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Title: SC:BEL units/items
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 03:42:28 pm
I'm going to keep units and items in a separate thread and link to them. This will hopefully save people from scrolling through too many pages when trying to figure things out. No need to post here, although you can if you want of course. It's doubtful that anyone will read it but me though. Originally I was doing object and unit cards, but that proved too hard, so you'll have to make do with text. Some general explanations:

HP is your health. Once it hits zero you die.
STR is your strength. Certain objects such as weapons require strength to operate.
MOV is your movement. This is how far you can move in a turn if you use all your action points.
Weapon: The ranged weapon you are currently using and its number of strikes
Melee: Your current melee weapon and its number of strikes.
Defence: The amount of parries you have.
Special abilities: Any abilities you’ve gained through experience.
Powers: Any psychic powers you’ve got.

EDIT: Thanks to meep for compiling this amazing list:

Player Units
Arilou Spook (
Human Trooper (
Shofixti Grunt (
Syreen Squaddie (
Mmrnhrm Guardian (

Enemy Units
Androsynth Private (
Androsynth Sergeant (
Ilwrath Apprentice (
Ilwrath High Priest (
Ilwrath Male Infant (
Ilwrath Priest (
Ilwrath Warrior (
VUX Ensign (

Neutral Units
Green Alien (

Active Powers
Blurry ( (Arilou Spook (
Brainfreeze ( (?)
Confusion ( (Syreen Squaddie (
Despair ( (Ilwrath High Priest (, Ilwrath Priest (
Fleet feet ( (Arilou Spook (
Hatred ( (Ilwrath High Priest (
Kinetic punch ( (Arilou Spook (
Mayhem ( (Arilou Spook (
Pheromones ( (Syreen Squaddie (
Psychic Blast ( (Arilou Spook (
Psychic Flash ( (Arilou Spook (
Psychic Radar ( (Arilou Spook (
Psychic Slap ( (Arilou Spook (
Untouchable ( (Arilou Spook ( L1 Defensive)

Passive Powers
Battlecry ( (Shofixti Grunt ( L1 offensive)
Fallback ( (Human Trooper ( L1 defensive)
Leadership ( (Androsynth Sergeant (
Never Surprised ( (Androsynth Sergeant (
Flexible  ( Ensign)

Firing weapons
Automatic Rifle ( (Rifle Clip (
Fleshroaster ( (Gas Tank (
Handgun ( (Pistol Clip (
Paingiver ( (Spike (
Peashooter ( (Pistol Clip (
Personalised Handgun ( (Handgun Clip)
Slayer ( (Plasma Charge (
Mass Driver (
Minirocket Tube (
Shotgun (
Defense Laser (

Direct weapons
Bonecrusher (
Ceremonial Dagger (
Combat Knife (
Dull Knife ( (formerly Mysterious Knife)
Saber (
Stun Baton (
Small Laser (
Baton (

Throwing weapons
Grenade (
Smoke Grenade (
Spike Grenade (
Flash Grenade (
Unknown Slime Grenade (
Strange Holographic Grenade (

Androsynth Armour (
Table Shield (

Gas Tank ( (Fleshroaster (
Handgun Clip (Personalised Handgun (
Pistol Clip ( (Handgun (, Peashooter (
Rifle Clip ( (Automatic Rifle (
Spike ( (Paingiver (
Plasma Charge ( (Slayer (
Shotgun Shell (

Various items
Androsynth Eye (
Androsynth Note (
Chemical Cocktail (
Flower (
Medikit (
Playback (
Pretty Bauble (
Protective Charm (
Shell Synthezier (
Repair Kit (
VUX tools (
Worn picture (
VUX bandages (
VUX technical specs (
Syringe (

Title: Arilou Spook
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 03:43:26 pm
Arilou Spook

HP 4

Weapon: Peashooter (, 1 strike
Melee: Sissy slap, 1 strike
Defense: 2 parries

You’re the meanest leanest greenest Arilou around. The others “volunteered” you for special operations because your innate ability for violence scared them. Unfortunately you’re still a weak little sissy compared to any other race, but you make up for that with your mental powers.

Special abilities: None
Powers: Psychic Radar (, Psychic blast (, Psychic slap (, Psychic flash (, Fleet Feet (, Blurry (, Kinetic Punch (, Mayhem (

Power rule: If an Arilou uses all his powers, his mind becomes more experienced and he gains 2 XP


Medikit (
Smoke Grenade (
Pretty bauble (
Spare clip (

Title: Weapon: Peashooter
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 03:46:14 pm

Range: 10 squares
STR: 2
Strikes: 1
Ammo Pistol Clip ( 12 shots/clip
Ammo consumption: One bullet per strike dice.

This is a specialised light weapon developed by the Alliance for the Arilou. Anything heavier tends to throw them to the ground when fired.

Title: Power: Psychic Radar
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 03:47:58 pm
Psychic Radar

The Arilou can sense the presence of other beings based on their psychic emanations. Using psychic radar gives you an accurate picture of where all enemies within a large area are, but you can't tell what they are.


Title: Power: Psychic blast
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 03:50:05 pm
Psychic blast

The Arilou can unleash his psychic power in a blast that knocks the wind out of an opponent. The enemy cannot defend, loses 3 HP and becomes stunned. The enemy must be on a straight line with the Arilou, and no friendly units can be in between Arilou and target

Title: Power: Psychic Slap
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 03:51:05 pm
Psychic slap

The Arilou can unleash his psychic power in a blast that knocks the wind out of an opponent. The enemy loses 2HP, cannot defend and becomes stunned. The enemy must be on a straight line with the Arilou, and no friendly units can be in between Arilou and Target

Title: Power: Mayhem
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 03:52:00 pm

Mayhem confuses all units within a defined 4*4 square area. All units also take a 1 HP hit. During the next turn, these units attack the closest friendly unit, and no units can defend. Target must be within visual range, or have been detected by Psychic Radar.

Title: Weapon: Smoke Grenade
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 03:57:49 pm
Smoke grenade

A smoke grenade releases a thick black smoke which lingers for 3 turns, including the turn it is thrown, on a 4*4 square. Anyone inside the smoke cannot use ranged attacks or be attacked by ranged weapons. Movement inside the smoke costs 2 MOV per square instead of the customary 1 MOV. This also holds true for moving into a smoke square and out of a smoke square. Melee attacks function normally, as do throwing attacks. You can throw a smoke grenade 1.5* your strength, rounded down. When throwing the grenade, be sure to specify which of the four central squares is your impact square (NE,NW,SE,SW).


Title: Item: Medikit
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 04:01:11 pm
Auto Medikit

The standard Alliance Medikit returns 2 HP to user, and can be used by all Alliance races barring Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm due to their different physiology.

Title: Item: Pretty Bauble
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 04:03:56 pm
Pretty Bauble

Let your mind relax and your spirit rest. This precious little thing will give your mind some much needed rest, and let you disengage from all this carnage. It will recharge a Power of your choice once. Unfortunately this will render it an Ugly Bauble, which isn't really good for anything.

Disclaimer: Bauble cannot recharge or Mayhem, Kinetic Snap. Warranty may be void if atempted.

Title: Item: Pistol clip
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 04:13:23 pm
Pistol Clip

Pistol bullets work by the same principle that they have for ages. This clip is standardized within the Alliance for ease of use. The clip can either be used in the standard Alliance Handgun ( or the modified Peashooter ( version. Both weapons essentially work the same way, but the Peashooter ( actually modifies the bullet in gun to make it slightly less effective while employing a advanced kickback system to protect it's user from undue stress.

