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Title: Grave Error. HELP
Post by: bob1000 on December 21, 2007, 11:48:53 pm
Recently installed uqm-o.6.2 on an XP. At around the 10th hour of (non-contiguous) gameplay, I encountered a freeze. Obviously, that was not such a bid deal. Gradually, the freezes become more and more frequent until finally the system would freeze before UQM was even started. It only got worse after that; next the mouse went; then it froze at login (after startup); and now, finally, the computer won't reach login.

Of course, since the problem is occurring outside of UQM, it is entirely possible that this is a non-UQM related problem. While this is granted, it should be noted that this computer has a solid history of being virus/spyware-free, as well as game free. In sum, this was a fine computer that, within 96 hours of having UQM on its HD went to pieces.

If anyone has any wisdom they think may help, please share.


Title: Re: Grave Error. HELP
Post by: meep-eep on December 22, 2007, 12:00:23 am
It sounds like a hardware problem. Defective parts can fail when they become warm.
When your computer has much to do, as it is when you're running a game, parts become warmer sooner.

Title: Re: Grave Error. HELP
Post by: pjvgt on December 22, 2007, 11:58:33 am
It happened to me once - the same problems precisesly. It was on a 5-year computer that was extensively used - the silicon paste (I don`t know how it is named in english) between the processor and the radiator wore off and the cooling suffered baldy - CPU was coming to almost 70C, and it was the same - mouse froze, lockups, restarts...

Check Yours computer temperature - if it is something higher than 55-60C this could mean trouble.