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Title: my alternate sound files
Post by: psydev on November 26, 2007, 12:03:07 am
Hey, all.

I've never really enjoyed the Yehat Terminator's sounds. I always thought of their gun as being more of a "blaster", but the sound makes it sound kind of like a machine gun. The shield sound was ok but I thought it could be better.

So, I modded the content for UQM and have added my own sounds for the shield and gun.

You can download them here:  (primary) (secondary)

To install:
Go to: The Ur-Quan Masters\content\packages directory.
You can add them to the uqm.?.content.uqm (a zip file that can be opened with winzip, winrar, etc.)
go to the yehat directory and insert the files (back up the existing ones first).

Tell me what you think! (please play with them before commenting instead of just listening to the .wav out of game)

Title: Re: my alternate sound files
Post by: meep-eep on November 26, 2007, 12:53:17 am
I like them. I think the volume is too low though.

UQM has a facility for addons, so that you don't have to go replacing files.
What you do is create a .zip file with in it only "yehat/primary.wav" and "yehat/secondary.wav'.
Put it in a dir like "psydevyehat" in content/packages/addons/, and you can start uqm with "--addon psydevyehat" to use your addon package.
Or, if you want it to be loaded by default, just put the zip file in content\packages\addons, but in that case you must make sure that the filename is alphabetically after uqm-0.6.0-content.uqm, so name it "" or so.