The Pistol Clip holds 12 bullets.

Title: Syreen Squaddie
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 06:01:33 pm
Syreen Squaddie

HP 5

Weapon: Handgun (, 2 strikes
Melee: Ceremonial Dagger (, 2 strikes
Defense: 2 parries

Just like most Syreen, you're sizzling hot and you pack quite a punch. Most people will underestimate you, which is to your advantage and their detriment. You've got some psychic gifts, but mostly just confuse'em and dispatch'em.

Special abilities: None
Powers: Confusion (, Pheromones (

Medikit (
Smoke Grenade (
Spare clip (
Playback (

Title: Power: Confusion
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 06:04:12 pm

This power confuses a target of the casters choice. The target feels unwilling to attack such a glorious being, and is unable to attack anyone for one turn. The target may move. The target must be visible.

Title: Weapon: Handgun
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 06:05:42 pm

Range: 10 squares
STR: 3
Strikes: 2
Ammo: Pistol Clip ( 12 shots/clip
Ammo consumption: One bullet per strike dice.

This is the standard Alliance combat pistol, used by a majority of Alliance races.

Title: Weapon: Ceremonial Dagger
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 06:07:15 pm
Ceremonial Dagger

Strikes: 2

In more peaceful times this has other uses. But in war it just kills people.

Title: Re: SC:BEL units/items
Post by: Lukipela on January 04, 2009, 06:12:10 pm

This handy little piece of Syreen technology functions as an unlimited ranged weapon. It fires a directional burst of hypnotizing Syreen song which entrances it's victim for two turns. During this time, the Syreen player may move the enemy player. After two turns, the target reverts back to it's normal self. The device can be used once on any enemy, and enemies cannot defend. it can be used only once, as it's battery and circuitry are burned out on use to prevent others from accessing this technology.

Title: Unit: Shofixti Grunt
Post by: Lukipela on January 05, 2009, 10:48:46 am
Shofixti Grunt

HP 7

Weapon: Handgun (, 2 strikes
Melee: Paws of fury, 4 strikes
Defense: 3 parries

You’re a hairy furball of destruction. You’re not bad with guns, but melee is where you excel. You just love getting up close and personal with the enemy. You move as lightning, but your small size means you can't use bigger weapons.

Special abilities: None


Grenade (
Spare Clip (

Title: Weapon: Grenade
Post by: Lukipela on January 05, 2009, 10:49:56 am

Area affected: 3 square radius

A regular grenade does automatically does two damage at its centre, and one damage in very square around it. You can throw a grenade 1.5* your strength, rounded down.

Title: Unit: Human Trooper
Post by: Lukipela on January 05, 2009, 10:52:18 am
Human Trooper

HP 6

Weapon: Automatic Rifle (, 3 strikes
Melee: Combat Knife (, 2 strikes
Defence: 2 parries

You’re a lean mean fighting machine. Trained by Corridor 9, you’re itching to get out there and kick some alien ass.

Special abilities: None


Grenade (
Rifle Clip (

Title: Weapon: Rifle
Post by: Lukipela on January 05, 2009, 10:53:46 am
Automatic Rifle

Range: Unlimited
STR: 4
Strikes: 3
Ammo Rifle Clip, 30 shots/clip
Ammo consumption: One bullet per strike dice.
Melee modifier: If the enemy is within melee distance, the weapon suffers -2 attacks but still consumes the same amount of ammo.

This is the standard Alliance combat rifle. It is a bit too big and heavy for some races, and isn't much good in close combat. but it packs a mighty fine punch

Title: Weapon: Combat Knife
Post by: Lukipela on January 05, 2009, 10:54:35 am
Combat Knife

STR: 3
Strikes: 2

A normal human knife. It cuts people.

Title: Item: Rifle Clip
Post by: Lukipela on January 05, 2009, 10:57:12 am
Rifle Clip

Rifle bullets work by the same principle that they have for ages. This clip is standardized within the Alliance for ease of use. The clip can be used in the standard Alliance Automatic Rifle (

The Rifle Clip holds 30 bullets.

Title: Enemy: Ilwrath apprentice
Post by: Lukipela on January 06, 2009, 02:38:59 pm
Ilwrath apprentice

HP 2

Weapon: Paingiver, 2 strikes
Melee: Clacking mandibles, 3 strikes
Defense: 2 parries

The Ilwrath apprentices are pretty daft. They’re big nasty armed spiders with a penchant for melee though, so you should take them out as soon as you can. They carry a ranged weapon, which needs to be picked up and examined to be comprehended, and in close combat they favour their mandibles. Watch out for their quick movements, they might surprise you.

Title: Weapon: Paingiver
Post by: Lukipela on January 07, 2009, 08:24:40 pm

Range: Unlimited
STR: 2
Strikes: 2
Ammo: Spike
Ammo consumption: One spike per attack

This is a Ilwrath weapon, designed to inflict pain as much as damage. It's light and durable, with no kickback. It is theorized that this is because Ilwrath bodies are light despite their size. It's a one-shot with a cumbersome reload, reloading during combat consumes one AP, unless they have the dexterity of an Ilwrath of course.

This weapon is allowed two strike dice per attack, even though an attack consumes only one spike. This is because a spike can do a larger amount of damage than a bullet if it hits it's target properly, but even a bad hit can cause some damage.

Title: Item: Spike
Post by: Lukipela on January 07, 2009, 08:26:01 pm

The Spike is loaded into a Ilwrath Paingiver through a complex mechanism and propelled forward at the enemy. A good hit can do a solid -2HP damage, but even a partial hit will still shred you up bad.

Title: Power: Psychic Flash
Post by: Lukipela on January 09, 2009, 04:30:17 pm
Psychic flash

An omnidirectional blast that will wound even the strongest of foes. Anyone in a adjacent square takes a automatic 3 HP hit. Beware of injuring allies!

Title: Power: Brainfreeze
Post by: Lukipela on January 09, 2009, 04:31:09 pm

Who are you? Where are you? Who am I? What's this all about, really? Your opponent can’t think or act, all he can see is you. Stuns an enemy for a turn. Requires line of sight.

Title: Power: Fleet Feet
Post by: Lukipela on January 09, 2009, 04:31:34 pm
Fleet feet

Is everyone else suddenly moving very slowly? Or are you suddenly amazingly quick? Who knows, but you’ve got +3 MOV for the next three turns including the casting turn.

Title: Power: Blurry
Post by: Lukipela on January 09, 2009, 04:32:01 pm

Are you really there? No one can quite tell. This makes you quite hard to hit, this is reflected by 2 extra parries for 3 turns including the casting turn. Using any other power dispels this trick.

Title: Power: Untouchable
Post by: Lukipela on January 09, 2009, 04:32:27 pm

The user generates a shell of psionic force around themselves, preventing any physical harm from befalling them. This power only affects the user. For the next 3 turns (including the turn it was used),
the user takes no damage nor incurs any other effect from standard physical ranged or melee attacks, or from physical ambient effects such as fire. However, the concentration required to maintain this
power means that the user is reduced to 1 AP during this time. In addition, this power has no effect on psychic powers or other psionic effects. The user may opt to end this power's effects early, but
doing so simply ends the effects, and will not restore full or partial use of the power during the current mission.

Title: Power: Kinetic snap
Post by: Lukipela on January 09, 2009, 04:33:01 pm
Kinetic punch

You are punching people with your mind. Since you have a pretty tough mind, this adds 2 strike dice for 2 turns. You may only use one AP for melee attacks per turn during this time, as this trick takes a lot out of you.

