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Title: Searching for the name of an old PC Game.
Post by: CharlesNPG on July 13, 2008, 05:22:02 pm

First off  I wanna say that the UrQuan Masters is now my favorite game of all time. But it reminded me of another game I played about a year ago. However I forgot what it was called, and really want to play it again. It was a game that seemed like a mixture of Star Control II/UrQuan Masters and Master Of Orion. At some point in the game your told that your star is going to go supernova so you have to create a new colony. It also had combat similar to Star Control, but you could actualy design and build your ships like Master Of Orion. It had empire building and exploration like Masters of Orion. The combat didn't seem completely like Star Control, If I remember correctly you could move side to side I think.

And again if I remember correctly this particular game was a remake of an older one like UrQuan Masters. So If anyone knows what I am talking about please share, because I think I am going insane with this phantom game.

Title: Re: Searching for the name of an old PC Game.
Post by: Megagun on July 13, 2008, 05:35:28 pm
My first guess is Imperium Galactica (, though I don't know if that includes a supernova somewhere.. Does have colony management and horizontal fleetbattles though (RTS-like)..

I'll update this post here if I find anything else..

Random name thoughts (Probably not what you are looking for, but might be good as a starting point for searching and maybe find links to similar games; Can't say I have ever played many of these games though): Iron Seed, Protostar, Starflight (Star Control 2 was heavily inspired by it), Project Nomad, Outpost/Outpost 2....

Also, you might want to ask the guys over at abandonia; they might find it way easier to identify your game... :)

Perhaps it'd be useful to supply us with some more seemingly useless data, such as: Are there videos? Slides (like UQM)? Music? CD/Floppies? Dos? Windows? Anything you remember about the user interface? Any names or words you remember? Any other interesting seemingly odd things you remember about it?

(For example, were you to say that the game had an interface where you 'walked' through your commandship like an old adventure, and from there on commanded your empire, I'd be able to nail it down to a very small handful of games, despite having played any of those)...

Things you might want to use in your search: Home of the Underdogs, Abandonia.

Title: Re: Searching for the name of an old PC Game.
Post by: CharlesNPG on July 13, 2008, 05:58:19 pm
Its not Starflight, I have played that game, great game by the way. But I wanna say that it was a dos era game, but the version I played was a remake of a classic. And if I remember correctly they changed the name, and the universe so as not to conflict with licenses and copyright issues. But it was a shareware, freeware thing.

I apologize for being vague, but like I said I wasn't even considering it until I played UrQuan Masters. I want to say it had slides and music similar to Star Control, but no voice that I can remember. I have been searching Home of the Underdogs but so far no luck, I will give Abandonia a try. Again any suggestions you guys have would be great.

Title: Re: Searching for the name of an old PC Game.
Post by: Novus on July 14, 2008, 01:03:10 pm
Sounds like Empire! (!) to me, although I'm not aware of any DOS remakes.