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Title: Shofixti Remix
Post by: Azarule on January 17, 2003, 01:26:28 am
Pretty trippy, huh ?  Kinda like that old quasi-japanese Shofixti tune got remixed by some ghetto DJ........complete with record scratching !

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: Arrow on January 17, 2003, 02:59:51 am
I didn't really think it fit the Shofixti well, but the point has been made several times by some (including Norg) that the remix project isn't designed to make tunes that fit the situations.  It's designed for remixing.  So in that vein, I've got to say that the track was very enjoyable.  The scratches and guitar bursts were awesome, but the incoherent screaming just hooked me.   ;D

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: ErekLich on January 17, 2003, 04:35:13 am
I think that it doesn't fit the shofixti, but then I don't think the original track did either.  Something more in the style of their victory ditty would've worked better.

Oddly enough, I feel this same way about both Ilwrath tunes... I'll just have to wait for a remix of one that I do think fits...

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: norg on January 17, 2003, 05:02:14 am
i should've known that a hip hopish instrumental wouldn't do anything for a metal head. *grin*

you all hit the nail on the head, really.  the original song didn't have much to work with, so it gave me the latitude to extrapolate on the use of the single record scratch in the original track and ... well ... go nuts. (:

i remember playing through the game about six years ago and thinking "you know, i wonder what this song would sound like with expanded scratches..."  i had no clue that i'd be putting that thought to reality.

glad you liked the screaming, arrow. *grin*

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: Legend on January 18, 2003, 12:05:17 am

I just downloaded the Shofixti remix along with the Ilwrath one.  When I was playing the Ilwrath mix, my girlfriend came over and gave me a lapdance.  Swear to god.

I haven't told her it's about spiders.

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: HDS on January 18, 2003, 01:55:25 am

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: IAmTheSongman on January 18, 2003, 08:09:24 am
Jeezus, these remixes are like some half-crazed DJ got a hold of the original songs and wierded them out!

Me likey.

"Like a panther on the loose!"

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: Chad on January 18, 2003, 06:49:12 pm
George, I like it a lot  :D  Keep rockin' !

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: Cerulean on January 18, 2003, 06:52:00 pm
I like it a lot but find it out of character.

And it just has a bit too much reverberation for me.

I would like to hear 'unplugged' versions of these songs played on these cultures' traditional instruments. ;D

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: Maphisto on January 19, 2003, 04:07:34 am
This tune rocks!  I thought it held more true to the original than the illwrath remix did and I also loved the screem.  The scratches kinda reminded me of dogs barking in some parts and I think that goes along with the Shofixti very well, even though the beat of the original may not have.  Then again, this really isn't about how well the music goes with the characters so much as how well the remix builds and stands over the original.  IMHO this tune does a great job at doing so, and is one that I wouldn't mind listening to over and over while talking with one of these horney little bastards. :)

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: norg on January 20, 2003, 07:17:03 am
i love you people, i really do . (:

i have to admit that an unplugged record player would probably sound ... drab.  :D

i guess i'll end the mystery now, btw.  "like a panther on the loose" doesn't hold any specific meaning; it just sounded cool and seemed to fit, so i threw it in.  ::)

i'm very, very relieved that ya'll are enjoying it!

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: Justin Chang on January 21, 2003, 04:37:19 am
Just soo you know, I poasted this at the Pages of Now and Forever, too ;D

You want some constructive critisism.  Here goes.  This is bad  :-[.   All right, the origional Shofixi theme wasn't the best and really needed work, but this is worse.  While the origional kinda identified a bit on the Shifixxi culture (That honor is everything), this is just strange (not to say that the second half of the origional wasn't also strange).  Those record scratches (is that what they are called) are COMPLETY out of theme.  It really damaged the music.  Second, way too much random-sounding solos, this goes for the origional too.  Third, like in the origional, the baseline dissappears and there is no supportinve music to go with the melody.   >:(
I liked some things about this, though.  I kinda-sorta liked the screaming, that weird jet/ship/waht ever flyby like thingie was ok, but it appeared too much.  I liked about half of the drumming, it got too errotic after awhile.  I really liked the chimes and the like, though.  ;)

to sum it up, like in the Ilwrath remix, it doesn't fit well.  in the Illwrath origional, as soon as that deep baseline kicked in, I think Big. Scary. Evil. Dealdy. Spiders.  the remix didn't have that feeling.  This one is like that, only the origional wasn't as good.   :(

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: norg on January 21, 2003, 05:04:02 am
see, when i first started writing music in a digital medium twelve years ago, i was at a stage in my life (read: very, very young) where if i'd read comments like that about a song that i did, my response would have been something along the lines of "stfu, poopie head.  opinions are like assholes and they're all full of sh*t" or some such.

