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Title: No More Autopilot?
Post by: Matt Spencer on January 11, 2003, 04:18:21 am
I have a strange bug here now.
I just finished recruiting the Spathi (first thing I did, past some random minerals gathering) And upon my leaving the Large Red Dwarf stay in spathi space (I would give the name, but i can't due to the nature of the problem) I can no longer autopilot in hyperspace. The cursor comes up, but no longer locks on places.

All that has been completed is recruiting the Spathi, meeting the Melnorme, and depositing 87 Credits worth of biomatter.

Hopefully this can get fixed!

Title: Re: No More Autopilot?
Post by: fossil on February 04, 2003, 08:29:00 pm
This seems to be the same issue as reported in BUGS:

- sometimes on starmap the crosshair cursor step
becomes too large (all arrow keys released), so it is
next to impossible to point it to a star, it keeps
overshooting all the time

Matt, please check if the Auto-pilot itself works. You do not need to point the cursor to a star to use Auto-pilot. Just point it anywhere and hit Enter.