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Title: Something else to do with your remix packs
Post by: Michael Martin on February 25, 2008, 09:05:37 am
... those of you who are both on Windows and in UQM for the combat (or for planet landing on supergiant systems with no shields) may enjoy the recently released AudioSurf (  It analyzes music files and transforms them into racetracks full of obstacles (in one mode) or makes an extremely high-speed match-3 puzzler (in other modes).

It's also got per-song online leaderboards, and I'm not the first person to try throwing Precursors tracks at it, it seems.

If anyone else out there is playing this, a suggestion and a question

- We should probably try to use the named-with-ID3 versions of the Precursors tracks, since it looks like ID3s is how it's correlating tracks;

- So, which remix tracks make good race tracks?  I've only gotten really good results from Mortal Melee and Lightyears Away so far.