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Title: Joypad Works In Game But Not On Menus
Post by: Titler on May 13, 2008, 10:24:00 pm
I've read the thread below (  ;D ) but alas my problem is slightly different, and a little more confusing. I'm using a Saitek p990 Dual Analog pad, in analog mode (control is on the D-Pad not the thumb sticks), and the Buttons 1 & 2 work fine on the main title screen, and in Super Melee for weapons 1&2... but they don't work correctly on a number of options;

1.) On any of the sub menus from the Title screen, they don't seem to work at all, just making the "donk" noise but not moving forward or backwards. Under the "Set Up" menu, whilst just "Donk"ing again, it will however take you backwards if you press either button on the "Quit Setup Menu" 

2.) When trying to start Super Melee, on the Load, Save, Quit etc options, using either the b1 or b2 buttons just moves the cursor onto the top players team window, and selects the first ship. Pressing b1 or b2 again moves you back onto the menu again. The only way at all to play a melee game is to launch it using the Enter key instead.

3.) Under the single player game, so far I've noticed that they do the following;
a.  Opens "Starmap" with either button
b. Opens "Manifest" with either, and the "Cargo" window (although I can't seem to do anything further from there, it's been years since I played, so I don't know what it should do)... However if you then open "Roster", you can't get the crew number to be selected from there without using enter (That is, the "18" figure won't flash if you try using either button)
c. You can open the "Game" option, but select none of the Load/Save etc options without using Enter.
d. When over a planet, b1 and b2 allow selection of "Scan", but don't work on any of the "Mineral", "Energy" scan options; once "Dispatch" is selected with enter, you can send the shuttle down to the surface with either button, upon which they both work correctly (as fire weapon and return to ship)
e. Either button DOES allow selection of the chat options during cutscenes

All very frustrating really... any suggestions chaps? :)

Title: Re: Joypad Works In Game But Not On Menus
Post by: Novus on May 15, 2008, 07:50:10 pm
Sounds like joystick button 1 has been bound to Menu-Cancel instead of Menu-Select (and I have no idea how that happened). Either post your keys.cfg so someone can fix it or delete it, reverting to default controls in the process. See the the technical FAQ ( for details.

Title: Re: Joypad Works In Game But Not On Menus
Post by: Titler on May 18, 2008, 12:06:08 am
The pad getting set menu-cancel was indeed the problem... might not have had the joypad plugged in when I first started the game, but one .cfg delete and it's fine now, thanks!