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Title: Anybody remember "SunDog: Frozen Legacy"?
Post by: Cyamarin on January 24, 2003, 11:21:41 pm
To me, SunDog was one of the predecessors of what Star Control was to be.  I played it on my Atari ST computer with my father when I was a little kid, and I loved it.  It truly captured the same sense of freedom--that feeling of "I can solve this problem however the hell I want to"--that SC2 brought back.

SunDog is one of the only games out there that's older than SC2 and I STILL enjoy consistently.  Dungeon Master and Ultima IV are the only real others.

In any case, I'm here to tell you that Bruce Webster, the original programmer behind SunDog, is remaking the game on Sourceforge.  Not only is he re-releasing the game for modern OSs, he's also doing massive updates and including all sorts of things the earlier platforms didn't have the power to support.

I strongly suggest you all check it out, and get involved if you can.

Title: Re: Anybody remember "SunDog: Frozen Legacy"?
Post by: arcain on January 24, 2003, 11:30:03 pm
Yeah, I still have SunDog, and a couple Atari STs :)
512 STfm & 1040 ST

Alas, I also own an Atari Falcon but my friend has it and I can't find him, LOL.

Dungeon master was the BOMB too!

The one I miss the most, though, was Starglider II.  Man, for the day, the 3D graphics were just unreal.  Sounded better on the Amiga, but that holds true with most of those old games.