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Title: Enhancements to UQM over PC/3DO SC2
Post by: Censored on January 29, 2003, 12:14:01 am
I know the first goal of the re-release is to make it work as it used to in the 3DO/PC version, but what would you like to see afterwards?
(I've searched the forum for topics such as this but couldn't find any; so forgive me if it's already been discussed)

The music remixing is a great idea and I must give credit to the team for investing time in this - keep up the good work! (and don't forget about the Quasi-Space music ;))

I think some of the things we wish to see should be discussed even as early as this, so it'll be easier to incorporate additional code if an idea would be selected for some later version.

The first thing that came to my mind is the dialogue graphics - today it's all about 3D, and there are some very talented 3D-artists who made more than a few models for Timewarp. Since timewarp is obviously based on the Star-Control universe, perhaps the SC2 dialogues could be replaced with 3D scenes? that'd be very cool. Perhaps even the hyper-space travel, not like a 3D-shooter but rather just add some 3D look to it (warcraft 3 style).

Internet is obviously the next main route to take. Great music, the game looks great (those petty computer geeks of today don't respect a good game unless it overheats their Radeon9700 and fully uses their 7.1 sound system  >:(). The thing that's missing from many of the current games on the market is uses for the single-player game; don't just make a single-player game that people would throw away just to play online; implement a good network side to it - have two or more people finish the game together as a team, etc... Diablo2 style.

Any other ideas?

Title: Re: music remixes - great! what else?
Post by: ASCI_Blue on January 31, 2003, 11:49:47 pm
Real geeks respect and prefer the old games. Most of the self proclaimed geeks of today haven't used anything older than Win95 on a P120.

Title: Re: music remixes - great! what else?
Post by: Culture20 on February 01, 2003, 01:44:01 am
Agreed.  I think the "cartoon" drawings of SC2 look better than most of the movie-quality CG that's being made today.  The closer things are to being real, the easier it is to tell how poorly they miss the mark.

Title: Re: music remixes - great! what else?
Post by: Nic. on February 01, 2003, 02:45:33 am
I find myself in favour of re-visualizing the game to suit "modern" tastes.  I have two rationales:

First, there is already a project to remix the music to a state beyond it's tinny (by today's standards) four-track origins, why should the visuals be treated differently from the audio?

Second, I will point to another highly-immersive adventure game with a fun interface, a rich backstory, great music and jaw-dropping visuals:  Metroid Prime.  In comparison, Ur-Quan Masters looks like a ten-year-old game, which is fine, because it is.  However, putting a new face on old friends could cause quite a revival of the title among younger players who expect games to look more, erm, modern.

My $0.02 USD.  Ignore as appropriate.

Title: Re: music remixes - great! what else?
Post by: Censored on February 01, 2003, 03:12:29 am
I agree. I touch-up on the graphics could do wonders to the UQM fanbase. But, again that's in a much later date.

And HEY! does my P2-350 w/W98SE qualify as a geek-o-comp?  ;D hehe
I might point out that I don't even have a 3D accelerator (oh wait, they don't call it that anymore  :P)

Title: Re: music remixes - great! what else?
Post by: Shiver on February 01, 2003, 03:42:42 am
Changing the music to a game is just a little bit easier than completely re-working the graphics. I wouldn't plan on getting that done any time soon.

But maybe some new events could be added to the game. It would be really cool if there were parts where the plot could branch off into a different ending or something like that. Since the Supox don't really do a lot in the game, maybe there could be an optional sidequest involving them asking you to "go and get something" in Ur-Quan space. The reward could be a module that makes your flagship ultra fast and manuverable to the point that it would be possible to beat the Sa-Matra with the flagship alone.

Title: Re: music remixes - great! what else?
Post by: Censored on February 02, 2003, 07:53:09 pm
Hmm, changing the plot could create some story-line problems with future SC3 (hehe).
The REAL thing, that is :P

Title: Re: Enhancements to UQM over PC/3DO SC2  
Post by: Censored on February 13, 2003, 12:29:53 am
For the uninformed, and for those who previously posted their thougths against altering the game's conversation graphics, I thought I'd post some links to 3D art Star-Control related, from The Pages of Now and Forever ( The more I look at it the more I know it will do great for the game!
Don't forget that aside from the modelling, lighting and background plays a big role in making a 3D piece look realistic.


Many more at

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Title: Re: Enhancements to UQM over PC/3DO SC2
Post by: Captain Smith on February 13, 2003, 05:52:15 am
Well, I had a couple of good ideas from looking at the code that I'd probably follow through on if I could...

1) The idea maybe of having scientists on the starbase working on improving parts of the ships for an increased build RU of course...kind of like the Ur-Quan did for the Ilwrath.  Of course, maybe put the RU towards the option of improving it and setting it up to take a certain amount of time for them to build the prototypes, test it, and so forth...maybe have Hayes give you progress reports on this stuff...  It'd definitely add another dimension to the game...

2) Work on a higher level of AI beyond awesome...something to be challenging even to someone who's played the game a while.  AI players usually are bad enough because they don't have time to playtest it and get it solid enough - and find out the best tactics for each ship that a human might use.  

I'm thinking kind of something along the lines of Kasparov level (Big Blue, chess AI).   Something that would challenge a master and make you have to be good with all your ships against everything.  This AI would remove all the stupid things they do, like not seeing the Traddash vapor trail as a weapon...or the Kohr-Ah blade mines as a threat...or Chmmr running its tractor beam all the time...or ships without enough escape velocity turning away when you tractor them in with the Chmmr.  It'd still have to keep the ship balances, but make it so you have to be good with any ship to beat it...basically each ship uses the best tactic possible to cause major casualties or win and will take advantage of most of your mistakes...

Title: Re: Enhancements to UQM over PC/3DO SC2
Post by: Death 999 on February 13, 2003, 09:16:29 pm
I'd just like to say that that picture of Greenish is (spathi secondary weapon)-ugly.

Cartoons can be higher quality of graphics. Let's move on, but to try to make these aliens look REAL is impossible. Better cartoons is all we can really do, I imagine.