Title: Power: Pheromones
Post by: Lukipela on January 09, 2009, 04:34:13 pm

You release a supercharged cloud of pheromones. During the following turn, anyone in  an adjacent square will be trying their damndest to fight off their competition, i.e allies with melee skills. If only one enemy is present and he cannot see anyone else, he will attack other player characters.

Title: Item: Flower
Post by: Lukipela on January 09, 2009, 04:52:24 pm

This is definitely a flower. It's not as pretty as when it was alive, but it still looks quite stunning and somehow delicious.

Title: Enemy: Ilwrath apprentice Vogar
Post by: Lukipela on January 12, 2009, 09:30:50 pm
Ilwrath apprentice Vogar

HP 2

Weapon: Paingiver, ammunition expended
Melee: Clacking mandibles, 3 strikes
Defense: 2 parries

Vogar is a young and eager apprentice who truly believes in his purpose. The smallest among his fellow hatchlings, life has so far been an endless amount of near death situations. Pain has been his constant companion, and this more than anything else has driven him to join the priesthood. Now a lowly apprentice stuck on guard duty, he hope to one day advance through the ranks and become a worthy priest of the terrible and mighty Dogar and Kazon!

Title: Enemy: Ilwrath Priest
Post by: Lukipela on January 13, 2009, 06:46:37 pm
Ilwrath Priest

HP 4

Weapon: Fleshroaster (, 5 blows/tank
Melee: Dripping mandibles, 4 strikes
Defense: 2 parries

The Ilwrath priest is a hideous being indeed. Highly feared and loathed creatures in an absolute theocracy, they dispense the judgement of Dogar and Kazon to anyone deemed deserving. That includes most Ilwrath and pretty much all aliens. These Ilwrath priests have grown fat upon the life-force of tortured underlings, and can take much more punishment than a mere apprentice. His mandibles have seen far more action, and ooze with venomous mucus. He carries a Fleshroaster, a close combat weapon that allows him to sear his enemies and enjoy their moans at close quarters. Blessed by Dogar and Kazon, he can also cause his enemies hands to fail as they feel the grim embrace of the terrible two.

Powers: Despair (

Title: Weapon: Fleshroaster
Post by: Lukipela on January 13, 2009, 06:50:14 pm

Range: See picture
STR: 4
Strikes: See picture
Ammo: Gas Tank (
Ammunition expenditure: 1 blow per attack

The Fleshroaster is a fearsome close combat weapon, which will devastate those who come too close.  From further off the carrier can usually be picked off though.



Title: Item: Gas Tank
Post by: Lukipela on January 13, 2009, 06:52:22 pm
Gas Tank

A gas tank contains enough fuel to fire a Fleshroaster ( 5 times. Changing to a new tank is a complex procedure which is best not attempted by the uninitiated.

Title: Power: Despair
Post by: Lukipela on January 13, 2009, 06:57:26 pm

Visions of the terrible twosome descend upon your mind to torment you. They weigh down your arms and dull your sight as your mind screams in pain and anguish. Why bother fighting, they chitter in your ears as their dark embrace chills you to the bone (if applicable) and their heinous laughter fills your head. All your attacks suffer -1 strikes, and you also suffer -1 parry. The curse is active for one turn after casting.

Title: Item: protective Charm
Post by: Lukipela on January 27, 2009, 06:39:02 pm
Protective Charm

The protective charm consists of some feathers from an unknown bird and bones too alien to identify. They seem fused to each other, as if the feathers had grown from the bone itself. Yet the pieces of bone have clearly ones been separate, and are ornately decorated with odd markings. The charm emanates a feeling of safety.

Effect: The protective Charm allows it's wearer to roll one extra parry dice when he is attacked. The charm has finite powers, and will be worn out once it has been needed three times.

Title: Unit: Green Alien
Post by: Lukipela on January 28, 2009, 05:01:45 pm
Green Alien

HP 1

The small green aliens seem to be the Ilwraths preferred sacrificial victim in this temple. At least they're the only ones you've seen so far. They seem fairly harmless, what with having no hands or mouths. That big eye never blinks though.

Title: Item: Spike Grenade
Post by: Lukipela on February 02, 2009, 08:57:05 pm
Spike Grenade

A primitive Ilwrath grenade, this device shows that while technology does not always make you superior, it tends toward reliability. Unlike alliance grenades, which are sure hits, the Ilwrath spike grenade causes 3 strikes at the detonation square, and 2 strikes in every square around that. You cannot parry these strikes. The fierce spikes it fires can cause great damage, but they tend to get tangled and hit each other a lot.

You can throw an Ilwrath grenade 2 times your strength.

Title: Enemy: Androsynth Private
Post by: Lukipela on February 06, 2009, 10:31:49 pm
Androsynth Private

HP 3

Weapon: Personalised Handgun (, 3 strikes
Melee: Stun Baton (, 3 strikes
Defense: 3 parries

Abilities: Never surprised (

The Androsynth private forms the main part of the Androsynth army branch. Well trained and highly skilled, these intelligent soldiers are unwavering in their loyalty to the Androsynth Council. They will fight and die without hesitation for the good of their kind, neither giving nor accepting any mercy.

Title: Ability: Never surprised
Post by: Lukipela on February 06, 2009, 10:34:52 pm
Never surprised

This unit has been trained and drilled very well, and never lets its guard down. It cannot be surprised, and attackers are often amazed at the speed and ability with which this unit reacts to a situation. To reflect this the unit receives 2 extra parries during the turn in which it is encountered. This advantage evaporates once battle is properly joined and the opponent has a better chance to appraise their enemy.

Title: Weapon: Stun Baton
Post by: Lukipela on February 23, 2009, 04:30:21 pm
Stun Baton

Strikes 3 (loaded/2 unloaded)
Ammo: 6 Charges

This Androsynth weapon is designed for subduing an enemy without killing them. It is mostly used by troops involved behind the front line for military police purposes. A Stun Baton attack releases a electric charge, and successful strikes are counted as stunning hits, causing -1 AP and no loss of HP. Unlike normal stunning hits, Stun Baton hits are cumulative and can thus cause a target to lose both of its AP's for the following round. Once a target has lost both of its AP's any following hits by a baton during that turn count as regular damage, and cause -1HP as they fry the targets nervous system. Once the Stun Batons charges have been exhausted, the baton does regular damage, but an attack allows entails one less strike.

Title: Weapon: Personalised Handgun
Post by: Lukipela on February 24, 2009, 07:36:06 pm
Personalised Handgun

Range: Unlimited
STR: 3
Strikes: 3
Ammo Handgun Clip 12 shots/clip
Ammo Consumption: 1 bullet per strike dice.

The sleek and stylish Personalised Handgun is a light and efficient Androsynth weapon. This weapon is typically fielded by Androsynth troops as a sidearm. Displaying both advanced Androsynth technology and strong Androsynth paranoia, the weapon is fitted with a biorythm scanner. Once the weapon is activated, it is locked to the biorythm of it's bearer and cannot be used by anyone else. In order to reset such a scanner you need access to advanced Androsynth technology.

Title: Item Androsynth Note
Post by: Lukipela on February 26, 2009, 08:59:13 pm
Androsynth Note

This note is written in formal Ur-Quan, ordering the Androsynth Private DOS-1.0 to report to the upper facilities for guard duties. On pain of death he is to immediately report to his commanding officer and prepare for duty. When he has reported he is to dress for duty using the provided garments and join his fellow soldier upholding the peace here.

