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Title: OS X Packaged app complete
Post by: mcnamara on February 01, 2003, 12:51:32 am
Hello all--

I have completed a packaged UQM app for Mac OS X, but it is 145 MB Stuffed, so I cannot host it.

Additionally, you still must have installed zlib, libpng, SDL, SDL_Image, SDL_mixer installed, FROM SOURCE (not the packaged Mac OS X versions, those install library frameworks, NOT the headers required by UQM.

If someone would like to host this app for now, I will have a mac Howto on compiling UQM up in a day or so, which will help those of you unsure how to satisfy the dependancies with doing so, as well as compiling your own version from scratch.

Let me know.


Title: Re: OS X Packaged app complete
Post by: Nic. on February 01, 2003, 01:04:54 am
As per my post yesterday, I will gladly host it as an "unofficial" release from my site.  I've only got a 256Kb upstream connection, but that should be adequate for most purposes.

Please send me an email ( and we can work out the particulars of getting the file to me for hosting purposes.

P.S.:  Have you tried building UQM with the new MixSDL library that fOSSiL wrote?  It's a "pure SDL" implementation (i.e., nothing extra to download/install, and no external libs to link against except SDL), has more functionality than SDL_mixer, and is far, FAR more stable than OpenAL.  It's in the newest CVS, see if it's more trouble than it's worth.