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Title: New unnamed project: An arcade game inspired by SC2
Post by: jaychant on February 25, 2009, 02:30:15 am
Hey guys.

I've decided that, since there's no telling how long it will be before my team, Dark Fairy Games, is put together, and I'm still waiting for the sprites for Amber the Dragon, that I would create an arcade-style game inspired by SC2. Of course, I first need original ship designs not ripped off of SC2 (which I am requesting here ( If you have a good ship design (that doesn't come from an SC2 ship) this is the place!

One characteristic of this game will be the ability to design your own ships.

I just thought you guys would be interested. :)

Title: Re: New unnamed project: An arcade game inspired by SC2
Post by: jaychant on March 03, 2009, 03:08:18 am
So now I've started on this game. At this point I have an easily modifiable movement system very similar to UQM's (based off it even). The major difference is turning: Instead of having only 16 directions and a "turn wait", I have 16 directions sprited for each ship (like UQM), and then I use GM's rotate function to get other directions. With this I am able to use a virtually limitless amount of directions. This variable, dirnum, replaces the TURN_WAIT constant in UQM.

I thought about the ship designer, and I have a very good idea of how it will work. It will have 3 parts: interior design, hull design, and weapon design. (NOTE: I am using the present tense, but keep in mind it hasn't happened yet.)

Interior Design:
This is where you select the hull you are going to use (which should already be created), the weapons you are going to use (which should already be created), and the "modules" you are going to use. Modules are basically what give the ship its stats. For example, there will be thrusters which give a boost of speed. In order to fit modules, you must have space in your ship, which is where the hull comes in. Each module has a particular size Weapons are treated the same as modules, except you can only have two weapons on one ship. You can also equip a standard shield (which acts as a tertiary weapon). Each part has a particular mass. Once the process of adding/removing modules is complete, the game looks at the total mass, thrust power, turning power, etc. to determine the stats of the ship. In particular, the speed of the ship is determined.

Hull Design:
Here the player is given a list of "parts" which he can use to "build" the hull. Then, after the player is finished with this step, he is allowed to make finishing touches on his design using a basic graphics editor. During the design process, the player can change the size of the ship, to a maximum of 160x160.

Weapon Design:
This is where the player can create his own weapons. It will include a simple graphics editor that can be used to draw the weapon. For weapons, there will be a number of images that can be loaded to create your design off of. The user also specifies two sounds: the one that plays when the weapon shoots, and the one for when the weapon hits. One of a number of included sounds can be selected, or the user can load other sounds from his computer. As well as the graphics, the user specifies three additional things: what type of weapon it is, how much damage the weapon inflicts, and the weapon's range. There will be the following types of weapons:

Bolt weapons: your average, everyday bolt weapon. This type of weapon can be set as a "homing" weapon, in which case the user also specifies the homing strength.

Beam weapons: In short, these are lasers. For these, a graphic is not specified or drawn. Instead, the user selects the color(s) of the laser.

Stun weapons: These are weapons that don't damage the other ship, but instead weaken them in some other way. Examples of these in SC2 are limpets, the Melnorme confusion ray, and Chenjesu DOGIs.

Shrapnel weapons: These are projectiles that explode into multiple smaller projectiles. The user draws the shrapnel pieces in addition to the main projectile.

Suicide weapons: These are weapons that cause damage to your own ship on activation. An example would be the Shofixti Glory Device and the Druuge crew sacrifice.

Deploy weapons: These are systems that launch members of the ship's crew to attack the enemy ships. The user specifies the life span of the crew (0 being infinite) and the type of weapon it has. An example would be the Ur-Quan fighters.

Turret weapons: These are automatic weapons that exist somewhere on the ship. They fire by their own power without interference by the player. The user specifies the type of weapon it has. An example would be the Chmmr zapsats.

Repair weapons: These weapons repair your ship's hull. They are large and massive, which can cause them to be a liability if used incorrectly. An example would be the Mycon crew regeneration.

Afterburner weapons: These powerful thrusters give the ship a turbo-boost while leaving a trail of fire. The user specifies the power of the speed boost and the damage of the fire. An example would be the Thraddash afterburner. Unlike the one from SC2, the trail of fire will disappear quickly, nullifying its use as a weapon unless in close proximity with another ship.

Propulsion weapons: These are alternative propulsion systems that behave differently than the normal propulsion system. The user specifies the strength and direction of the system. Examples would be the Androsynth comet, Umgah retro-propulsion, and Supox strafing.