Title: Item: Chemical cocktail
Post by: Lukipela on February 26, 2009, 08:59:39 pm
Chemical cocktail

This glass vial contains barely readable instructions in the Androsynth language. It states that the contents will temporarily increase the healing ability of an Androsynth body, allowing it to recuperate from grievous wounds (+3 HP). The chemicals are tailored the Androsynth, but their benign nature means that they will have a small healing effect (+1HP) on other allied species. It seems probable that both Humans and Syreen will be able to utilise the full healing potential of this cocktail, whilst other carbon based allied species will receive a smaller healing bonus.

Title: Item: Androsynth Armor
Post by: Lukipela on February 26, 2009, 09:00:09 pm
Androsynth Armour

STR: 3
Parries: 3

This sleek and light Androsynth upper body armour offers much better protection than your regular uniforms. Constructed from some sort of light polymers, it'll serve it's wearer well. The armour comes with adjustable straps, allowing to fit many different body types.

Title: Item: Androsynth Eye
Post by: Lukipela on March 07, 2009, 11:40:01 am
Androsynth Eye

This grisly artefact was cut loose from a dead Androsynth soldier. It is unseeing stare is a reminder of how the Androsynth were always treated by their creators. Cruelly, as if their life had no worth. Even their dead bodies were not shown the basic decency of any dead human but rather discarded as broken tools. It seems history is ever repeating itself.

Title: Unit: Androsynth Sergeant
Post by: Lukipela on March 08, 2009, 04:14:49 pm
Androsynth Sergeant

HP 4

Weapon: Personalised Handgun (, 3 strikes
Melee: Saber, 3 strikes
Defense: 4 parries

Abilities: Never surprised (, Leadership (

Androsynth Sergeants are soldiers who have shown that they have the ability to lead as well as follow. Well trained and deadly enemies, their main task is not to actively engage the enemy, but rather to motivate and coordinate Androsynth Privates and Soldiers. Adept at close combat and able to soak up damage, these leaders should be your first targets when encountering an Androsynth squad.

Title: Unit: Dos 1.0
Post by: Lukipela on March 08, 2009, 04:14:55 pm
DOS 1.0

HP 3

Weapon: None
Melee: Stylish Kung-Fu, 2 strikes
Defense: 2 parries

Abilities: Never surprised (

DOS 1.0 has been working hard within the Androsynth Guard, and it's finally paying off. He's been transferred from boring camp duty to semi-prestigious guard duty! As soon as he's gotten through this boring lecture he'll go gear up and join his fellow Privates as a proud member of the Androsynth Guard!

Title: Re: SC:BEL units/items
Post by: Lukipela on March 08, 2009, 04:15:43 pm

This unit is a true leader, able to inspire those under his command to perform much better than they would on their own. Any friendly unit within a 5x5 square centred on the leader gains +2 strikes and parries. If the unit is killed, every friendly unit within this area is shocked by the loss of their leader and sense of direction and loses 1 AP during the following turn.

Title: Ability: Battlecry
Post by: Lukipela on March 19, 2009, 07:02:57 pm
Shofixti Level 1 offensive ability: Battlecry

The user lets loose an unnerving howl before charging their foe. The first time a foe is attacked in melee by the user, their number of parries for the turn is reduced by 1. The ability has no effect on subsequent turns.

Title: Weapon: Saber
Post by: Lukipela on March 23, 2009, 04:03:39 pm

Strikes: 3

This finely crafted sword is the weapon of a gentleman. Sleek and slender, it can penetrate most armours, or failing that find that one unprotected spot. The unknown steel composite glints with a cold light, as if the weapon itself hungers for blood.

Title: Weapon: Table Shield
Post by: Lukipela on March 25, 2009, 08:04:31 pm
Table Shield


The Table Shield has been constructed out of an old fashioned sturdy wood desk. It is big enough to allow a person to cover behind it completely, thus giving them the benefit of added protection. Unfortunately, being made of wood the shield cannot take much damage, it splinters and disintegrates with time. In addition to this, the shield is heavy and clumsy. It cannot be used in conjecture with another melee weapon as it restricts the wielders mobility. Because of its cumbersome size changing between the Table Shield and another melee weapon is also harder than usual. Being completely covered behind the shield, the wielder also has limited visibility and finds it harder to move.

Effect: The Table shield allows it's carrier to roll 2 extra parry dice two times when wielded. These bonus rolls will be the first die rolled, and the shield will be destroyed after it has been subjected to four hits. In addition, while the shield is equipped the wearer suffers a -2 MOV penalty and cannot switch to another melee weapon without using 1 AP. Ranged attacks function normally from behind the shield.

Title: Unit: ilwrath Warrior
Post by: Lukipela on April 02, 2009, 06:39:20 pm
Ilwrath Warrior

HP 3

Weapon: Slayer, 3 - 1 strikes
Melee: Bonecrusher, 3 strikes
Defense: 4 parries

The Ilwrath warrior belong to an elite class in the Ilwrath society. It has not only survived both birth and rigorous training, but also proven its mettle in fierce combat. This is something that does not come easily to Ilwrath, as most of them prefer to strike from the shadows and torment helpless victims. Warriors are more than prepared to bring anguish to their foes in the field, keeping a much cooler and collected head than most of their brethren. Ilwrath warriors are generally slightly larger than normal Ilwrath and their carapace is hardened by years of battle. Their muscle is the backbone of any Ilwrath force. While they are equipped with deadly ranged weapons, they much prefer the excitement of close combat. Unlike most of their brethren, the Warrior caries a a melee weapon into battle, and wields it with skill.

Title: Weapon: Slayer
Post by: Lukipela on April 19, 2009, 01:16:57 pm

Range:  squares
STR: 3
Strikes:See image
Ammo Plasma Charge ( 5 shots/clip
Ammo Consumption: 1 charge per shot.

The Slayer look like a prop from a bad human horror movie. It is adorned with screaming skulls and broken bones, spiky protrusions extruding from the long pipe. Underneath this, it is the pinnacle of Ilwrath technology. Utilising a primitive plasma technology, this weapon packs a serious punch. Because of the primitive state of Ilwrath technology, the effect dissipates with range. The magnetic field keeping the plasma focused quickly untangles, allowing plasma to escape to the sides, spraying bystanders as well as intended target.


Title: Item: Plasma Charge
Post by: Lukipela on April 19, 2009, 01:17:40 pm
Plasma Charge

This is the ammunition clip for a Slayer. It contains enough energy to fire 5 plasma shots at the enemy

Title: Weapon: Bonecrusher
Post by: Lukipela on April 19, 2009, 01:18:39 pm

Strikes 3 (Allows for diagonal attacks)

The Bonecrusher is the favoured melee weapon of the Ilwrath Warrior. The weapon is essentially a long metal pole with a club-like implement attached at one end and a halberd like axe at the other. The Warrior will twirl this weapon around, and quickly strike out with either end. The favoured end is the club, as it often incapacitates an opponent quickly, whilst leaving him alive enough for the Warriors to amuse themselves later. The swift movements and long range of this melee weapon allows the Warrior to attack enemies from unexpected positions, easily defeating them before they have any chance to strike back.

Title: Weapon: Dull Knife
Post by: Lukipela on April 29, 2009, 07:10:47 pm
Dull Knife

Strikes 2

There is nothing interesting about this knife.

