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Title: StarController shuts down
Post by: Lukipela on April 01, 2009, 02:52:13 pm
Hey guys. I realise some of you don't se tfoot outside UQMF much, so have a news flash from PONAF (,1796.0.html).

We've mentioned the StarController ( blog before. It's one of those amazing places driven by a single person and his determination. Anthony has been tirelessly updating his blog with all sorts of Star Control trivia. He has continually amazed us with insight and thoughtful articles. Despite the fact that he hardly ever gets any feedback or appreciation, he has been bringing us great stuff for the last year or so. Today that changes.

Apparently, Anthony is getting tired of the blog. I don't blame him. Writing as much as he has done must take quite a bit of time and effort. And considering that he hardly ever gets any comments, I'm not surprised he decided to throw in the towel and just give up. We're going to miss you Anthony, you were one bright star on the SC heaven. We here at SCDB wish you the best of luck with whatever upcoming projects you find and you should know that there is always room for you here.

I guess all that remains for you guys is to go and read his last post ( Do make a comment or two, so that he at least gets a proper farewell.

Commence wailing and gnashing of teeth, I'm going to miss Anthony.

Title: Re: StarController shuts down
Post by: Death 999 on April 01, 2009, 05:31:24 pm
Thank you for introducing me to this blog! I'll, uh, miss it, I guess?

Title: Re: StarController shuts down
Post by: Lukipela on April 02, 2009, 08:56:47 pm
Well, guess that Aprils Fools had brought something good then eh?

Title: Re: StarController shuts down
Post by: jaychant on April 02, 2009, 09:15:19 pm
Heh... Because I didn't even know about this blog before (and therefore couldn't care less if it was gone), I didn't scroll down to see the giant red APRIL FOOLS text, so I didn't even know.

I still remember last year's April Fools joke... "TFB is creating a new sequel called Star Control 4! It's going to be awesome!" I was going to send my version (but offering that I had made it in Visual Basic, and a download to my Popup Frenzy program, which has 250 popups) of this joke, but I decided on a couple things: One, nobody would fall for it (you're all way too smart to know I couldn't make such a sequel in less than a year); Two, it's extremely old-school; and Three, it would make certain people very angry (No reason to mention any names because we all know who I'm talking about ;)).