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Title: Music and Stuff
Post by: RKS on January 30, 2010, 12:33:19 pm
Hello there. :) I am a huge fan of SC2 (or UQM or whatever) and I've been trying to obtain the music and ship victory ditties from the game in MP3 form. I have found the actual tunes (starbase, hyperspace, orbit tunes, etc) on a forum, but am having more trouble with the ditties. I have the UQM disc given away by Retro Gamer magazine here in the UK which features remix packs, but I'm after the original versions. When the PC version of the 3DO game is installed, the ditties, and indeed all other music and speech from the game, can be accessed in the game's folder, but they are in MOD format and won't open in anything other than Winamp (that I know of). Can anyone offer any help or advice in getting these ditties in MP3 format? Thanks a lot! :)

Title: Re: Music and Stuff
Post by: Novus on January 30, 2010, 04:58:02 pm
Winamp has an MP3 output plugin, doesn't it? That ought to be a quick way to convert MODs. ModPlug Tracker/Player ( has more accurate playback and I've used it for this sort of thing myself.