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Title: Ship modding?
Post by: Sapphire Flame on March 06, 2008, 10:06:31 pm
Hi there. I've downloaded some .SHP files from The Pages of Now and Forever, and I was wondering if, and how you add them to UQM? I'm not that great at programming, so if this is possible, I would like to know how and with what programs. Sorry if this seems stupid.

Title: Re: Ship modding?
Post by: Nicholai on March 06, 2008, 10:50:27 pm

I'm not the highest authority on a lot of this stuff, but I'm pretty sure .SHP files cannot be used for UQM.

The .SHP files on The Pages of Now and Forever were modified files made for the ORIGINAL Star Control 2 game.  Those files contain, of course, the ship's stats (turning rate, batt level, crew, etc.)  as well as their graphical data, but it's only compatible with SC2.

UQM uses a very different system -- the source code contains ship stats (so you can't edit them without editing and compiling the source code on your own) so, unfortunately, it's a rather involved process.  There are no individual .SHP files used with UQM.

The GRAPHICS, on the other hand, are all individual files included in the "content" package.  These are quite easy to change -- I'm sure myself or somebody smarter could walk you through that process, if you'd want to do that...

The way you WOULD use them in the original SC2 simply would be to replace another .SHP file with your new .SHP file.  (I made a bunch of the ones available for download on that page like, eight years ago, heh)