Title: Enemy: Ilwrath High Priest
Post by: Lukipela on May 13, 2009, 06:28:44 pm
Ilwrath High Priest

HP 4

Weapon: Mystic staff (, 4 strikes
Melee: Dripping mandibles, 4 strikes
Defense: 2 parries

The Ilwrath High Priest is first among its fellow priests. It has survived for a long time, and feasted on the guts of many an enemy. Drawing on the black powers of Dogar and Kazon, there is no limit to the hideous depravities the High Priest will visit upon its prisoners. Despite being past its prime and in no way geared for battle, the frequent discipline it meters out to younger Ilwrath can be quite deadly. A High Priest commands absolute loyalty from Ilwrath of lesser castes. It is a cornerstone of Ilwrath society, and the loss of one is a sign of Dogars displeasure. The intrigue and plotting that follows the demise of a Ilwrath High Priest causes great havoc in Ilwrath society.

Powers: Despair (, Hatred (

Title: Power: Hatred
Post by: Lukipela on May 13, 2009, 06:31:36 pm

The fury of Dogar and vengeance of Kazon fills your every fiber, giving you great power at a hideous cost. The blind anger strikes out at any that are near.

Effect: Unit loses 1 HP, but gains +2 melee strike dice and loses 1 melee parry dice for 2 turns, including casting turn. Unit seeks out closest unit (enemy or ally) and attacks it.

Title: Ability: Fall Back
Post by: Lukipela on May 25, 2009, 07:05:08 pm
Human level 1 Defensive Ability: Fall Back

Allows the user to break away from melee combat range without suffering a free strike from the enemy. This can only be done once per turn.

Title: Enemy: Ilwrath Male Infant
Post by: Lukipela on May 30, 2009, 09:02:13 am
Ilwrath Male Infant

HP 1

Melee: Weak mandibles, 1 strike
Defense: 1 parry

Unlike their larger female counterparts, the male Ilwrath are not fighters. Their small size and dexterity makes them useful as pilots, mechanics and other practical things. The males are born with full comprehension and ready to perform their duties straight away. If they survive their first few months they reach adult size, but remain much smaller than the females. As infants they are not fighters and are only dangerous in large numbers.

Speacial rule: Since Ilwrath Infants can be extermiated without much effort, killing them does not generate XP.

Title: Re: SC:BEL units/items
Post by: Lukipela on June 10, 2009, 06:18:43 am
Uhhh.. How in the world did that happen?

Title: Weapon: Mystic Staff
Post by: Lukipela on June 22, 2009, 07:53:39 pm
Mystic staff

Ranged 4 strikes
Ammo: Life energy, 4 charges
Ammo Consumption: 1 charge/attack.

The staff of a Ilwrath High Priest is a powerful item indeed. Anyone with psionic abilities can wield this weapon, which strikes down enemies without mercy or pardon. The power comes at a price, as the toll this terrible weapon takes on the wielders mind means he can only fire it every second turn. To do more would be to invite the madness of Dogar and the whispering voices of Kazon into your mind. The energy released will slay enemies easily, but it will not last forever. When it has run it's course it must be brought to an altar, and in order to invigorate it a blood sacrifice must be made.

Summary: This ranged weapon has a range of 4 squares directly forward. When the ammunition is depleted it must be brought to an altar, where it can be recharged in exchange for 1 HP.

Title: Enemy: Umgah scientist
Post by: Lukipela on July 01, 2009, 07:58:06 pm
Umgah Scientist

Weapon: Slime launcher, 3 strikes
Melee: Oozing, 2 strikes
Defense, 3 parries

HP 5

The Umgah scientist isn't strictly a combat unit, but the gelatinous mass and spare organs can absorb quite a bit of damage. It slithers and rolls surprisingly quickly on the floor, all the time emitting high pitched humorous laughs.  It is armed with a light Umgah weapon, but as always these should be treated with care. God only knows what they do.

Title: Unit: Mmrnhrm Guardian
Post by: Lukipela on February 07, 2010, 09:21:03 am
Mmrnhrm Guardian

HP 8

Weapon: Mass Driver (, 2 strikes
Melee: Small Laser (, 1 strike
Defence: 2 parries

You're a Guardian, constructed by the Mother Ark to defend both it and your fellows. However, with the
Mother Ark shut down and the Ur-Quan threatening the peace of every race in this sector of the galaxy,
it's not much of a stretch to say that fulfilling your intended purpose means taking the fight to the
Hierarchy's doorstep.

Mmrnhrm are unique among the players in that they are entirely self-contained, and do not use
standard Alliance weapons and equipment. Instead, their systems upgrade and transform themselves
as they gain experience in order to increase their combat effectiveness. However, they especially
excel in surgical strikes at a distance, where foes may be hard pressed to retaliate.

Special Rules:
Mmrnhrm may not equip or use any standard Alliance or captured gear. All of their equipment is built
into their systems, and in turn cannot be used by any other race, or even other Mmrnhrm. They may
pick up and carry items as normal, but they have a reduced carrying capacity of five items.

Mmrnhrm Guardians are equipped with advanced targeting systems, which allow them to fire at distant
targets even if their line of sight is obscured by other enemy units, as long as they are not in melee
combat with an enemy. There is no chance to unintentionally hit the closer enemy, even if a "friendly
fire" result is rolled (however, this will still accidentally hit friendly units as normal, if applicable).

Starting Equipment:
Mass Driver (
Shell Synthesizer (
Small Laser (
Repair Kit (

Starting Powers:

Title: Weapon: Mass Driver
Post by: Lukipela on February 07, 2010, 09:32:32 am
Mass Driver

Range: Three squares away to infinity
STR: 4
Strikes: 2
Internal shell storage, 8 shots.
Ammo consumption: One shot per attack.

The basic long range armament of Mmrnhrm Guardian. The Mass Driver uses electromagnetism to propel slugs at supersonic speeds.

The Mass Driver can only be used by Mmrnhrm, and is integrated directly into their bodies. Several of the statistics provided are only used if the weapon is retrieved
from a corpse.

Title: Item: Shell Synthezier
Post by: Lukipela on February 07, 2010, 09:39:56 am
Shell Synthesizer

This is a built in piece of technology for every Mmrnhrm Guardian, designed to allow the Guardian to be self-sufficient and generate its own ammunition while in the field. It is able to use the Mmrnhrm's internal power supply and found materials to forge ammunition on demand, though the process is not terribly efficient.

The user of the Shell Synthesizer must first "feed" the device raw materials. This can be any item of equipment, so long as it does not exceed a weight of 4;  anything larger/heavier cannot fit inside the device. Feeding the Shell Synthesizer costs 1 AP, and destroys the item fed to it permanently. This will immediately replenish the ammunition of the Mmrnhrm's long range weapon by a number of rounds equal to the weight of the item fed to the Shell Synthesizer. If this would exceed the weapon's normal ammo capacity, then it is instead restored to max ammo, and the remaining rounds are lost as the Mmrnhrm cannot find the required
storage space, and reabsorbs the raw materials into its body.

Title: Weapon: Small Laser
Post by: Lukipela on February 07, 2010, 09:45:44 am
Small Laser

STR: 4
Strikes: 1

The Small Laser is the basic close combat armament of Mmrnhrm Guardians. Primarily intended as a defensive weapon, this weapon can still deliver quite a nasty sting, but is not nearly as destructive as the Mmrnhrm's long range weaponry. It also makes a useful backup weapon in emergencies, as its power supply can keep it firing throughout a battle and not run any risk of running out of charge.

Title: Item: Repair kit
Post by: Lukipela on February 07, 2010, 09:49:04 am
Repair Kit

The Repair Kit is a standard set of useful tools and quick-fix materials, invaluable for fixing machinery in the field. While this is most commonly applied to ground vehicles operating far from a facility where they can be properly fixed, it is also of significant use to Mmrnhrm, who can be repaired in an emergency using the supplies it contains.

