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Title: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: jaychant on May 20, 2008, 10:39:34 pm
I'm drawing out a comic strip (humor) based on Lode Runner. I haven't finished yet, but it's going to be FUNNY! I'll post a picture when I'm done.

Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: Dancing Fungus on May 23, 2008, 07:11:03 pm
Well, that was really exciting to know.
In the future I suggest waiting to post about it until such things are done. It'll save you some time and effort.
And what in the name of Kazon is "Lode Runner"?

Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: jaychant on May 23, 2008, 09:07:36 pm
 :o How old are you, 10? Lode Runner is only the GREATEST ARCADE GAME (and computer game) OF ALL TIME!!! Look at the Wikipedia article.

Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: Cedric6014 on May 23, 2008, 10:44:46 pm
Actually, Star Control II is the greatest computer game of all time. Maybe you should go hang out in the lode runner forum :)

Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: Elvish Pillager on May 25, 2008, 04:19:07 am
Re: this thread:


Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: jaychant on May 27, 2008, 06:33:59 am
Actually, Star Control II is the greatest computer game of all time. Maybe you should go hang out in the lode runner forum :)

Oh, how I'd love to do that, but alas, there are no Lode Runner forums to be found! Not even a fansite (that has been updated in the past 8 years).  :'(

But I just thought I'd mention it just for the heck of it. I'm not an artist by any means, so Lode Runner makes sense. If I could actually draw something that looked like an Ur-Quan or Spathi or any other UQM race, I would do that. But I can't.

Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: NamelessPlayer on May 30, 2008, 05:34:08 pm
Which Lode Runner game is this one going to be based on, exactly? The original, not-very-graphically-robust computer games? One of Hudson's various iterations of the series, with a human player being chased by Bombermen? The irresistibly cute Power Lode Runner ( Lode Runner: The Legend Returns? ( Another offshoot I haven't listed? (I'm guessing The Legend Returns.)

Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: jaychant on May 30, 2008, 09:21:42 pm
Mostly the original, but w/ the shooting-the-turf thing in Legend Returns. I actually quit making the strip, it looks like it wouldn't be worth it. Besides, while I came up with a very funny story (and even have ideas for LR:TLR and LR:MMR), I am no artist.

Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: NamelessPlayer on May 31, 2008, 04:27:23 am
Interesting stories, but not much of an artist? You're starting to remind me of myself!

There are several stories I'd like to tell (one is more of a satire on games, the Internet, and any other subject I feel like expressing opinions on, another is more of a script for a game that's mostly just sheer fan service for a certain console manufacturer and game developer, and the rest are part of my own fictional world that I hope to make into several games some day), but I'd want to do them at least in comic form. (I'd go as far as making some of them into games, but I don't have any programming skill whatsoever to compound my artistic limitations.)

Perhaps you could at least post some text that outlines what was going to happen in the comic?

Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: jaychant on June 02, 2008, 05:52:23 am
Well, I'm in luck, going into gaming is exactly what I plan on doing (My first project will be a UQM mod).

Here are the stories: (Note there is some censored swearing)


Lode Runner was strolling by when he saw three gold coins lying on the road. "Wow! Look at all this gold!" he said. "I think I'll take it!".

Just when he grabbed the third piece of gold, he heard a voice shouting, "Who goes there?" He then saw the source of the voice below him,  a robot approaching a nearby ladder. "Umm... I'm a specialized, uh... robot command unit!" said Lode Runner. But the robot knew he was lying. "Bulls***!" he exclaimed. "You're obviously Lode Runner. You've been stealing our gold for too long, jacka**, and it's time you were brought to justice!"

Lode Runner was calm. "Really?" he said. "I don't see how you can possibly catch me if you're..." he brought out his blaster, and as he blasted the ground beneath the robot, he exclaimed, "underground!" The robot had fallen into Lode Runner's trap. he fell into the hole that the blaster had made. As Lode Runner stepped on the robot's head, it exclaimed, "OUCH! What the f*** was that for?!"

The robot was angry. Lode Runner had made it down the ladder and was going for more gold coins. The robot managed to climb out of the hole and shouted, "That's it! You're dead meat, Lode Runner!" But Lode Runner was sure that he wouldn't get caught. "Yeah, right," he said sarcastically.

At that moment, he saw another robot approaching from the other direction. Lode Runner was sure it didn't matter. "It doesn't matter how many of you robots there are. You can't defeat me!" He tried to blast the ground, but then he realized that he was standing on concrete. He was surrounded. "Oh, s***," exclaimed Lode Runner. The robot that Lode Runner had just trapped was smiling. "We have you now!" exclaimed the robot. Realizing that he was doomed, Lode Runner took his blaster and shot himself in the side of his head.


The newly assigned Mad Monks were on their normal patrol duty protecting  the sacred treasure when one mad monk saw a man in a white suit trying to steal the sacred gold. The mad monks immediately set off to stop the intruder. When the first mad monk arrived, he was paralyzed by what he saw. "It's Lode Runner! He's returned!" he exclaimed. Then the man responded. "No, not Lode Runner, that was my father. I am Jake Peril, and you may not like it, but the legend has returned!!"

Jake took out his blaster and shot the ground beneath the mad monks. He was shocked to see that the ground fused back together before it opened enough for the monk to fall in. The mad monks laughed. "We are mad monks!" one of them explained. "We are far superior to the robots that your father fought!"

The monks closed in. But Jake brought out a strange weapon and started pumping it. It was a gas gun. He sprayed the gas at the monks. He then donned a gas mask and proceeded to pass right through the dizzy mad monks. Once the effects wore out, the monks chased after Jake, but when they caught up, Jake hammered the ground above, causing debris to fall on the monks. Jake was able to steal half of the gold before the monks were able to shake themselves free. They decided to this time take different sides and trap Jake. But when they finally surrounded Jake on a piece of bedrock, Jake took a jackhammer and drilled right through it. The mad monks made the mistake of dropping down through the hole and Jake laid a trail of glue on the path, and by the time the mad monks could wiggle free, Jake had stolen all of the gold and was going for the exit.

But the monks were not through yet. They took some nearby teleporters and were instantly on top of Jake. But Jake tricked them once again when he lit a bomb right beneath them. The mad monks were killed and Jake escaped with all of the gold.

I've also got one for MMR, but I should be getting to bed soon.

Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: NamelessPlayer on June 02, 2008, 07:40:30 am
I'm surprised that you didn't touch on how some of the Lode Runners don't just use their pit-making blasters to directly shoot their adversaries instead of shooting the ground in front of them, as I would've definitely interjected some sort of comment on that.

Would you consider making spoofs on other LR offshoots? (I'm particularly wondering what you'd make out of the cutesy theme of Power Lode Runner.)

All of that said, I ought to get spoofing on other games myself. (I've already devised a little skit to voice some of my thoughts on a certain long-running series on Nintendo handhelds-all I need to do now is actually make a comic out of it.)

Title: Re: Humour comic (By me)
Post by: jaychant on June 02, 2008, 12:18:45 pm
I never thought of the "Lode Runner kills the monks with his blaster" thing. But the TLR and MMR ones aren't well thought up. I was mostly concentrating on the first one. In fact, I thought that the second one should have more dialogue than what I put there.