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Title: soluble theme (background mixes)
Post by: TBeholder on October 11, 2008, 05:08:30 am
It's not big secret that music is one of Star Control's strong points, as it both complements game and... well... good as is. But melee music is the same battle.ogg, not half-dozen randomized themes. Same for hyperspace.
Just for variety, i tried to combine in-game theme with several songs in player with hotkeys control. Start melee, pause it, then adjust player's volume until soundtrack turns into extra parts of song — generally it means "between vocal/lead and everything else" or a bit quieter, sometimes a bit louder. Bonus points if song already has some FX/synth, same and strong guitar part (though not "bzzzzz, blazzzztbeat-t-t"). Of course, in most cases it's just another example "How something mixed with something else Makes something worse", but if rhythms are compatible, after several seconds it starts to sound as strange remix and it's hard to tell precisely where one theme and where another. Short pause or two helps to synchronize when needed.
As long as you like both soundtracks, it can be really weird and very funny at the same time.  ::)
E.g. battle.ogg is mixable with: Helloween - Kings Will Be Kings, Mission Motherland; Beholder - Call For Revenge, Daydream, The Ring Of Freedom; Judas Priest — You've Got Another Thing Comin', Rapid Fire, Hell Is Home; Gamma Ray - Insanity & Genius.