Repair Kits function in an identical fashion to Medikits, but will only work on Mmrnhrm. For more details, see the Medikit ( entry.

Title: Ability: Minirocket Tube
Post by: Lukipela on February 07, 2010, 09:53:45 am
Mmrnhrm  level 1 Offensive Ability: Minirocket Tube

Upgrades the Mass Driver ( to a Minirocket Tube (

Title: Weapon: Minirocket tube
Post by: Lukipela on February 07, 2010, 09:56:20 am
Minirocket Tube

Range: Three squares away to infinity
STR: 4
Strikes: 3
Internal shell storage, 8 shots.
Ammo consumption: One shot per attack.

An upgrade to the Mass Driver ( that is generated by some of the more experienced Mmrnhrm Guardians. The weapon works on the same principle as the Mass Driver, but the ammunition now carries a shaped explosive charge, which can inflict much more grievous wounds against a target.

The Minirocket Tube can only be used by Mmrnhrm, and is integrated directly into their bodies. Several of the statistics provided are only used if the weapon is retrieved from a corpse.

Title: Weapon: Shotgun
Post by: Lukipela on February 08, 2010, 08:01:02 pm

Range: See description below
STR: 4
Strikes: See description below
Ammo: Shotgun Shell (
Ammo consumption: One shell per attack
Max ammunition in clip : 8 shells

The classic close combat ballistic weapon. The shotgun is designed to spray low velocity shot across a wide area with each pull of the trigger, making it very difficult to avoid being hit and minimizing the firer's need to aim precisely, but making it ineffective at long range.

Each shot with the Shotgun affects an area in front of the firer in an expanding cone shape, striking a larger number of squares, but with a lessened effect. The square directly in front of the firer is hit with 4 strike dice, the 3 squares directly in front of that square are hit with 3 strike dice, and the 5 squares directly in front of those are hit with 2 strike dice. Outside of this area, the shot becomes too scattered to have an appreciable effect.

Any target caught in the expanding cone is engulfed by a cloud of shot, making misses highly unlikely. Against any target in the 2 or 3 strike areas of the Shotgun blast, the firer may reroll any strike die that turns up as a miss once. The second roll applies, even if it is still a miss. This does not apply to targets in the 4 strike area, as the shot has not spread out enough yet.

Unlike most modern ballistic weapons, the Shotgun is not designed to use clips, as the shells tend toward large, unwieldy, and tempermental. Because of this, Shotgun ammunition is carried loose as single shells, and must be loaded into the weapon one at a time. When reloading a Shotgun, the wielder may reload a maximum of 2 shells for each AP spent. However, even if the user opts to reload only a single shell, they will still have to expend 1 AP.

Title: Item: Shell
Post by: Lukipela on February 08, 2010, 08:05:41 pm
Shotgun Shell

A large shell packed full of shot and propellant, designed for use with the Shotgun. Shotgun Shells need to be individually loaded into the weapon; see the above entry on the Shotgun for more details.

Title: Re: SC:BEL units/items
Post by: Lukipela on February 08, 2010, 08:11:35 pm
Flash Grenade

Area affected: 5 square radius

A specialized grenade designed to produce a blinding flash of light instead of explosive force. This is primarily used to stun and incapacitate hostile targets instead of killing them, but the practical application of blinding an opponent before closing in for a kill cannot be denied.

Flash Grenades do not inflict damage in their area effect, instead generating a blinding flash of light. Any unit caught in the blast of a Flash Grenade rolls 1 strike die. For most targets, rolling a bullseye will allow them to avert their eyes in time to avoid being blinded. Any other roll results in being blinded, causing them to lose both AP from their next turn. In addition, in subsequent turns, the blindness may persist, causing them to be hampered in their actions. Any unit blinded by a Flash Grenade must roll a strike die at the start of each subsequent turn after the one where they lost both AP. If the result is a hit or bullseye, then they have recovered and suffer no additional effects. If the result is a miss, they are still stunned by blindness, lose 1 AP from their turn, and will have to roll again to recover next turn.

Title: Enemy: VUX Ensign
Post by: Lukipela on February 12, 2010, 09:11:28 pm

HP 3

Weapon: Defense Laser, 2 strikes
Melee: Baton, 2 strikes
Defense: 2 parries

Abilities: Flexible (

The VUX tend to prefer ship-borne duties over those that would take them into ground combat, a pursuit they find barbaric and crude compared to the elegance of incinerating their foes at range. As such, their rank and file      
troops are known as Ensigns, and are frequently employed by the Ur-Quan as starship crew across a wide range of Hierarchy vessels. This is no small part because the VUX navy only begins teaching close combat skills to veteran troops who volunteer for the duty, which tends to be problematic for any Ensigns who find themselves within appendage's reach of one of their foes.      

Title: Ability: Flexible
Post by: Lukipela on February 12, 2010, 09:11:41 pm

The user of this ability can combine natural agility and a bit of prediction to improve its chances of avoiding a blow. When attacked in melee, they receive +1 parry in addition to their normal parry dice. This bonus also applies when shot with a ranged weapon from point blank range (an adjacent square), but not to any other shooting attacks, nor grenades or powers from any range.

Title: Weapon: Baton
Post by: Lukipela on March 06, 2010, 11:21:55 am

STR: 2
Strikes: 2

It's a blunt weapon designed to crush things.

Title: Weapon: Defense Laser
Post by: Lukipela on March 06, 2010, 11:27:24 am
Defense Laser

Range: 5 squares
STR: 2
Strikes: 2
Ammo: Internal Charge, 5 shots/charge
Ammo consumption: One charge per blast.

The defense Laser is a very limited VUX personal weapon that is meant to help low-level VUX repel attackers for long enough to allow more specialised troops to arrive. It's power and range are limited, as it is meant to be used by lightly trained personnel on board vessels where more powerful beam weapons might pierce the hull. Once emptied, it needs to be charged at a reloading station on board.

Title: Weapon: Unknown Grenade
Post by: Lukipela on March 06, 2010, 09:55:36 pm
Unknown Grenade

It's quite light and can be thrown 2xSTR of wielder. The design is strange and alien.

Slimy Grenade

Area affected: 3*3 square

A specialized grenade designed to produce a glue-like slime for incapacitating foes. Useful for capturing targets alive or making a dangerous foe into a sitting duck,
but a strong target can tear through the webbing quickly.

Slimy Grenades do not inflict damage in their area effect, instead generating a mass of sticky, slimy tangled threads that pin anyone within the blast radius. Any unit caught
in the area effect of a Slimy Grenade loses both AP from their next turn as they get tangled in the expanding mass. At the start of subsequent turns, any unit pinned
by the Sticky Grenade rolls a D6. If this roll is less than their STR, then they are able to tear themselves free of the webbing. They cannot move on the turn that they
accomplish this feat, but may attack with any weapon or perform other actions as normal. If they roll equal to or higher than their STR, then they remain trapped in the
webbing and lose both AP from the turn once again, and must try to escape again during their next turn.

If a unit wishes to try to tear another unit free from the webbing (presumably an ally), then that unit must be adjacent to the unit they wish to tear free, spend 1 AP, and
roll a D6. If the result is equal to or less than their STR, then they manage to tear the unit free of the webbing, allowing them to take their next turn as normal. If the
result is greater than their STR, then they fail to tear through the webbing. They may still spend any remaining AP as normal this turn, but may not make another
attempt to tear through the webbing until next turn.

