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Title: Starfield2, an sc2 mod for battlefield2
Post by: TheNoN on July 04, 2009, 03:48:40 am
okay, firstly

hi, i'm me,
i've been playing sc since there was an sc.exe, i've always held out in the hopes that there may be an sc4 or even that sc3 didn't re-use so much dialog that i had to stop playing it

but after a decade of waiting i've decided it's time to take matters into my own hands!

i'm going to create a mod based (initially) around the war between the humans and the androsyn, building up to the androsyn exile and the ur-quan/androsyn alliance
i want to use battlefield2 because it already has good vehicle mechanics and a powerful editor, most of the ground work is done for me

obviously the reason i've picked human vs androsyn is because it requires little to no effort at all in the unit modeling department,
plus it's a good intro into the story of the starcon universe.
later, when the mechanics are all ironed out, i can introduce the alliance of free stars and the hierarchy, but i want something that works before i go modeling all those different units and stuff, there's a lot of em and they'll all need to be quite different

but before i even do anything... i need some advice

would it be best if i;

minimized and/or completely removed the infantry and focused on the ship2ship combat (including working planets in a 3d envoronment (i'll need a hand with this one))?

bastardize the ships and make them small enough for ground combat (easiest option but i'm not a fan of this one)?

or (and i'm teetering towards this one)..
have massive maps in which the ships behave as motherships deploying squads into combat zones from above and make a whole range of original vehicles and unit types based on the art from sc1 and 2?

any feedback would be greatly appreciated
if there's anyone who feels they could contribute in any way at all, please contact me and let me know how you can help

i need ideas/sketches for infantry weapons, vehicles etc., pictures of futuristic cities and moon bases and stuff, and ideas for historic battles that wouldn't cause massive plot holes would help heaps too

ps. ur-quan masters rules! heaps!

thanks guys

Title: Re: Starfield2, an sc2 mod for battlefield2
Post by: spinsane on July 04, 2009, 06:05:01 am
Bravo! The Androsynth exodus from Earth is one of the more intense and dramatic historical events in the SC universe that doesn't get too much attention. If you want the game to be 'canonical', that is, true to the story or not containing anything that is blatantly outside of the original concept that the makers had*, I would definitely recommend checking out some of the articles on the ultronomicon (wiki), if you search Androsynth you can read some of the original material and history surrounding their story (it starts as early as 2019 and ends around 2085 iirc).

* SC3 is not canonical because it was made by a different group of developers. It's semi-interesting to play sc3 as a novelty, but the game has no continuity or anything to do with the SC universe as it was concieved by Toys for Bob.

The primary artistic problem with the Androsynth Exodus is it happened, relative to the events of SC1-2, in ancient history. Technology was very different. So you have a lot more creative liberties but you also can't really use any of the technology they used in SC1-2. IE- The Blazer and Cruiser class of starship didn't exist and spaceships weren't built with the intent of battle. There were ground battles on earth, battles on starbases, and battles in space, but it wouldn't be remotely similar to the combat in SC1 (though, by the end of the war, the precursor of the cruiser had been made and equipped with SDI and Tactical Nukes for combat, much like the Cruiser in SC1).  There also hadn't been any battles in space between humans to even prompt the development of spaceships equiped for battle, so all of the space combat would be very spacepunk and ghetto (in a cool, slow, sloppy, and yet very fun kind of way).

There are land battles in discussed in the history that take place at ports/space ports, where the androsynth try to acquire means of transportation to escape to space, where they capture a space station and equip it for long range travel. The Star Control (the orginization responsible for trying to stop them) failed to retake the station or keep them from escaping in space.

So you've got Earth-based 'race to the space platform' type maps. You could have epic-sized maps where the humans start on a capital ship and, via space mariners, invade the starbase to try and recapture it., or separate the two and just have ship battles and shoot'em battles in space.

There is definitely a lot of potential for this, and, if it is a good game it would definitely enlighten more people to the glory that is star control.

