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Title: About Shiver's pvp guide
Post by: Reob on April 10, 2009, 01:01:31 am
hey everyone, I'm new to these forums and I am wondering are you going to finish your pvp guide Shiver?  It was a pretty interesting read for me since i am trying to put together a good 200 point team to stomp my buddy with.  We played sc2 way back when it was first out for the computer and just found out about UQM recently.  Anyways the guide is not going to be completed (which it looks like) then some thoughts on the syreen, umgah, and yehat would be appreciated. =)

Title: Re: About Shiver's pvp guide
Post by: Shiver on April 10, 2009, 10:16:28 am
Oh that thing. I might be able to force myself to get back to that at some point, though fixing the ship pages on Ultronomicon is a higher priority. Informal melee tips I will provide.

Syreen: Not a godly ship like Androsynth, but good. It's less good if its pilot is an amateur. Use the Siren Song to do most of the heavy lifting. The Siren Song does not need to be aimed at all and it drains more crew the closer you are to the target. The main gun has a slow rate of fire and tiny outline, making it one of the most obnoxious weapons in Star Control to score hits with. It's a solid 1st bout pick and soft counter to Pkunk and Mmrnmhrm. Neither target is a guaranteed kill. Go ahead and try this ship out and see if it works for you.

Umgah: Almost everyone will tell you that this ship is garbage. They are mostly right. You are probably better off not using it. Umgah can beat Ilwrath if you keep your cone pointed towards it and zip backwards a little just as the Ilwrath's nose enters your cone. If done properly, you will inflict slight damage while they will inflict none. Umgah can semi sort of threaten Druuge, though that's a long shot.

Yehat: This ship is a big piece of crap for 23 points. The most important thing to know if you're going to use Yehat is to rapidly tap the secondary fire button rather than hold it down whenever you want to use the shield. The game subtracts less energy if you do this. Less energy usage = more shield. Yehat can wade through a lot of punishment when you get good at shield tapping, but it is crippled by its low top speed and poor weapon range. Gravity whip fly-bys of your opponent are nice -- they allow you to guard and attack at the same time without exposing yourself to retaliation after emptying your battery.

Title: Re: About Shiver's pvp guide
Post by: Reob on April 10, 2009, 05:03:23 pm
Thanks mate  :)  I understand now that you probably have your hands full and your interest on the new mod yall have made for melee too, so yea no suprises if your vanilla guide remains unfinished....  Seems like an interesting patch.  I plan to get my friends to try it out too.