Any corpses, objects, doors, or other items that are inside the area effect of a Sticky Grenade are also assumed to be entangled in the webbing. In order for anyone to
access or interact with these things, they must be torn free in the same manner as tearing another unit free above.

Once a Slimy Grenade has detonated, it has no further effect. This means that walking across an area that was entangled by a Sticky Grenade does not have any ill
effects; the substance the webbing is made from dries and hardens to a rubbery consistency very quickly, and will not ensnare anyone who was not caught in the
initial blast area.

Title: Item: Worn VUX picture
Post by: Lukipela on March 09, 2010, 09:31:54 pm
Worn Picture

This worn picture shows a mature and a young VUX looking at the camera. They may be smiling, or possibly regurgitating their dinner. Their clothes are alien but give a distinct lower class impression. The younger VUX looks very thin and has a weird glossy look to its moist and slimy skin. A few words are scribbled in one corner of the picture, but you've never been trained to learn VUX.

Title: Weapon: Strange Grenade
Post by: Lukipela on March 13, 2010, 10:37:18 am
Strange Grenade

It's quite light and can be thrown 2xSTR of wielder. The design is strange and alien, multiple rounded protusions extruding from a otherwise circular surface.

Holographic Grenade

Area affected: 3*3 square

Through unknown means, this grenade produces an array of sounds and lights around it that daze, dazzle and confuse anyone nearby. Anyone within range loses 1 AP as the strange and amazing visions it produces distracts them from their duty

Title: Item: VUX bandages
Post by: Lukipela on March 13, 2010, 10:39:56 am
VUX bandages

While most of the items in a VUX first aid kit are quite useless, bandages and sutures can be used by allied races (not including Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm). With these bleeding from injuries can be stemmed and broken bones temporarily splintered. Using this returns 1 HP.

Title: Item: VUX tools
Post by: Lukipela on March 13, 2010, 10:43:28 am
VUX tools

A set of strange mechanical tools for unknown usage. Any old VUX would probably know what they're used for, but it's not as if you can easily ask them.

Title: Item: VUX technical specs
Post by: Lukipela on March 13, 2010, 10:46:56 am
VUX technical specs

This rather large pile of papers contains al sorts of interesting data about "The Hideous Human". Corridor 9 will probably find them very interesting, but they could be useful during the mission as well. If only they were organized better!

Title: Unit: Spathi Trooper
Post by: Lukipela on March 16, 2010, 07:42:16 pm
Spathi Trooper

HP 2

Weapon: Rockhurler Mark 3, ? strikes
Melee: Unwilling Claws, 1 strike
Defense: 3 parries

Spathi Troopers are the most basic and plentiful of the Spathi army's ground-based forces. As such, this means they are most likely young (most have just recently come of age after their encrustling stage of growth), and were probably duped into joining the military instead of pursuing a safer career. Because of the way the Spathi armed forces work, this means that they are both poorly trained and poorly disciplined, and are primarily deployed in locations where they are between the enemy and more experienced and wiser Spathi.


Living in Terror (
Squeal like a pig (

Title: Ability: Living in Terror
Post by: Lukipela on March 16, 2010, 08:04:58 pm
Living in Terror

This unit is sure that the world is out to get it. Even if it can’t see any hostiles, it knows that they are out there. That it hasn’t seen the thing that is trying to kill it only means that it’s been lucky so far. Luck never lasts. Because of this unending terror this unit has an amazing response time. It’s not hard to respond to threats when you are actively expecting them every second of every day and every night. There’s a flipside to this as well. After the initial reaction, the terror of the known may well freeze this unit in its tracks.

This unit can use 1 AP out of turn as soon as it spots an enemy.  Once the units turn comes up, it must roll a D2 to determine if it can use its second AP or whether it is frozen in terror during that round. After this the unit plays normally.

Title: Ability: Squeal like a pig
Post by: Lukipela on March 16, 2010, 08:05:44 pm
Squeal like a pig

When faced with an enemy, the first thing a Spathi will do is scream out loud, as high as it can. The impressive volume and raw emotion will often shock and temporarily stun nearby units.

Anyone within a 3*3 grid centred on the Spathi when enemies are discovered must roll a D3. On a 1, the unit is stunned by the high noise. After the first turn, the Spathi runs out of breath and can no longer scream. This ability does not consume AP.

Title: Weapon: Rocjkhurler Mark 3
Post by: Lukipela on March 23, 2010, 05:06:52 pm
Rockhurler Mark 3

Range: 8 squares forward, conical spread
STR: 2
Strikes: See below
Metal rocks
Ammo consumption: 30 rocks per attack.

The rockhurler mark 3 doesn’t actually hurl rocks. The weapon is reminiscent of a weak railgun and fires small metal ovals that are accelerated to a not very impressive speed by a magnetic field within the weapon. For unknown reasons, the metal ammunition comes in a variety of different colours that the Spathi like to mix up

The weapon is very Spathi-like for other reasons as well. It is a long range weapon designed more for keeping your enemies at bay than actually killing them. It fires a spray of ammunition over a very large area, forcing the enemy to keep their head down or risk getting pelted by the small metal ovals. Unlucky hits may be dangerous, but most of them are not.

Damage: Any square hit receives 0-4 strikes.
Ammo: Each shot consumes 30 stones. Full ammo is 120 stones.

Title: Item: Metal rocks
Post by: Lukipela on March 28, 2010, 09:05:50 pm
Metal rocks

There are a 120 of these brightly coloured metal rocks. They can be used for many things, such as leaving a colourful breadcrumb trail or loading a rockhurler.

Title: Item: Syringe
Post by: Lukipela on March 28, 2010, 09:07:03 pm

The syringe contains a colourless substance. Injecting it will probably cause something to happen.

Title: Unit: VUX Marine
Post by: Lukipela on March 31, 2010, 07:20:52 pm
VUX Marine

HP 4

Weapon: Auto Laser, ? strikes
Melee: Power Baton, ? strikes
Defense: 2 parries

Abilities: Grapple (

VUX Marines comprise the majority of the ground troops and boarding specialists in the VUX military, who are vastly outnumbered by the personnel trained for starship combat. They have learned some effective melee combat techniques in addition to their firearms training, which is now honed to fearsome levels. Being in close quarters with enemies of their race, the xenophobia inherent in their racial psychology burns that much more fiercely than average, which means that they relish the chance to expunge the ugliness of their foes at any opportunity.

Title: Ability: Grapple
Post by: Lukipela on March 31, 2010, 07:24:47 pm

The user is trained to use its body offensively in close combat, and can constrain an opponent's limbs in order to prevent them from striking blows or fleeing. When this unit attacks a target the same size of smaller than it in melee, it may elect to use a Grapple attack in addition to its regular strike. When attempting to Grapple, the unit rolls one additional, separate strike die. If the result of this die is a hit (not a bullseye), then the target is successfully Grappled. A Grappled unit suffers a penalty of -1 strike die to any attacks they make in both melee and ranged combat. If this penalty would reduce them to 0 strike dice, they may still be able to attack. After declaring their intent to attack, they must first roll one strike die. If the result of this die is a hit or bullseye, then they make their attack roll as normal. If it is a miss, then their attack automatically fails. An attack failed in this manner would still consume ammunition or powers as normal, and in the case of thrown weapons, the device spirals wildly off d6 squares away in a random direction (either orthagonally or diagonally) before taking effect normally (note that this may actually  cause it to land on the grappling unit's square in rare cases; such are the risks of mixing grappling and grenades).