Title: Re: Starfield2, an sc2 mod for battlefield2
Post by: TheNoN on July 04, 2009, 07:48:02 am

according to the ultronomicon, the clones were developed in an age of peace and the revolt's only 61 years away, so the weapons won't be too much more advanced than todays
it looks like it'll be mainly terrestrial maps with a few rickety rocketships here and there
i can see this being a fairly straightforward mod, some maps and a little physics tweaking but most of the vehicles wont need too much change, apart from the weaponry of course, which will have to include laser and maser as well as traditional ballistic weapons
those masers should prove interesting, they'll need mighty good effects

Title: Re: Starfield2, an sc2 mod for battlefield2
Post by: spinsane on July 04, 2009, 03:43:51 pm
It would be interesting- the main thing to look at is how you want your game mechanics to play out. There are a LOT of neat things you can do in FPS type games. A fairly interesting example to look at is Natural Selection (a freeware mod of HL1). In whatever bizarre way it manages to incorporate the RTS and FPS genre pretty well. I'm not certain that you'd need anything like this, but having some kind of progressible tech tree or something might make things interesting.

Another interesting thing is that most weapons on earth have been disassembled. So it could be interesting if, as the Androsynth, you start out at a relative disadvantage, but by finding and combining equipment on maps you could put together ridiculous gear (IE- building a Maser with the magnetron of a microwave oven). The opposition team would have to make tactical decisions on whether to blockade certain parts of a map or hunt the Andros down... y'know, this would be a bad-ass stealth shooter premise. Something like the unreal Mod that emulated the gameplay of Thief. Guards would protect civilians, property and belongings while also trying to hunt down the thieves. It required a bit more strategy because, while the guards may be more numerous and strong, they have to split up if they have any chance of winning.

So lets say a map has certain areas where certain gear can be found (IE microwave ovens in the residential district), on the one hand, the Androsynth could try to sneak in to get and make gear, or they could just try to run directly to the space platform. If the Humans don't protect these strategic locations then they'll get wrecked by superior weapons (in this case, MASERs), and if they don't protect the space platform the Androsynth will escape. Obviously, continuous play would be interesting- as androsynth you're always trying to run to the escape platform, so if you do get there you respawn and bring more people over- the score at the end of the round dependent upon how man Andros escape.

Title: Re: Starfield2, an sc2 mod for battlefield2
Post by: liamtheshofixi on July 17, 2009, 03:24:12 am
my idea for the classes are (boroing from above poast)they all have knives exp. for spec ops they have an upgraded kinves
sniper:runner a695(unupgraded) 095.38  gauss rifle(smaller clip higher range&damage) revolver pistol
spec ops:assain ak-o8(unupgraded macen gun) masermk 894(fires beam not bullets recharges less damge)
enginer:fixit man scatter gun(shotgun un) spray gun(like a chain gun but shoots  all barels at once)
medic:healer launches defiblaters (resurect teammates pulls tword you healing /daming aly/enemy no ofensive weponry)
assult:charger  shelid(imobile damage halved no frontal damage excpt explosives) gauss macen gun
suport:gauss gunner gound gun(imoble high damage) gauss  bipod(speed halved portibale)
anti-tank: demolison expert  laser beam(shoots rapid fire energy cell) sticky rpg(shoots a charge does damage over thime to enemys)
sorry for bad spelling i will have more latter :)

Title: Re: Starfield2, an sc2 mod for battlefield2
Post by: TheNoN on July 20, 2009, 12:24:31 am

my favorite idea (option 1) is actually NOT as difficult as i first thought thanks to some help from the bf2 editor forums, so now it looks like the traditional sc melee map can be created with absolutely no issues and all the modeling required is like a sphere and a few different asteroids allowing me to focus on the ships and races!!!


so, i think i'll do my best to create humans vs androsynth map first (the return of the androsynth) then perhaps the arilou can join in and set the scene for a 1st person sc1 remake where the objective is to capture key planets and they'll then spawn ships of a certain race so you can pwn folks in all our favorite ships, BUT the control points will be on space stations with black box grav generator tech so we will still have a substantial amount more of infantry combat than the original

great suggestions for the androsyn shofixti, thanks, i definitely want to include a gauss rifle and i find the idea of a projectile medkit quite appealing too
i'm toying with the idea of having the different soldier classes played by different races of the alliance/heirarchy eg medic: pkunk(new alliance)/umgah or some such thing, any ideas on specialists and weapons welcome
anyone even vaguely interested in modeling or texturing ships or units (in maya preferably) please send in your "arts and crafts (" and lets show these guys we mean business!

may intragalactic war soon reign down upon us all