

Most of the stuff I am talking about does not require much change from the game as it is already, just alternating some things, example ability to 'manage' Alliance space stations as a resource center etc. 

the intro and ending could consist of a series of slide shows pics depending on certain choices you made in the game ( it would be nice to have diff endings possible)

The problem to all this is possibly were to start? I would start with very little and basic changes e.g: upgrading the graphics of the 'pilots' view in melee. having (at least) two comm vies for each race; one to talk over a screen between ships and sending messages and the other when face to face.

I think these are simple enough changes that can be put over the original game format no?
I also think we need to recruit more fans of the game to get more work done if we ever intend to have a game we all like. I also have an idea here. Any of you ever heard of MUGEN? it is a 2D style of beat'em up like the street fighter series, Well I always imagined the Shofixti holding a hand to hand combat to commemorate the blowing of their star and the honour of those fallen. it could be incorporated into the larger game, but also available as a separate mugen game to all fans. there are plenty of sprites to use for the diff aliens ( with permission from their respective authors of course) 

What do you all think?

Title: Re: Giving a hand
Post by: JonoPorter on November 25, 2007, 06:59:05 pm
Sounds interesting.

The typical response to a question like this is: "tell us when you are done."

Title: Re: Giving a hand
Post by: Dakart on November 25, 2007, 07:05:10 pm
I'm afraid I'm not a programmer myself, although i would think that if enough ppl are interested in the 2D game this would be easily achievable.

Title: Re: Giving a hand
Post by: Dakart on November 25, 2007, 07:19:35 pm
here's a link to get those interested started there are other countless sites dedicated to creating fighters, backgrounds and effects for all to download. just google to find out more. it is all free of charge.

Some even have complete games. what would be interesting is finding appropriate sprites to use as templates for the SC2 alien fighters. also, we could use the stages familiar to the SC2 universe itself. eg: The space station but without the base commander there etc.

Take a look at Mugen in general first so you all get an idea of what i mean and we'll get back to how we can do this.