now that i'm older and a smidge wiser, i'll respond a bit more diplomatically.

first of all, i appreciate your effort to provide some constructive criticism, or the closest thing you are able to come up with, so thank you very much. (:

unfortunately, i'm not going to let you off the hook that easily. *grin*  here i go:

first of all, you've read posts before that we are part of a group that are taking the original songs of the game and remixing them.  if you have ever heard a remix of a song on the radio or some such, you'll note that some of the time it has a few elements of the original, but more often than not it is an excuse to make a dance tune out of something that was never intended to be a dance tune.

our team is taking that concept one step further and making, what we feel, to be remixes that are a little more interesting to listen to than the typical pop wave.

so now for the meat and potatoes.

you're correct.  there was very little to work with in the original song. however, it was still an original song, coupled with an original game, so no mere mortal remix of a song fighting against that much nostalgia is going to change anything.  the good news is we're not out to compete with the original music; we're taking it a step further and putting new twists on them.  this is no different for the poor shofixti music, which got put through harlem, south central L.A., your local ghetto, dr. dre's reject pile, and then available for download.

the question most people have asked me thusfar in private has been, "where on God's green earth did you come up with the idea to make a hip-hop instrumental out of -that-?"

if you listen to the original music, there is a bit of a beat in the song that almost sounds like the single use of a record scratch.  when i was playing through the game for about the 4th time about 5 or so years ago, i remember thinking that it would be cool to extrapolate on that single record scratch.  so here i was years later with the opportunity and i took it.

if you analyse the song on the merits of the piece by itself, then i can simply disregard your statements about how the record scratches damage the musifc and are out of theme.  quite the contrary.  i'm not going to go into a history of hip hop music right now because i'm at work and i'd probably get fired for lookin at some of the web pages i'd need for reference. (:  be that as it may, i'm willing to wager that hip hop isn't your favorite style of music to begin with, so a song that takes those types of themes and brings them into the star control realm isn't going to exactly float your boat.

hell, i don't even like most hip hop all that much.  this project is as much about the challenge of taking old songs and making them new again as it is about challenging myself to try new things.

i'm dying to know how the original shofixti musical theme had anything to do with honor.  enlighten me. (:

i can't compete with ten years of nostalgia.  not a chance.  i'm not trying.  i'm having the time of my life bringing old themes back to life with a few new twists.  i don't think any of my other remixes thus far or from this point on are going to be quite as out in left field as this particular one, but it's always fun to do a little shakedown every now and again to make sure people are paying attention.

to clarify: when i look for constructive criticism, i'm more interested in musical theory, structure, overall sound and mixing, composition, and methodology rather than "it's bad." (:  but like i said, i appreciate the time you took to post some interesting comments.

and finally, i forgot to have it noted in the release of the song (or in the notes of the mp3 tag) that the song is engineered to loop, rather than just stop at the end.  whoops.  my bad. (:

aaaaaaaaaand i'm spent.

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: ErekLich on January 21, 2003, 07:56:14 pm
BanditAngel touched on something that I don't quite get...

In both the Ilwrath and Shofixti remixes there's a point where the whole thing gets quiet for a few seconds...

Is that just a personal touch of yours, Norg?  coincidence?  cause when it happened in both it kinda makes me wonder....

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: norg on January 21, 2003, 08:48:08 pm
actually, i can't speak to riku's ilwrath remix because his styles are dramatically different than mine. with regards to the silence that you heard, if you turn up the volume somewhat, you'll hear that it's actually the sound of a needle being put down onto a record.  sorta setting the stage for the rest of the song.

so i guess it was a coincidence as far as those two songs are concerned.  now that i think about it, i think i have a bit sorta like that in what i've done with spathi... i'd hate to think that i'm following some kind of recipe.  doh!  time to re-evaluate. (:

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: ErekLich on January 22, 2003, 02:25:51 am
ah, I thought you'd done the Ilwrath too.  my bad.  glad I could point that out to you though.

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: norg on January 22, 2003, 03:23:49 am
musicians tend to get caught up in their own little musical worlds where their influences are all subconscious and the results are sometimes even more surprising to the composer than the listener.  i gave zero thought to the dead air in the song because i knew that its purpose was that of the needle on the record.  it never occurred to me that we're starting to find a trend.

i'm glad people point these things out sometimes. (:

not that it's going to stop me, i suppose, but it's nice to know when we're falling into patterns.

i'm actually rather happy that shofixti is about as final as it's going to get; i'm -dying- to get started on druuge.


Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: norg on January 25, 2003, 02:05:45 am
i don't particularly want to beat a dead horse into the undead, and i feel like being punishing, i'll load up an old copy of Black & White and be bad god and hurl peasants into the ocean.  ahhh the satisfying sound of a peasant hitting the water with a defined plunk...

but i digress.

i offer my personal guarantee that the entire remix project is not going to be a collection of angry dance and ghetto hip hop.  in fact, i'm fairly confident that i'll never do another hip hop track again.  the amount of work that went into making the shofixti mix as far as a work to actual music ratio is so ridiculously off the wall that i think most of my local friends were like ".... that's it?  you worked that long on that track and that's IT??"  :D

with every form of music, not everyone is going to be happy with everything.  i'm certainly not going to begrudge them for their views on music; musical interests are so far apart between most people that it's impossible to track.  as an example, the 10 disc changer in my car right now has CDs of progressive metal, barbershop quartets, folk music, and anime soundtracks.  that's enough 180 degree turns to make most people sick to their stomachs (in fact, any one of those would repulse most people).  so i'm certainly not going to get on someones case for their choice of music to listen to.  or choose not to listen to.  or choose to thash until there's nothing left of the ashes of a former empire.  i certainly have my dislikes (don't get me started on most country and most pop music).

however, ther real point behind this post is to reassure you all that there's likely going to be something for everyone in what will eventually be the full pack of remixes.  some of the tracks will be little more than cleaning of of old tracks, staying true to the originals as close as possible, and others are going to be way off in left field.  ilwrath is a bit out there, shofixti is jumping the wall, streaking in the middle of moving traffic, and shouting "Go for the eyes, Boo, the eyes!!!"

but we're certainly not going to do what -everyone- expects because that would just be plain boring. *grin*

enjoy the future releases, whenever they happen to be!  (and continue enjoying these, for those of you who do  ;D )

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: Azarule on January 25, 2003, 03:19:50 am
How about something heavy metal ?  For those of us who like to thrash !  ;D

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: norg on January 25, 2003, 04:22:18 am
i'm almost willing to wager money that you'll enjoy what i'm doing to Druuge.

*big grin*

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: ErekLich on January 25, 2003, 04:32:28 am
[greedily rubs hands together]

ah... Druuge...

hey norg, how many crew will it take for a rush delivery of the Druuge track?

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: norg on January 25, 2003, 04:44:00 am
enough crew to take over my spot as a baritone in a district championship barbershop quartet, my job in tech support, chorus section leader, and a few other things here and there.

eight or nine should do.

drop shipment is an option.  message me private for a warehouse address.


i don't even know if they'll release that one when it's finished or not before the actual package, but we'll see. (:

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: Arrow on January 25, 2003, 09:15:27 am
shofixti is jumping the wall, streaking in the middle of moving traffic, and shouting "Go for the eyes, Boo, the eyes!!!"

rotflmao doesn't even fit here.  My gut came several inches to exploding when I read that.  The mental imagery is just FANTASTIC.

On another note, since these mixes are totally free with the rest of the game, were you guys intending to do anything with them in regards to Overclocked Remix?  I'm not sure if any of you mixers do anything over there (Riku has an page making me think he's more professional than that, but then again, there's all kinds of mess at, but I figure at least getting DJP to post something about the mixes might get some more fanservice and rotation.

Title: Re: Shofixti Remix
Post by: norg on January 26, 2003, 08:29:26 am
glad you enjoyed the visual.  it just so happens that i've just started playing baldur's gate (not really by my own free will: i am sat down in front of a 61" television with cables sticking out of a laptop computer, a wireless keyboard and mouse, my eyes forced open by metal attachments, while my friend bo plays Ode to Joy on a cd player in the background and i think strange thoughts about not wanting to hurt people on forums ever again and alternately pray for a better car) and that idea seemed pretty keen.

OCRemix is something i gave thought to a long time ago when i did a prog-metalish medley of all of the themes from the original Metroid, which i never put the finishing touches on and, subsequently, never released anywhere.  i have several friends who submit music there, which is why i'm surprised i never even thought about releasing a track there.

the only reason i would hesitate in doing so is because the tracks are not, in reality, completely finished.  there is still a little bit of extra mastering that needs to be done, not to mention a few tweaks here and there that i know we'd like to do before the final product is finished.  once all is said and done, however, it certainly wouldn't be a bad thing to get a little exposure (not the kind of exposure seraphim gives the bad angel in megatokyo, although that brings too many other things to mind), but for now i think we're going to lay low till more stuffs are done.

thanks for the idea tho!