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Title: modded xbox
Post by: Sleepy on July 25, 2008, 07:22:24 am
I have a modded x-box, i love the abilities that i have with it!  I have pretty much every game that has been put out on coin op games, as well as every game that has been put out for the artari, intellivision, coleco vision, nintendo, super nintendo, sega master system, sega genisis,  but i do not have the 3do???

If there is someone out there that has a 3do, disk, or more specifically a Star Control II game that works, i would be eternally grateful!!!  Please msg me at, and if you don't know someone that can do to your x-box what has been done to mine, i'll give you a hand!  I can't do it, i got mine done for like $40?!  including a 160 gig hard drive installed!


Title: Re: modded xbox
Post by: Amiga_Nut on July 26, 2008, 02:44:10 am
Yes I have .nrg and .iso's of several 3DO games including Star Control 2.

Disclaimer: The ISO's in this archive are only available to people who already own the games. This data is provided for archiving/backup purposes only.

3DO_ISO's (