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Title: annoying SC2 sound effects
Post by: psydev on November 18, 2008, 06:20:01 pm
Hey, so I've been steadily replacing sounds in SC2 that I don't like that much in melee. I've already replaced the ones I consider most irritating and am working on others. Does anyone else here find some of the effects bothersome or at least a little weak? Some sounds that I've replaced are:

Utwig gun
Yehat gun
Yehat Shield
Arilou Teleport
Ur-Quan figher zap
Ur-Quan fighter launch
Zoqfot main gun
Mmrnmhrm transformation

Vux Laser
Arilou Laser
Mmrnmhrm Laser
Earthling Missile Fire

 Does anyone have any sci-fi or techno audio file packages? They could be useful. I've just been taking sounds I've collected and modifying them/combining them in Adobe Audition. Any help would be appreciated. Also comments welcome as to your tastes for sound effects in SC2 as they currently are.

Title: Re: annoying SC2 sound effects
Post by: SweetSassyMolassy on November 19, 2008, 03:52:04 pm
I think the Ur-Quan fighter zap is the same as the lander zap too.