In addition, a grappled target may only move to a square that is not adjacent to the unit using this ability if it first rolls a number equal to or less than its STR score on a d6. If successful, the target has broken the Grapple and may move normally; if the roll fails, it fails to move and consumes 1 AP struggling in vain against the unit that has Grappled it.

Only one target may be grappled at a time. If the user wishes to attempt a Grapple against another target while it already has a target in its grip, it must first break the Grapple it currently has. In addition, if the user wants to move while maintaining a Grapple, they can attempt to drag the target along but must first roll equal to or less than their own STR score on a d6. If successful, they can use up to 1 AP for movement before they are required to test their strength again; the Grappled target follows their movements, moving into the square previously occupied by the user. If the STR roll fails, the user struggles in vain against their target, loses 1 AP, fails to move, and must roll 1 strike die: if the result is a miss, then the Grapple is broken. No other actions are affected by maintaining a Grapple, and the user can fire weapons, throw items, or use other abilities as normal.

The user may elect to break a Grapple voluntarily at any time, with no penalty.

Title: Weapon: Auto Laser
Post by: Lukipela on April 16, 2010, 08:30:44 pm

Range: 5 squares
STR: 3
Strikes: 3
Ammo: Internal Charge, 9 shots/charge
Ammo consumption: One charge per blast.

The AutoLaser is a VUX weapon designed for two things, disabling enemies and laying down the law. It is the favourite weapon of a shipboard VUX Marine that allows for control of rowdy Ensigns and allows them to persuade tougher races travelling on their ships to follow the rules. Nothing calms an Ilwrath Warrior down as much as the promise of a triple dose of laser right to the face! The weapon has three modes of fire that a skilled warrior can put to good use.

Single shot

Firing a single shot with the AutoLaser is much like firing any other weapon. A powerful beam of energy will be discharged and tear the opponent apart.

Triple shot

The AutoLaser is capable of firing a burst of three shots at once, potentially causing a total of nine hits. Unfortunately this sort of firepower comes with limitation. It requires the weilder to use up both his AP points. As the shots are rapidly discharged aiming becomes much harder than it usually is. When fired in this mode, any bullseye counts as a normal hit.


The weapon can also be used to subdue an enemy. In this mode powerful bursts of light are discharged with the potential to blind and confuse the enemy.  Each shot fired has a D3 change of blinding an enemy completely, i.e robbing him of his next turn.

Title: Weapon: Power Baton
Post by: Lukipela on April 16, 2010, 08:34:56 pm
Power Baton

STR: 2
Strikes: 2
Charges: 3

The Power Baton is designed to both crush things and stop them in their tracks. It contains a small battery that lends an extra sting to each blow. Any attack made with a Power Baton has a D3 chance of stunning the enemy, in addition to the damage it does otherwise. Once the battery is worn out, it functions like a normal baton.

Title: Item: VUX Book
Post by: Lukipela on April 27, 2010, 08:11:44 pm
VUX Book

This book was treasured by someone. It was loved. It mattered. It still retains an imprint of that love and caring. And as we all know, love can change he world.

Title: Unit: Admiral Kzzakk Pzkrakz
Post by: Lukipela on May 03, 2010, 08:19:14 pm
Admiral Kzzakk  Pzkrakz

HP 8

Attack: 1 dice
Defence: 4 dice

The Admiral is a legendary figure in the Alliance, one of the few among his kind to be actively interested in warfare. While most Chenjesu partake in the war only out of necessity, Kzzakk  Pzkrakz is a passionate tactician who has written several essays on the value of close combat and the advanatge of surprise. His flair for unusually daring tactics makes him a very important asset to the Alliance and one of the few who has been constantly able to outwit Hierarchy generals such as Lord 321 and Admiral ZEX. without him, the Alliance will find itself lacking an aggressive element in future battles.

Chenjesu are large and practically sessile, making them easy targets for enemies. Fortunately, their tough exteriors make them difficult to damage. However, their inability to carry any weapons save their innate defensive ability means that they are not likely to be found on the front lines, though they may occasionally be employed as guards for low-risk Alliance facilities.

All Chenjesu have the ability to project an electrical discharge a short distance in order to attack foes. This ability has a maximum range of 3 squares, and can be used as if it had unlimited ammunition. It inflicts 3 strikes when used on an adjacent square, and is reduced by 1 strike for each square further out than that. This ability is innate to the race, and as such is not represented by an item and cannot be picked up from a Chenjesu corpse. Chenjesu cannot carry any other gear.

Title: Power: Weapon jinx
Post by: Lukipela on May 29, 2010, 08:01:53 pm
Arilou level 1Offensive Ability: Weapon jinx

The user telekinetically jams the ranged weapon or grenade of their target. The user must have line of sight to the target in order to use this power. The next time the target fires their jinxed weapon or tries to throw their jinxed  grenade, it malfunctions and backfires. In the case of a grenade, it explodes in the user’s hand, placing them at the center of the usual blast. In the case of a ranged weapon, it strikes as if the user had fired it at themselves (if the  weapon has a variable number of strike dice, then the user is hit with the maximum effect; if the weapon has an area effect, then the user is hit with the maximum effect, but the area effect is ignored). If any of the strike dice rolled for this attack come up as bullseyes, then the weapon explodes as well, rendering it useless. In either case, none of these strikes can be parried, the ammo or grenade is consumed as normal, and if a ranged weapon remains intact, the user must spend 1 AP clearing the jam before the weapon can be fired again.

Title: Unit: ilwarth Wraith
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Ilwrath Wraith

Little is known about this unit. It seems to mimic other units, taking on the shape and characteristics of them right down to health and movement characteristics. The damage it does is not real, and it's true power lies in confusing enemy units, and twisting their minds when killed. There is a lot of hatred and rage in the creature, enough to project into the minds of those close by. Be wary of these feelings of rage within large groups, because they indicate that a Wraith is among them, just waiting to turn one of you upon the others.

Title: Unit: Subcommander ZEK
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Subcommander ZEK

HP 4

Melee: Rod of Power
Defense: 2 parries

Sub-Commanders are typically the officers in charge of a wing of Intruders, and frequently report directly to a superior Admiral of the VUX fleet. They are typically found on the bridge of larger flagships, coordinating the tactics of their squadron according to the Admiral's wishes while oozing disdain for their devastatingly hideous opponents. Being high ranking officers, they haven't advanced past basic training in terms of their personal military prowess, instead being schooled in all manner of technical and tactical aspects so that they know both their own forces and the enemy's like the back of their tentacle. While this doesn't make them particularly dangerous in one-on-one combat, their rank within the navy ensures that they are always well protected by troops with superior training.

Title: Weapon: Rod of Power
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Rod of Power

Strikes: 4

The rod of power is the symbol of a subcommander. Rumour has it it was designed by the great Admiral ZEX himself, as he wished for his subcommanders to "wield their rod of power more frequently". In any case this is a big and heavy club. If you get hit with it it will hurt.

Title: Ability: Dodge
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Shofixti Level 1 defensive ability: Dodge

The user has become quite an expert in melee combat, and can sidestep blows with superior dexterity. The user gains +1 Parry during melee combat.

Title: Ability: Tracking Module
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M:bot Level 2 offensive ability: Tracking Module

The user's targeting computers have been reconfigured to be far superior in attacking targets at long range, and the munitions themselves have acquired the ability to make mid-air course corrections, vastly improving accuracy with their main weapon. Whenever the user fires their long range weapon (Minirocket Tube or Twin Minirocket), they may reroll any strike dice that turn up as misses once each. The new roll applies as normal if it comes up as a hit, but if a bullseye is rolled it is considered to still be a miss.